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Does anyone have a list of Venues with dates for the Enz 1977 Feb/March USA tour.

I'm putting togetehr a list of all the Enz gigs (hopefully) ....I have a few bits for the '77 tour
but was hoping the Big Enz Fans would know.
I have Roxy on Feb 11th 1977
I know they also played Boarding House in San Francisco and Bottom line in NYC but can't find our dates for these.

Of course I have the date/Venue for the infamous Atlanta show in Texas...

But what other dates can you guys help with.. it was a 23 date tour, so say my old notes.....

HELP, just email me (
Much appreciated.

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Thanks Lozza
yep have those 2, have about 6of the 23. The date I have for Pauls Mall is 2nd March, were there 2 shows at that Venue? (need all this to be 100%). The date for Cellar door is 7th March.

Re: 76 UK dates: we have the original media kit for Jack the Lad /Enz Tour so the adverts and media stuff are included in that...think it started at Friars-Aylesbury on October 25th (76)....

Plus a rough Tour Itinerary for '77 shows in England, if that's the one that started on Jan 20th- Huddersfield P0lytechnic. So that is ok too...

For '77 for England I do need the run of 14 dates starting in April (UK Tour #3 I think) and the May- Holland /Belgium dates I have almost zero help for that area would be brilliant everyone.

Around 475 shows so loads to go. Thanks everyone for the help.... it's a lot harder to do this list than we imagined..... getting pulling teeth (eh Crombie).

Hi Guy
thanks for that, unfortunately zilch at this stage
main problem is time at the moment, need to go through the masses of media stuff, newspaper reviews etc etc in the files, I'm sure we will turn up more dates from that.

Anything from Europe in May '77 would be great.....I do have the Paradiso date for November (22nd) 1980...there might be something in the Dutch newspapers/music section..maybe gig advert??? Don't go to too much trouble, but all help is appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

OK, from my own little Enz "file" (which is nothing much really...just a whole lot of random oddz and Enz that I've collected since last year)...

***USA, Feb-Mar 1977***
(23 dates, 40 shows)

?? Feb: The Boarding House, San Francisco
(4 nights, 2 shows a night: 8PM and 11:30PM)

?? Feb: The Roxy, LA

10 - 13 Feb: Golden Bear, Huntingdon Beach, California (2 shows a night as support to Sons Of Champlin...8 shows total in this stint)

17 Feb: Texas Opry House, Houston, Texas

18 Feb: Dallas

23 - 26 Feb: Great Southeast Music Hall, Atlanta (2 shows a night...the Sex Pistols played at this venue in early 1978)

7 Mar: The Cellar Door Club, Washington DC

?? Mar: The Bottomline (as support to Polish comedian Henny Youngman)

?? Mar: Chicago (mis-billed as "Spit Enz")

?? Mar: Philadelphia

Now, even more interesting than the Enz look-a-like contest staged by Chrysalis to promote the band was the guys' apparent encounter with that group of girls who called themselves the Plaster Casters. Tim mentioned it in one of his messages...
I'll be doing some excavation in the archives soon and hope I can be of help. I saw both Chicago shows, events that changed my way of thinking about...well...everything! I may even have sketchy set lists. Difficult, really, since I was hearing many fine selections for the first time, owning only the US Mental Notes AKA Second Thoughts. Tis true as well about the Plaster Casters...I took Cynthia Plastercaster with me to see night #2 resulting in post-show introductions but"souvenirs" resulted. The second night's venue, The Ivanhoe, is now a liquor store. If I ever have a few extra $$ to rub together, I swear I'm commmissioning a plaque reading "Phil Judd played here" to affix to the side of that building-a claim that can be made by only a scant few buildings in the U.S., sad to say.
In all honesty, the prospect never actually...umm...came up! The Enz weren't exactly what you'd call "on top of the world" at that point, attitude-wise. though as far as music and performance went, they actually _were_ right up there at the very top. Such is frequently the fate of the visionary. They were quite personable, though, and happy that anyone went to the effort to seek them out to hang out at all.
Brilliant everyone helps fill in some those Huntington Beach shows as that is a solid 'chunk' (less looking!!!).

