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Set List first:

1. There Goes God
2. In My Command
3. Heaven That I'm Making
4. She Called Up
6. Don't Stop Now

(some guy from the balcony yells something and Neil looks up and says : "Is that you, Scott?" )

7. Whispers and Moans
8. Nobody Wants To

(Neil asks Nick if he can think of a good place to put the capo and Nick mused that he could think of some good places and then Neil asked him if he was circumsized, much to the astonishmment and amusement of the crowd.)

9. "Prairie Storm Never Broke"---a song about riding the tour bus from Calgary to Idmonton
10. Don't Dream It's Over

(Neil muses over how the Prairie Storm Song will continue utilizing all the various other cities yet to be visited but decided by the time they got to the Albert Hall the song would be too long.....and then went into a reminisence of how someone told them once that there are six girls for every guy in...Kitchener? Did Nick remember what city...Kitchener? Thunder Bay and Nick thought it was Kitchener, which Neil thought amusing as this occured during the Split Enz days when Nick wasn't there!)

12. Pineapple Head
13 Silent House
14 Pour Le Monde

(A woman yelled out We Love You and Neil replied that it was excellent that she loved them and what seat number was she in? But rushed to add that he was only asking for Liam...Liam says: "I don't need any help, dad......*cough*...what seat number are you in??" to much laughter...The woman again tried to yell something but no one could hear her...Neil kept mis-hearing whatever she was saying. Nick commented "You're a deaf p***k"

Neil said "I thought Mark was the deaf one...

Mark seemed a little neglected so treegrrrrl yelled out "We love you Mark" eliciting a shy smile from Mark and the comment "I heard that!!!"

Somewhere in there...Nick regaled the crowd with the newsflash about Australian journalists who crashed some security barriers at a Sydney diplomatic conference by festooning their limo in Canadian Flags.

At this point, Neil questioned Nick's conspiracy theories repeatedly pressing Nick to divulge who the "they" were...that Nick was constantly referring to in the telling of this story...were they John Howard's or was it his minions..........Nick described them as "minions" or "vassels" or "evil-doers"

15. When you Come
16. Locked Out

1st Encore:

Neil warns the band they are about to do "natural" At this point..some of us came down to the front with absolutely no interference from the 4 security people (in the entire bldg it seemed)

17. It's Only Natural
18. Distant Sun

(Neil very happy to see people standing)

19 Weather With You

Those of you have seen the show..might recall a set piece that seems to depict a caravan similiar in shape to the actual one used in this song's video. Much to our vast amusement..a bare arse appeared in one of the windows--we started pointing at it to get the band to look..finally this caught Neil's eye to which he seemed to exclaim "What the F***!!!!"

Afterwards, Neil blessed Edmonton and then went into :

20 Fingers of Love
21 Tea for Two (wrong key)
23 Sister Madly with lyrics incorporating the bum event occuring in the caravan window (Is that a man's buttocks in the window)
A line or two from As Time Goes By (Casablanca)
Neil mentioned this was the point in the night where people could have their 5 minutest to play jazz...but that it might only be 2 minutes *grin* and ended the song off with a rousing verse of Those Were the Days with audience assistance

24 Better Be Home Soon.

Seemed to be a pretty full house....altho there were actual gaps in the front row that were never had no problem with photo taking as long as flashes were off (but no filming of video allowed) and absolutely no harassment to those few who choose to come up to the stage.

Afterwards, a group of 20 to 30 peeps hung out at the buses at the stage door and each member of the band came out and greeted everyone..including Shauna (of Edmonton) and her daughter...I'll leave it to her to add more about the encounter if she wishes. I have a photo of the event....I was there!!

Great show...can't wait for Winnipeg..but now...need sleep.
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Yeah, where is Shauna?
I believe Crowded House were in Edmonton, Shauna. Any comments? Wink Big Grin

You know I'm a bit bummed reading all the great show banter. Don't take that the wrong way, I really, really love it and thanks guys for giving it to us. I just wonder if we'll get the same Crowdie "feeling" in our HUGE arena in Melbourne? Roll Eyes Sorry, that's off topic, just venting a little.

Shauna??? Smiler
We believe the bum belonged to Mickey--the drum tech---I could not believe it--this bare arse bopping along to Distant Sun I believe..we were freaking!

The journalists masquerading as a Canadian diplomatic contingent--I hadn't heard about this and Nick seemed to relish telling us--as if there weren't 2000 people there, very conversational--he is hilarious and genuine.

