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There is now a 24/7 stream of rarities playing at random. Maybe 95% is stuff that has been released like clips from Fangradio, b-sides, and fan club CD tracks. But 5% is stuff that has never been released or heard before.

Hopefully the new rarities will end up on's kitchen sink. I don't know who has the time to capture and review a non-stop stream just to find the newly released bits.

Tall Trees Demo.. not bad, cool alternate ending. But would have been good if Tim learnt the song before they recorded it.

It was great to hear an additional Finn Brothers “Woodface” demo that didn’t make the deluxe edition after all this time - and a big part of the charm of these demos is that not everything is firmly in place yet or fully rehearsed - the “Prodigal Son” demo cropped up today too and it similarly has always had the brothers winging it lyrically in places.

Early in the day there was also a tease of a writing demo of “Mean To Me” which began with distinctly different lyrics but ended abruptly during the first verse as if a DJ had skipped onto the next song.

Let’s hear that one in full!

Anyone else keeping track of the new rarities that have been played?: A live version of “Turn It Around”, Demo of “Years Go By”, early alternative take on “It’s Only Natural”… and just now a Crowded House take on “Charlie” recorded during the sessions for “Sister Madly”.

What a great gift this 24/7 Fangradio format is - much gratitude to everybody who has worked to get it up and running! 🙏

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So far from my notes-

  • Neil Finn - Human Kindness (home demo)
  • The Finn Brothers - Tall Trees (home demo)
  • Split Enz - Years Go By (demo, 1984)
  • Crowded House - Turn It Around (live at Leigh Sawmill Cafe, NZ, 24/2/08)
  • Crowded House - The Only Way To Go Is Forward (studio demo from "Intriguer" sessions, 16-2-08)
  • Crowded House - Wise After the Fact (demo - piano)
  • Neil Finn - Missing Person (acoustic, 2012)
  • Crowded House - Mean To Me (early rough mix)
  • Crowded House - I Just Want To Go Home (alt. studio version of Whispers and Moans)
  • Crowded House - Something So Strong (early rough mix)
  • Split Enz - Our Day (unedited version)
  • Neil Finn - Rosalie (demo, 1976)
  • Neil Finn - Corporate Mindset (home demo)
  • Crowded House - It's Only Natural (alternative version)
  • The Finn Brothers - Part of Me, Part of You (early version)
  • The Mullanes - Dancing Days (live - Bankstown 31-5-85)
  • Neil Finn - Shower
  • The Mullanes - Can't Carry On (live in Sydney 29-5-85)
  • The Finn Brothers - Cemetery In The Rain (home demo)
  • Neil Finn - 4th of July (home demo, 2005)
  • The Finn Brothers - Gentle Hum (early version)
  • Crowded House - Recurring Dream (instrumental remake 1985-86)
  • Neil Finn - Bass Dream (demo)

I've absorbed 12 plus hours of continuous Fangradio since noon. In addition to the tracks I've listed, here's more- I'm taking a break for the night. Anyone want to help?

  • Crowded House - Distant Sun (poolhouse band demo)
  • Crowded House - Sweet Dreams (live at The Forum, London, 28/11/93)
  • Neil Finn - Love Is All That Remains (from the "One All" sessions)
  • Crowded House - Italian Plastic (alternative version)
  • The Mullanes - Hello Sandy Allen (live in Frankston 17-5-85 )
  • Neil Finn - Long As I Can Keep (home demo)
  • Split Enz - One Step Ahead (home demo, 1980)
  • Neil Finn - Wrinkles (demo)
  • Crowded House - Never Been Born (studio demo, 1987)
  • Crowded House - When You Come (rehearsal - swing version)
  • Neil Finn - It's Happening (demo, 2011)
  • The Mullanes - Breaking My Back (live in Frankston 17-5-85 )
  • Neil Finn - After Dinner Mint (demo)        
  • Crowded House - Charlie (Sister Madly recording session out-take)
  • Crowded House - Sax Boogie (Sacred Cow demo)
  • Crowded House - Jam (from "Intriguer" sessions, Feb 2008)
  • Neil Finn - A World Away (film demo)

So many fascinating rarities cropping up.
Chainsaw was a good one. Among the other highlights: the Crowded House studio recording of Lester, a 1995 Crowded House York St. demo recording of Family Ties, writers demos of World Where You Live and What I Get Paid For, early takes on Sacred Cow (Cigarette Girl), Fall At Your Feet (Fly Away), and Either Side Of The World.
The Mullanes were represented with live recordings from 1985 and a demo of Grabbing By The Handful,
There's been Finn Brothers recordings of Throw Your Arms Around Me and Prodigal Son plus an early version of All The Colours.
Poolhouse band demos of Together Alone era songs like Distant Sun and You Can Touch and a live Tail Of A Comet recorded in Cambridge along with what sounded like a very early demo of Mean To Me (You Get What You Want From Me). A 1996 Instrumental by Crowded House with James Pinker.
Even a 1978 recording of the Enz performing Play It Strange,

Ok, I’ve noticed a couple of unique tracks have repeated, so I assume that means Chainsaw and Cemetery Rain will repeat at some time too.

I also heard the Poolhouse demo of Distant Sun; did anyone know these demos existed? I don’t recall any talk of them when the special editions came out. I wonder how many there are?

At least 3 Poolhouse band demos I’ve heard so far. Cemetery In The Rain  cropped up again yesterday (assuming the initial airing was by the Finn Brothers) and there have been a couple of other repeats - Neil’s solo acoustic cover of This Must Be The Place was repeated less than an hour ago.

Did anyone else hear the brief second demo of Don’t Dream It’s Over with an alternative chorus? It was wild to hear a different chorus in the song you’ve heard a zillion times for 36 years!

There was also an alternate She Goes On with saxophone! And a moderately jazzy demo of Private Universe. Nice early version of Finn Brothers A Life Between Us aired yesterday. Even some different versions of a couple of tracks from Dreamers Are Waiting have aired and a live solo performance of Never Be The Same from Boston on the Dizzy Heights tour.

Such a thorough presentation of an entire career of music, including collaborators, recordings Neil produced. A lot of work has gone into curating such a vast collection of material - long may it continue.

Oh, my goodness,  i have been so out of the loop with the holidays,  my computer in the shop, and keeping grandkids! Caught a few minutes of Fangradio early on, but can't believe all the fantastic stuff you guys are revealing! Please God, if anyone is capturing this, let it be known! Even just  Cemetery would make my decade,  and I've counted at least 15 others I'd love to have.

Jaffa,  any plans to add these new reveals to the Kitchen Sink, if it is added back to the website?

I have been dipping in and out but not yet managed to hear some of the rarer or unheard songs. I'd be very glad to hear Cemetery in the Rain and any of the rarer bits... if anyone has managed to make a recording.

Alternatively and to Jaffa.... Totally get there will be copyright issues but is there any chance of some form of digital release or even a CD?

Finally caught Cemetery in the Rain a couple of days ago. Such a shame it never got a b-side release or on the new Finn double album release.

I kind of get why Neil doesn’t like it - but of all the pre-Woodface Finn Bros demos, it is the one the feels most related to the Finn album with the Niwhai like riff. It is completely different to what I imagined.

To my ear, it sounds like a pretty spontaneous song created under the influence while looking out on the Cemetery while it was raining. I’d possibly go as far as calling it a novelty song - would be a good companion piece to Worms… some of the lyrics sound more like Paul than Neil!

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