Semi- for your own records the date I have for the Roxy is 11th Feb '77, pretty sure that is correct as it's off a tape, we have one tape marked for Great South Eastern Music Hall as Feb 27th...........I'm wondering if this is simply mis labelled or if in deed it did go to 27th (not just 26th).....anyone want to correct this one...

I'm holding off checking with band etc till the last minute, our on tour itinerarys are nowhere near as good as what they were like in the Eighties and a lot of the guys have thrown stuff out...we have more arriving soon that may fill in the gaps but I am just trying to get this as close as's sure to have a few missing or incorrect butw e will do our best.

Thanks very much Guy for the Paradiso dates,
2 more we needed, they probably simply didn't play that Venue in May '77....begs the question where did they play in Holland/ May 77.

Thanks P.Life don't need set lists (thanks though) but exact dates/venue for Chicago would be really helpful. Much appreciated.

I dunno...I think Neils sexual encounter with Sex Pistol Fan/ Punk Rock Icon- Cat Woman
is far more exciting...all that bug spray!!!! I'm sure everytime he uses fly spray he gets a flashback to the Punk days !!!!

Thanks RailEnz too for confirming those 2 shows at Paul's mall-Boston.

All good...thank you everyone...


P.s.- Any takers on April UK Tour 1977....did this happen. I have Feb dates as mentioned...
it was meant to of happened after USA dates.
This is the second time recently I've read on here the words "neil...sexual encounter...bug spray" all in one story.....maybe the new de riguer item to bring to future shows instead of paper airplanes may be dainty purse size cans of OFF. We can all douse ourselves to give him a good laugh (plus if it was an outdoor show, it'd come in handy!) Big Grin
don't know if you need any of this but :


"SPLIT ENZ, who have just completed a British tour as support to Jack The Lad, are to headline a series of gigs in their own right. They play Norwich East Anglia University (November 24), Scarborough Penthouse (25), Birmingham Ashton University (26), London Imperial College (27), Plymouth Woods Centre (29), Liverpool Eric's Club (Dec 3), Newport Harper Adams College (4), Brighton Top Rank (7), Middlesbrough Teesside Polytechnic (9) and Portsmouth Polytechnic (10)."

1977 (i think)

"SPLIT ENZ take a break from recording their second album (lozza note-assumedly Dizrythmia) to play two nights at Kensington Nashville on July 7 and 8. They tour Australasia throughout August, returning to Britain for a headline tour in September and October."

This could (?) be some of the 77 dates... ?

"SPLIT ENZ have added 2 more dates to their British tour, opening at St. Albans tomorrow (Friday). They are Sheffield University (May 3) and Portsmouth Polytechnic (19)."

Don't know where this one goes :

"SPLIT ENZ have added two more dates to their British tour, reported last week. They are at Middlesbrough Town Hall (December 2) and Halifax Clarence's (3)."

Nor this one :

"SPLIT ENZ have added these dates to their current UK tour - Doncaster Outlook December 6, Brockenhurst College Hants 8, and Dudley JB's 10."

Individual Dates which I have ads for:

Split Enz - Apollo Victoria - Thurs 4th & Fri 5th December 1980
Split Enz - Manchester Rotters - Monday 17th November 1980
Split Enz - Roundhouse - Sunday 5th February 1978
Split Enz - Nashville Room - Thursday 7th & Friday 8th July 1977
Split Enz - Imperial College - Nov 27th 1975

Jan/Feb 1978 dates :

"SPLIT ENZ have been re-joined by founder member Phil Judd (guitar and vocals) in time for their British tour, opening tomorrow (Friday). He places (sp) saxist Robert Gillies in the line-up. And the band's major London concert has now been confirmed for Chalk Farm Roundhouse, on Sunday February 5. New dates : Edinburgh Tiffany's (January 23), Aberdeen University (24), Hull University (28), Aylesbury Friars (February 4), Southampton University (6) and Liverpool Mountford Hall (8). Cancellations : York University (January 28), Wolverhampton Lafayette (29), Reading Bulmershe College (February 4), Plymouth Castaways (9), Cardiff Top Rank (10) and Exeter University (13)."

