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I was inspired by a PM from Mona........we were intrigued by the fact the we BOTH have Ford Festivas! LOL Awesome little car....I've never had a more reliable car! So it got me thinking.....
(and I don't know if this particular subject has been covered here...)

What type of car do you currently drive?

Do you think this vehicle says something about "you"? Does it fit your personality?

If it doesn't, what type of car IS you??

Unfortunately, Toby (my Festiva) has a sore transmission, so he doesn't get out much these days! Our household cars are now Chris' 1992 Toyota Camry WAGON, and our 1997 Ford Explorer. The Explorer was given to us as a gift from his folks when Toby passed. Frowner

Toby was TOTALLY me....I'm short and kinda spunky! (not to be confused with Punky, i.e. Brewster) Toby had kind of an ATTITUDE that's me as well.....I've taken him on some pretty sketchy 4X4 trails! He had the heart of monster truck in a 1.6L engine! lol

I've always wanted a VW van. I know, I know, but I want to hand-paint the outside of it, like a rolling canvas! That would be the best expression of my character through a vehicle. PLUS, with the camper kind I could save ALL KINDS of money on motels when traveling! Cool
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This is a cool thread!

Can I add a question to this? I'd like to know (for us old peeps here) what was your FIRST car, or the first car you drove after getting your license?

1.First car? Renault Alliance

2.Car you currently drive? Volkswagen Passat

3.Does this vehicle say something about you? A little bit - I needed a new car after my Honda Prelude needed to be put to sleep

4.Does it fit your personality? I hope so, I'm payin for it

5.If it doesn't, what type of car IS you? Dunno, I'd like to have an SUV, but it's not really necessary in Atlanta
I have a Honda Civic. Her name is Charlotte and she's green (my favorite color). I think she fits me: short, curvy, not too flashy, reliable, and just a little sassy.

I want a station wagon next. Something I can haul my crap around in but that doesn't take up a city block and use a tank of gas per day. I'd love to get a hybrid car. If they made a hybrid station wagon I'd be all over that.
Amen on the SUV thing Mona.
GREAT additional questions, Geddy! YAY!

This first car I ever drove was when I was 18 year old brother had a '69 Pontiac Catalina convertible! Her name was Ragtop Annie, and she was a LAND YACHT!!!!! lol Seriously, you didn't DRIVE this car just kind of FLOWED. HAHAHAHA!! DEFINITE smooooooothness!

I was a late driver and didn't get my license till I was 19 when my dad called me up out of the blue telling me he'd bought me a car, so I'd better come back to New Mexico to get it. OK! So I get there, and it's a 1981 Ford Escort WAGON. Here's the catch: dad got it for $200 because of HAIL damage!! That's first car had 4" diameter hail dents all over the top and hood. Oh, and the back window had been busted out, but good 'ol dad had already replaced that for me. (but DIDN'T clean up all the broken glass in the back....yup, that's my dad) I named him Phil and he lasted for 6 months, at which time I traded him in for the only thing a poor 20 year-old could afford: a 1984 Mercury Lynx WAGON. (seeing a trend here?) For those who don't know, these two vehicles look EXACTLY the same, exept that the Mercury is the "luxury" model! LOL And yes, I DID name him
Phil Jr.!!

BTW Mona, during my "black phase" I very nearly painted Phil Sr. BLACK! lol Craziness....

We're totally ashamed that we're SUV owners. All the GAS we use is terrible. But it was FREE and bailed us out of a jam.....Chris drives about 20 miles to his work, and I drive 28 in the OPPOSITE direction, so we needed something QUICK! We're going to buy a hybrid car to try to balance our environmental karma!

Let's see - the first car I ever had was a turquoise '75 Chevy Nova. I got it used when I was a senior in high school and drove it till I graduated college, when some sort of spring died and made it undriveable. Although I was able to sell it for the engine, which still worked.

I currently have a black '98 Chevy Cavalier Z24 (no, it's not that I adore Chevys, but there's a family friend who owns a Chevy dealership so therefore gives pretty good deals Wink ). Does it suit my personality? I don't know, but it does suit my philosophy about cars: i.e., I can't see spending a lot of money on a car since they decrease so much in value so quickly - it's almost like throwing money away. I also aim to always have a fairly non-descript car because I drive into NYC frequently and park on the street, so I want to make sure I have a car that no one is tempted to steal or break into.

Although, if I was independently wealthy (right, like that will ever happen *laughs*), my other car would be a Jaguar.

Have to say I agree with the SUV haters here. I hate the fact that because of the overwhelming amount of these huge things I can never see what's coming when I'm backing out of a parking space, or trying to make a right on red.
I just got a new car in early Dec... a Mini Cooper S. So much fun! It's a go cart and race car and luxury car rolled into one.

Oh and in case my soon-to-be-ex is reading, this car costs me LESS than the last one. So can you stop having me followed now and your attorney can stop whining about how I must have money because I got a new car. And if he's not reading, then that was irrelevant info for most of you. Smiler

Here are some pics of it parked in front of my current residence. Smiler

Well, I didn't get around to passing my test until the grand old age of 26 !

