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hi there,
does anyone know if there is a sceduled fan club presale for the canadiandates. The Toronto venue is smaalllll.I saw Damien Rice there last night- great sound, amazing room- but I want to guarantee my spot (I've seen neil 4x and finn bros 1x- but never seen CH)

is peter touring too? any chance of soundchecks?

Belleville Ontario
ps how about a warm up gig at the empire theatre
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graham...are you signed up at: ?

get thee in there man and register if you wanna be the first on your block to know when pre-sales are.

only one pre-sale has been announced so far and none of the cities were canadian. the only people who would know are the ticket vendors, i suppose and you know they know nothing on the best of days so you'll just have to wait like the rest of us i guess.

i think peter hopes to make it--soundcheck entry is usually for lifers who've not seen one before..but anything is possible...i suppose.

just eat all your dinner and keep your teeth clean and be good and who knows....? Wink
No you can't "return" them.

Just because there's a "pre-internet" sale--does not mean that the tickets are necessary what you want--

Go look at a seating chart of your venue--decide where you want to sit--when the day comes--you jump on that link the second it goes live and if the tickets keep coming up way past where you want to sit--DON'T BUY THEM!!

Pre-Internet sale is NO GUARANTEE of fantastic seats--sometimes it is--sometimes it's not--

Once you've bought tickets--you generally speaking--cannot turn them in to ticketmaster for a will have to try to sell them privately...

and good luck with that if they aren't very desirable--only people who are shut out of a sold out show..may want them if that's all that's available...

just be very careful to look before you leap--and decide before hand..if you're one of the very first into the site when the link to the pre-sale becomes active--if the only think appearing is row TT seat 32--then let them go and try your luck when they go on sale to the general public.

Strong advice perhaps--but consider carefully before you buy.
I just used my INXS presale code to get tickets on Ticketmaster this morning to a show in my city. The first time I searched for tickets, I got row 11, the second search turned up row 9. Finally, row 2!


I would say do the same type of search for the CH tickets.

That said, if better tickets did come along, I wouldn't hesitate to buy them. I'm confident that I can find someone to buy the unused tickets.

Oh, and wouldn’t you know it that presale codes for INXS are already for sale on eBay. Scoundrels!

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