Shauna and family indeed were at the *Jub* in Edmonton last night--Nick wondered what the *Jubilee* meant --was it someone's name...Neil chided him that this was a rather ignorant question (all in good fun) "We're in a Commonwealth country!!" he exclamed to Nick and made some cheeky comment about the Queen being "jubileed" (I'm sure I've gotten it all wrong--only had about 5 hours sleep) I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash when the recording is released.

I warned Ms Shauna that I might bring her over to meet Neil if the occassion arose. I think he was very sweet to her and realized who she was right away.

If she hasn't weighed in yet, s'prolly due to the early hour here and her house full of guests. I'm sure you'll see her around later!

Big Grin
I am sure our wonderful Shauna will post to you all soon, but for my bit I sent up a paper plane that landed between Nick and Neil.Nick pretended to be freaked out by it wooshing past him before picking it up and reading it (I said that Winnipeg is going to be my last night and could they please play either Not The Girl, Private Universe or Catherine Wheels there)Nick read it then walked over and tapped Neil on the back and showed it to him, Neil smiled and nodded then Nick folded up the plane and put it in his pocket....

Later on I asked Matt to sign my setlist and he said he really liked how they played Pineapple Head and put a star and tick next to his sig. Gave Nick some more sticky notes and once again mainly stood grinning like a goon at Neil. Ah words fail me in the presence of that man.
my big thrill was getting everyone in the band to sign the scrapbook I made of the Pomona show. Matt thought it was "awesome" and when Nick saw the picture I took of him on the street in Pomona, he exclaimed "that's my favourite shirt. I lost it. I lost it in Van-bloody-couver!." Then he signed the picture "My favourite shirt gone. Nick Seymour."

After braving the rains in Vancouver, it was definitely nice to be sitting somewhere warm and dry. Having said that, I don't think the energy of a sitting show (from an audience perspective) can really match the raw thrill of a general admission show. I was worried at the outset when Neil massacred She Called Up. He could not hit the high notes at all. But that was the only blip - he was in fine form for the rest of the evening. A much more banter-y show than Vancouver, glad I came to Edmonton.
Just want to post what an amazing gig Edmonton was, as well as Calgary and Vancouver and what a great roadtrip FG, Shauna and I had!!!! You girls rock.
Oh and I finally met Neil and went very weak at the knees when he made eye contact..... I also took a photo of him for someone but I can't remember who!!!!!
I met Neil.... *faint* it was a very surreal moment.......
They came. I saw. He knew who I was.

It was a great show....lots of banter and goofing off. Not really much to add to what has been said regarding the show. No mention of me or my campaign as some people figured there would be, but I didn't expect there to be, personally.

My hubby and kids really enjoyed, though my son actually fell asleep for part of the show. I thought he'd be upset for missing part of the concert, but all he could say was "I saw Neil Finn!!" How's that for a son of Half-Full? Big Grin

My daughter joined a group of us by the stage door after the show, and had a mission to get hugs from the whole band, which she did from everyone except Liam, who I never saw come out. Martine introduced me to Neil as "Shauna from Edmonton" and he knew just who that was. I said "yeah, I'm that lunatic" and he said i didn't seem too scary, or something along those lines.

It started off okay, but I think my encounter with Neil kind of went downhill from there. First, my attempt to be witty/funny seemed to be take seriously and I think it sort of made me look like an idiot. Then someone suggested he should come to the Edmonton folk fest, and I said "Yes! You MUST come to Folk Fest! I have full access!", to which he sort of rolled his eyes in an "oh brother" sort of way, and looked kind of annoyed. I've had that expression on his face in my head ever since it happened. Now he's probably afraid to come to folk fest, unfortunatley.

Anyway, that's how our encounter pretty much ended, and I left feeling pretty badly about myself and the whole situation. It wouldn't have been so bad if I'd been some anonymous fan who had made a fool of herself, but he knows exactly who I am and where I live. Such is life.

Anyway, that's how the book on the EDMONTON campaign ends. May it rest in peace.

But, hey.....I did get his guitar pick, thanks to Finngirl Smiler
aww, Shauna - don't feel bad. would Crowded House even have come to Edmonton if not for your campaign? and as for the eye-rolling, Neil probably just doesn't want to be pegged as a folk singer Smiler. anyhow, he meets so many fans that he probably won't remember the exchange (I'm not saying he won't remember you, just probably not the specifics of the conversation). don't over-analyze things! (but your concerns generally remind me why I can never ever meet Eddie Vedder...)

cheers, girl!
Shauna, first off:

WAY TO GO for bringing them to Edmonton in the first place!!