November 77 dates :

"Confirmed dates so far : Birmingham Barbarella's (November 4 and 5), Plymouth Castaways (7)....." remaining dates are 11/12th Erics --> December 9th Maidstone.. scan of the ad should be out there.
Originally posted by Lozza:
This could (?) be some of the 77 dates... ?

"SPLIT ENZ have added 2 more dates to their British tour, opening at St. Albans tomorrow (Friday). They are Sheffield University (May 3) and Portsmouth Polytechnic (19)."
Presumably the St. Albans gig is Neil's first gig so that would seem to confirm 1977.

RE throwing the bugspray instead of the paper planes Martine, doing so might take Neil "somewhere else", pavlovian responses being what they are. Smiler
OK, Today I went to Amsterdam to look in the archives of the "Nationaal pop instituut" and I found these concert dates:

5 november 1976 Amsterdam, Paradiso
26 may 1977 Rotterdam, De Lantaarn
22 october 1977 Amsterdam, Paradiso
23 october 1977 Den Haag, De marathon
25 october 1977 Almelo, De esch
26 october 1977 Rotterdam, Eksit
27 october 1977 Groningen, Huize maas
28 october 1977 Uden, De nieuwe pul
29 october 1977 Arnhem, Stokvishal
30 october 1977 Apeldoorn, Orpheus
30 december 1977 Amsterdam, Paradiso
21 november 1980 Arnhem, Stokvishal
22 november 1980 Amsterdam, Paradiso
23 november 1980 Maastricht, Eurohal (Pinkpop binnen festival)
24 november 1980 Wageningen, Jurnshof

I suspect the Holland/Belgium may 77 tour was mainly a Belgian tour with only one date in Holland.

I'm going back on friday to look for dates in 1983, I read that was the last year Split enz visited Holland.

I was surprised to see that the NPI also had every NME and Melody maker (UK magazines). I looked through all MM's from april '77, found nothing except an add for this concert:

15 may 1977 London, Victoria place theatre

Phew... the emoticon above decribes how I felt after walking out the building (d*mn small letters)
Just for the record the set lists for the Paul's
Mall, Boston, Mass. Shows are:

First Show (Incomplete):
Walking Down A Road/Jamboree/Another Great Divide
The Woman Who Loves You/True Colors (Let's Rock)
So Long For Now

Second Show:
Lovey Dovey/Late Last Night/Stranger Than Fiction
Time For A Change/Jamboree/Another Great Divide
So Long For Now / The Woman Who Loves You

thank you, really great.
Pretty sure the Sheffield/Portsmoth dates are '77 as it's the only area that fits (Zilch shows for 78, Were in Oz in that period in '79, at Erics-Liverpool during fairly sure its 77)

Same for Doncaster/Brookenhurst, Dudley JBS- also 1977.

The cancellations for 78 are very handy, made more sense as I had a few Venues twice and didn't expect them to do two shows in one handy.

1980 all ok as I was aboard then and for the most part kept a decent list....except for the odd European show or concert blown out due to hurricanes....anyway thank you Lozza

Guy- wow 77 dates are great, nice chunk and brilliant detective work. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

The only date I am unsure of is the November 21st 1980 show as I think that changed to Brussells-Grote Aula Hall...might ask Nathan if he has an old Tour itinerary as I can't find mine for that period....then again it might of changed on the road and won't be in the itinerary- thankfully this rarely happened, maybe 10 times.... but the 77 dates are really appreciated. Thank you Guy.

