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I am surprised there are not more demos etc from the Try Whistling This and One Nil era. Perhaps they are being held onto for a future release?

Hopefully there are more demos for those albums somewhere in Neil's archive. To date, most of my audio searches have focused on Split Enz for Enzology, Crowded House for the Deluxe Editions, and whatever came my way from 2012 onwards when was published. There is a bit of a gap from 1997-2000.

One more song needed for an even 10 York St Demos. There has to be one more decent song? It would have been a good album. The songs work well together. Varied yet cohesive.

  1. Help Is Coming
  2. Instinct
  3. Anthem
  4. Spirit of the Stairs
  5. Terrify The Ones That Love You
  6. Family Ties
  7. I Don’t Know You
  8. Taste of Something Divine
  9. Everything is Good For You

You could close it with Walk Tall. Not a York Street demo, but from that era, as Pete is drumming and is a fun song. I agree this would be a good album,  and hate that Pete didn't get a proper album during his tenure.

@Whysus posted:

The studio version of the Lucky Lola version of Twice if You’re Lucky was played earlier. Really gutted that didn’t make the cut for the Deluxe version of Intriguer. It is fantastic.

This version is really just fantastic. I don't understand why it's missing from the Intriguer album, it should have been the lead single. Just as brilliant as Distant Sun. Perhaps the greatest treasure of the stream.

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Simply astounding to hear so much previously unreleased material. I would estimate that there could be something approaching 150+ unheard tracks currently.

Mostly demos from across Neil's career, but also a fair smattering of live material from some significant concerts e.g. Leigh Sawmill in 2008 (at least 12 additional performances so far to the seven we have previously heard).

Some amazing Split Enz-era performances (e.g. After Hours live tracks and demos), including complete versions of material that was excerpted in Enzology. Who knew that Fall At Your Feet had origins in a 1984 demo?

Live tracks from The Mullanes. Some seriously good Crowded House and Finn Brothers demos, alternative mixes etc. Lots of Neil solo demos and film music.

Don't think I've heard this Lucky Lola version yet or the studio version of Prodigal Son.

Let's hope this keeps going for a while so there's a chance to hear as much as possible of these riches.

Wow - it keeps getting better and better! Just listening to the studio demo of Twisty Bass (a very different version of it). I am presuming this is a TWS demo, or does it go back as far as the CH York St sessions??  These little gems just keep popping up!

I can't thank Jaffaman and Neil enough for making this happen!

@Jaffaman posted:

That was an unlabelled file from Neil's collection. I don't have an exact date for it but it's not from the Crowded House York St sessions. Likely to be 1997.

Hearing occasional solo demos/outtakes is one of the coolest things about this - those albums aren’t likely to get 2016 CH style deluxe versions I don’t suppose, so this is probably our best window into the process for them.

I wonder if any interesting snippets exist from the marathon piano session Neil mentioned which lead to Out of Silence.

I do! Took a while to locate my notes - So it was one of the songs which were played during 4 hours of music which aired pre-broadcast of the second Fangradio episode from Brisbane on 23rd August 2019 when Neil was performing there with Fleetwood Mac. It appeared titled "Gentle Dave (Test Mix A 26/8/13)" on Mixlr. There were several Fangradio episodes where an unreleased track cropped up among the music played before or after the actual episode. At that point Fangradio was just starting - there had only been a couple of brief test broadcasts and the first full Fangradio broadcast the previous week when the tour was in Sydney.

If we're tracking down Fangradio tracks which aired back in the day but haven't reached the Fangradio stream yet - there were multiple live recordings of Pajama Club at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney (date unknown, but it was either 13th June 2011 or 14th March 2012), and also live tracks from the Sydney Opera House of Neil's Parables, Lullabies and Secrets collaboration in 2001 - both are branches of Neil's performing career that aren't out there yet. Hint hint

"All Shall Be Well" and "Lullaby Requiem" are another pair of songs from the Sydney Opera House in 2001 which were broadcast.

"The Game We Love To Play" was an additional live cut from Pajama Club in Sydney.

I'm also remembering at least one song from Neil's performance at Silo Park in Auckland with the Auckland Philharmonic in 2018.

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