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As I try desperately to keep my CD collection in check, I'm disposing of a few CH CD singles and other rarities; have a look below and see if anything strikes your fancy.

FINGERS OF LOVE - 2-part set, with live versions of Kare Kare, In My Command, Pineaple Head, and Something So Strong

DISTANT SUN - 2-part set, with live versions of This is Massive, When You Come, Throw Your Arms..., One Step Ahead

I FEEL POSSESSED - with ByrdHouse tracks (Eight Miles High), Mr. Tambourine Man, So You Want to Be a Rock 'n Roll Star)

WORLD WHERE YOU LIVE - with live World Where You Live, Something So Strong, Don't Dream It's Over

WEATHER WITH YOU - with live Walking on the Spot, Don't Dream It's Over, Something So Strong, Mr. Tambourine Man

INSTINCT - 2-part set, with Recurring Dream, live Weather With You, Chocolate Cake, World Where You Live, In the Lowlands, Into Temptation

EVERYTHING IS GOOD FOR YOU - with live History Never Repeats, Chocolate Cake, Into Temptation

NAILS IN MY FEET - 2-part set, with You Can Touch, Zen Roxy, I Am in Love, live Four Seasons in One Day

NOT THE GIRL YOU THINK YOU ARE - 2-part set, with Phil Jupitus Show live Instinct, Distant Sun, Fall at Your Feet, Private Universe, Fingers of Love, Better Be Home Soon

PRIVATE UNIVERSE - with live Nails In My Feet, In My Command, Whispers and Moans

DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER (1996 remixed version) - with live Phil Jupitus Show Four Seasons in One Day, In My Command, Pineapple Head

WORLD WHERE WE LIVE Commemorative Tour EP - Live T&C Sister Madly, It's Only Natural, Don't Dream It's Over, Better Be Home Soon, Weather With You, World Where You Live, Chocolate Cake

FALL AT YOUR FEET - with Whispers and Moans, live Six Months in a Leaky Boat

These are all in great shape and play perfectly. If someone has the CD single of Weather With You that has the Burglar Song and Four Continents in One Week (or whatever that little mash-up of live tunes is called - the one with the punk version of It's Only Natural in the middle), I'd be interested in a trade; I'd also love to find someone with a copy of the Crowdies on MTV UNplugged, and I'd trade for that. Otherwise, I just want to get these to someone who'll appreciate them, or wants to fill out their collection - so I'm open to offers. I'm in the States, so shipping may have to be factored into a price if you're out of the US. Thanks!

"Adidasman, where have you been? I've missed you!" - Kittybear

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