I know Mal Green has a small trunk of itinerarys and some diaries so hopefully Mal may have some other dates...just leaves the early Campus tours etc in NZ and a few others bits... but thank you everyone, the list keeps growing (Phew).

I start going through our paper files this weekend, 6 file drawers.....if no one hears from me for a few months I'll be in the 3rd drawer from the bottom under "E" for exhausted.! So much press! What a history!!!

The search coninues:

Found my missing Holland dates thanks to Flicker and found a lot of UK dates from 1977 with help from what Lozza mentioned above. You might have some of these already, but here goes:

29 april 1977 St. Albans, Civic hall
1 may 1977 Middlesborough, Town hall
2 may 1977 Liverpool, University
6 may 1977 Aberystwyth, University
9 may 1977 Doncaster, Outlook
10 may 1977 Birmingham, Barbarella's
12 may 1977 Haddersfield, Polytechnic
14 may 1977 Reading, University
15 may 1977 London, Victoria theatre
19 may 1977 Portsmouth, Polytechnic
20 may 1977 Canterbury, University of Kent
21 may 1977 Aylesbury, Friars, Vale Hall
22 may 1977 Plymouth, Fiesta club

19 november 1977 St. Albans, Civic centre
24 november 1977 Coventry, Wanwick university
25 november 1977 West-Runton, Pavillion
26 november 1977 Retford, Popterhouse

2 december 1977 Middlesborough
3 december 1977 Leicester, University
7 december 1977 Newport, Stowaway
10 december 1977 Reading, Bulmershe college

All courtesy of Sounds magazine.
From OOR magazine:

13 june 1981 Rotterdam, De Doelen
14 june 1981 Utrecht, Vredenburg
15 june 1981 Eindhoven, Stadsschouwburg
16 june 1981 Groningen, Oosterpoort

Also I e-mailed a Belgian fan and he confirmes Split enz played in Brussels, VUB on november 21 1980 (and not in Arnhem).
1977 and '79 were sure such productive years as far as playing live!!!

Guy, that fills in some spots- perfect. Just in case anyone is keeping tabs, I have a Sheffield University date for May 3rd'77, pretty sure this is correct as we do have some file photos from that show and 'early May 77' scribbled on the that can probably be added.

December 3rd and December 10th I could be wrong but I think those 2 dates were swapped for
Dec 3rd'77-Halifax Clarences
Dec 10th'77-Dudley JBS
Don't suppose any of you guys were at the show on either of those nights (and yes a few of you were in nappies I know!!!). Every tour has a cancellation or two or a swap the Venue
makes it a nightmare for us down the track....

Nathan- Enz manager emailed me and said he thought it was Arnhem, I'll go with the Belgium fan as I have a distant memory of Neil saying to me that they played Aula Hall at one stage while we were touring with Crowdies ...and he was talking about Enz...Nathan is pretty good but he has been with the Enz for soooo many shows I'm sure many are just blurs...and fans tend to remember exact gigs etc. Plus he said he thinks it was Arnhem...could of been another time.
Anyway great Guy and extra USA dates filled in the Dallas Venue so that looks good.

Thanks everyone for their time and efforts.


I kind of feel silly posting in this ancient thread, but I finally unearthed most of the lost dates of a Dutch tour in December 1977. The artiicle was published on the 23rd and mentions a ten-day tour and follows with the shows from that day on, counting  eight. So there probably were also shows on the 21st and 22nd, likely in Utrecht and Rotterdam. This was the periode Phil Judd had rejoined the band and when they were collectively living and writing in the seaside town of Bergen aan Zee.

23/12/77 Schouwburg, Tiel

24/12/77 Omah, Papendrecht

25/12/77 Nieuwe Pul, Uden

26/12/77 Stokvishal, Arnhem

27/12/77 Diligentia, Den Haag (The Hague)

28/12/77 Oosterpoort, Groningen

29/12/77 Posjet, Tilburg

30/12/77 Paradiso, Amsterdam (this date has been published in "Letter to my Frenz")

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