SO SO SO happy to see Neil finally paly again in Canberra, and that I could share the show with some lovely Frenz



I wish I was still into taking notes like I use to but some memories from the banter last night ( a LOT more than there had been in Melbourne shows)


I also have photos to post once I am on my normal computer


I had the great pleasure of meeting Dan and Elroy after the show and they both signed my setlist, lovely,lovely people,really friendly,genuine and neat guys


 Neil made mention of the Canberra show and there be 100 prize hiefers around, also that the lighting effects along the stairs made the audience look likesome from a video game.He then said something in an alien like vocie hich I don't recall right now

Neil also declared that he was making tomorrow (today now) a public holiday



Before Message To My Girl,Neil commented it was from around 1982,which was also around the time he and Paul K first crossed paths.

Neil commented to Paul that he was SO skinny back then,and then added "So was I". Neil said his mum used to make him malted milkshakes when he was 15 because she was worried about how skinny he was



Neil made a comment that Paul was tickling the guitar while Paul was having trouble tuning for To Her Door,Neil then started 'ticking the ivories (doing jams on piano)and that holding someone down & tickling them at school was a form of torture.Paul is V. ticklish apparently


Neil commented the response to his jams were as eager as to the actual songs they were playing


After Deeper Water,Neil said he could relate to 2 of the 3 verses (but not being 17 in the back seat)and that his experience with that and in his case,he was trying to remove the girl's too tight(as was the fashion)jeans and fogging up the windows before her older sister came banging on the window yelling "Mum says get in the house" there some other comments made before Neil said he'd better stop as he was creeping out Elroy



Paul told of being 1 of 8 children and there being 8 cousins as well so each sibling was kind of assigned a cousin, the family would drive down to Gawler to visit (this was before They Thought I Was Asleep)


There seemed to be a lot more 'snow' for Winter Coat too,but maybe that was more to do with having closer seats and just looking that way

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