The car we had then was a 1994 red VW polo hatchback (for USers that's sort of like a coupe, but not quite as posh). It was great, briliant fuel economy and could manage about 90mph on the Motorway without shaking to bits.

I think it was a bit like me: small, but suprisingly big-hearted, gave you alot without needing much in return, looked quite good for it's age when freshly washed and polished, but since it didn't have power-steering, it was a bit hard to control Big Grin

We had to sell it when we moved here and so we bought a shiny black Hyundai Elantra. It's really fun and nice to drive and still has good fuel economy - not that common over here it would seem (c.f. SUV's etc.) Perhaps reflecting my 'wan't to be more sophisticated' phase??
My first car was a hand-me-down. My parents gave me their old car, a 1986 Ford LTD...kinda miss the old rust-bucket, it finally broke down...

Now I have a 1992 Chevy Corsica. Nothing flash, practical, low-up keep. It was cheap, only $5400.00 when I bought it 4 years ago, in great condition. It is already payed off and I'm going to run it into the ground. It has some replacement parts. I always get the oil changed. It does need to be warmed up in the morning but always starts right up...he he, like me??! Wink

Not really sure how it reflects my personality except that I don't have enough money to get a newer car!

I would love to get one of the new Volkswagen Bugs, though only if I suddenly win a lottery or something. I'm sure my next car will be another cheapy.
My first, and only, car was a 1972 Toyota Corona. I called it the Road Warrior, because it was a bit of a worry on the roads Big Grin but having said that, I took a perverse pride in driving a car that was as old as me. I had that car for over ten years, and it finally gave up the ghost a few months before I moved to America.

I now share custody of a 1998 Jeep Wrangler, which I defend as "not really an SUV" because it's compact, and besides, if you saw our front driveway (which becomes almost impassable after snow) you'd understand our need for a car like this, out here in the Connecticut backwoods.

That said, if I could have any car, I'd probably make it a Nissan Sylvia (a sporty sedan, not available in the USA, and in fact only a limited import in Australia - Japan exports them after they're a few years old, my dad has one and as well as being a lot cheaper than a new car, they are sexy as hell. I drove that car for two weeks while my folks were overseas, and the whistles I got when stepping out of the vehicle... VERY NICE!) Or maybe, to be patrotically Aussie, I'd get a Holden Monaro... soon to be sold in a slightly modified format (left hand drive, etc)under one of the sportier GM labels here in the USA. I think tooling along Interstate 95 in one of those babies would totally ROCK... Big Grin
Does my car describe my personality? around the edges, and a bit messed up inside right now, but really reliable, OK to be seen with, pretty low maintenance, shifts gears easily and makes a little go a long way.


(It's a 1999 green Ford Escort, the first brand new car I ever bought and the first car I ever bought without needing a co-signer.)

My first car (at age 17, and inherited from my parents) was a 1986 Pontiac Bonneville. It blew up on me because I didn't know you were supposed to put OIL in it. It was replaced by a 1987 Dodge Omni with a hatchback...not a very romantic car, except that it had a hatchback. Wink

I gave the Omni to my sister when I moved out west, and it died honorably, protecting her life in a tunnel accident two years later. In Arizona (where there are no state inspections...) I drove a 1980 Toyota Celica with 150,000 miles on it, which I held together with duct lie.

And then there were two more cars in between, and I bought the green one, which my 7-year-old daughter has dubbed "The Pickle."
Car I learned to drive in was a 2000 Nissan Micra, I promptly wrote it off a month after passing my test! Then we got a blue VW Polo SE 1.2 (or maybe it was just an S...) which I loved to bits, was a fantastic car, and I got myself a Silver VW Polo 1.4 SE last September, which is also just fantastic. VERY quiet and surprisingly fast. Tis great.

I don't know if it reflects my personality but it does get a lot of nice comments from people.

Which is nice. Big Grin
I must have one of the oldest cars here! I drive a 1988 Nissan Stanza that is in surprisingly good shape despite the rough Michigan winters. It was and is my first car. My parents gave it to me during my second year of college, because I was living at home, and on scholarship. Plus, it gave them a reason to buy a new car! I think my car does say something about my personality - that I like reliability and do not like change. I will be really sad when this car dies because it's been in the family since I was 12, and there are so many memories attached to it. What a great thread!

*Edited because I can't spell worth spit!
Sandrine, last year I'd have beat the pants offa ya.

I mean come on people. How many people do you know who were still driving a car from 1972, long after the turn of the milennium?

R.I.P. The Road Warrior... she wasn't terribly sexy, she wasn't the quickest off the blocks (when I got booked on a highway for doing 128km/h I was tempted to ask the policeman, "REALLY, sir? Gosh, I didn't know this car could go that fast! Please can I try to do it again?" Big Grin Eeker ). She broke down every so often, but despite the odds, she was a survivor.

