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If the author of this article is to be trusted, there are 2 major spoilers/ pieces of information that probably hadn't been confirmed:

1. a 'special' one-off performance at Bluesfest may be all that we'll get from Crowded House next year (or anytime in the foreseeable future)

2. Matt Sherrod is very much in

You be the judge:

youll never see the end of the road while your travelling with me...

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I'm not sure that the phrase "special one-off" performance used in the article is all that different from the "exclusive Australian" performance that's printed on the posters.

As for Matt, that would indeed be news, since he hasn't really been mentioned anywhere else.

I don't know, I tend to be a bit suspicious of articles that don't mention any sources, I guess we'll have to wait for something official, or at least someone quoting Neil/Nick/management etc. 

I don't read that much into it.  Only one performance is confirmed at the moment, so they are referring to it accurately as a "one-off" and choosing not to speculate.

I'm glad Matt Sherrod is involved.  My big misgiving (other than Mark being fired) was CH being absorbed by the "family band" stuff but that doesn't seem to be the case, so that's good.

It could just be lazy journalism. Assuming Matt is still in the band as there hasn't been any official word from him or the band. 

Mark's position is clearer only cos he released his own statement which Neil kinda had to confirm. I don't think anyone knows a hundred percent if Matt's in or out. I like him as a drummer and don't see a reason to ditch him. But then I wouldn't have fired Mark either.

Freofan: Marcus the guitar tech? Unfortunately his "recording with Neil" comment could refer to more than one scenario, too, including something that has nothing to do with CH. 

I'm all for a bit of fun speculation, but I've given up on this one, hoping that Neil will tell us something after the Fleetwood Mac tour is over. 

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