Does that describe me? TOTALLY. Big Grin
Oh, Deb, I really really really want one of those Minis---they are soooo cute. They have even managed to edge a new Beetle off my top 3 list of cars. The top car would be a '65 Mustang Pony, baby blue, convertible. The second one would be a vintage Beetle (ca. 1972)---I know, I know, they have no heat, no get up and go, no safety standards...but my first boyfriend-with-a-car had one, so there's nostalgic stuff there.

What colour is yours? There's a bright blue one that works in one of the buildings I drive by every morning on the way to work, and it is really cool.

(edit) D'OH! Look at the link, Valerie. That is so cute, Deb!! Love the racing stripes and the sunroof!

Speaking of cars and odd coincidences...

Two of the women I work with also drive Saturns. Erin has a 1999 that is that dark-purple colour and she is from Oklahoma, where she bought the car new. Gayle drives a 2000 that is the same colour as Erin's and she bought it used here in Ohio. Mine is a 2002 that I bought here in Ohio new, but it was brought up here from Utah ona year-end dealer's sale thingy. Yesterday, Erin went out to get in her car, and accidently got into Gayle's car, with her keys. Her key won't start Gayle's car. She came in and got Gayle, and I overheard so I went out too. Gayle and Erin's keys will open each other's cars, but won't start them. BUT, Erin's keys will open AND start my car. Gayle's keys only open my car. MY key will open their cars, but won't start either one.

What are the odds of all three of us, with cars from all over the country, whose keys are so interchangeable? Gayle called her friend at Saturn, and he wants our VIN numbers so he can do some research. He said the odds are like, astronomical that this would happen.

Weird, huh?

Really, really going now.

Valerie, I'd say your contact at Saturn is full of it. A similar incidence of common keys was found in Australia, amongst late 80's/early 90's Toyota Camrys and Holden (General Motors) Apollos... essentially the exact same car, minus badging and trimming (this is thanks to a weird Australian car policy of the time... however, that isn't really relevant). These cars had about three or four keys between ALL the cars that were sold... maybe that's an extreme example but I've heard of similar things happening on other models of cars (and of course that's the sort of secret the car manufacturers and their employees do NOT want you, or the insurance companies, to know.)
Oh it gets me mad when I think of it..... I used to drive a little yellow old bomb that never cost much to run or service. People knew me wherever I went cause it was very recognisable. But they used to say to me 'when are you going to get rid of that thing'. Eventually, because of that sort of pressure I did. Then everyone said..'Oh no you didnt get rid of it did you...I loved that car!!!!'
So did I. Frowner
It was a yellow mazda 1300
I'm young enough to say that I still drive my first car, a 1993 Citroen AX 1.1, this only reflects my personality in the respect that I'm poor (damn student life!). I don't actually like my car (apart from the really cool stereo I fitted to listen to Finn music!).

I'm currently saving for a newer, faster and safer car (If I hit a cyclist, I'd be the one that ended up in intensive care, my car is built like an eggshell, and cyclists are always overtaking me anyway).
Right now, i have a black 95 Honda Accord, which I love and just finished the payments on. I'd say it suits my personality: it blends in, it can go fast if it wants to, it's sorta peppy and snappy, yet mild-mannered. But not pretentious. (Was that more information than you needed?)

My dream car however, would be a Volvo Cross County. I guess I'd have to break down and get a dog.

My friend just got a dark blue Buick LeSabre, 99 I think. Awesome car! Bench seats, velour interior, 3.8 litre....the car is cool because it's not cool, "know what i'm sayin?"
Originally posted by Bob Memery:
[qb] Dream car: anything by SAAB... especially a cabriolet. Shame they are 50% owned by GM these days. [/qb]
I got my dream car last June... a midnight blue
Saab 9-3 (not the cabriolet though)... from the very last shipments of 2002 models sent from Sweden. (Meaning that she doesn't seem half-made by GM...) I call her Saffy (sapphire-blue, geddit?), and she's definitely the smoothest, most fun car I've ever had.

I too was a late-licensed driver (got my license at 21 -- wrote off my new boyfriend's car three months later and didn't drive for the next two years.. oops! -- then finally bought my first car [new] at 24). Needless to say, I've become a big supporter of public transportation (we take the El everywhere in downtown Chicago -- cue the Rhett Miller song!). Unfortunately (or fortunately for Saffy!) there's very little in the way of PT in my area, so if I want to get to work, I have to drive. Big Grin

Vroom vroom... Wink
the Saab 93 (or originally 900) was the first Saab/GM joint creation; it is has the underpinnings of the Vauxhall/Opel Vectra (wheel layout, framework, engines etc), but the bodyshell and interior was designed by Saab.

The 93 is now in a second generation model, and a new cabriolet will be available in Europe later this later, and yes it's Saab's version of the Vectra again.

Edit time: thanks for Festiva pics; that model came to the UK as a Kia Pride, which I'm sure was also a Mazda 121 (who of course are part owned by Ford - do I detect a trend in the cars we Frenz know?)

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