And now, for a similarly depressing experience, please see the Portland thread and Nick's wild misreading of my actions with my daughter. Lovely. My hitherto-cherished Nick thinks I'm a PITA lecturing mom. He could have chosen a positive way to read what I was doing, but he chose the cliche. So they DO have a tendency to misunderstand things and it's not all on you at all. And I didn't even get his pick. So you're pretty much ahead of the game Wink

p.s. Sunset swimmer is a dear for trying to cheer us both up Smiler
Shauna! We saw you and your family in the lobby of the Jubilee, and thought, "Wow - those are some cool parents! Bringing their kids to Crowded House?! At like, what? $70 a seat? Hot damn, whatta great mom and dad!!!" Then we decided we'd be just like you two when we have kids ourselves. You've got a couple of real fans here, let me tell you! Smiler

Awww - I am really disappointed to hear your experience with Neil wasn't the best. Frowner Still, like sunsetswimmer said, I'm sure things seem much worse in retrospect than reality. And it could've been absolutely anything . . . Neil might've been thinking, "Geez, I'm hungry right now - why didn't I eat supper? I am such a dummy!" (cue eye roll here) or "Man, I'm soooo sick of the stupid bus, and the ride to Winnipeg's gonna be a doozer." (eye roll again). There's a million variables here. A zillion, even. I'm sure those weren't his true feelings on his sleeve.

That's incredibly unfortunate, but I'm sure next time will be just amazing for you - and you, too, justacat!!! Smiler
Ok, a brief history...

It was about 4 years ago when I started coming to frenz, just as the Finn Bros were working on EIH, and we were anticipating the forthcoming tour. Only, I knew there had not been a Finn concert in Edmonton of any incarnation for a very long time. They seemed to have forgotten that Toronto and Vancouver are NOT the only cities in Canada. I didn't think I had any chance of getting my hubby to agree to travel to a concert, so I began dropping all kinds of my posts on Frenz, at the end of my emails to PG (for club orders etc). The Finn Bros never did come to Edmonton.

It sort of became a well known campaign amongst the forums, to the point where people would ask why I haven't made any EDMONTON requests if a little time had passed. So I just made it my signature on all the forums. A couple people in other countries even acted on my behalf, asking Neil in person to come see Shauna in Edmonton. Honestly, there came a point where it went beyond a serious campaign and just became a long running joke, much to the annoyance of some. I'd say it was about 1 part serious and about 10 parts in fun, but some people didn't think it was any fun at all, so that's when I pretty much pulled the plug on the whole campaign. It was never my intentnion to annoy anyone or to imply I deserved any sort of special treatment, so when it started being perceived that way, it was time for it to end.

But by then, I'd received confirmation that Neil was fully aware of my campaign. Not only did he tell a friend of mine he knew all about it when she tried pleading my case in person, but I got a pretty public acknowledgement on the first Crowded House webcast after their reformation. We were all sending in requests via email.....I sent several.....and when Neil read mine outloud, he said "Ahhhhh Shauna from Edmotnon has been much neglected for years".

Anyway, the Crowdies came. I'm pretty sure they would have with or without my campaign, it was really the solo and Finn Bros tours I was trying to lure here, since they didn't seem to visit many Canadian cities. Crowded House tends to tour more widely anyway, so I'm sure my campaign had nothing to do with their coming here, but it was still rewarding to have some sort of Finn presence here after all my campaigning.

So that's the story. Smiler
Thanks so much Shauna for your reply. Being relatively new here, I didnt know the story. But you got your wish! I'm SURE you had something to do with them coming to Edmonton - they hadn't been before, after all, in any incarnation. I have been contibuting to the French forum, where everybody was really wishing they would come to Paris, and suddenly they are! Good for you! Smiler FAN POWER!!

What did you say when trying to be witty? I'm sure you are reading too much into it, and I'm certain they appreciate the ardour of a genuine fan. I think Neil must check out the forums now and then, although I heard Nick say somewhere that he kept away for fear of what he might read. All good though, he should get with it.
Hi there, first time long time. Just wanted to point out that the Crowdies have been in Edmonton at least twice before - touring their first two albums - the first time at the Jube with Chalk Circle (!) and the second time at the University "Sub" theatre with Richard Thompson. I attended both shows in awestruck glory - Thompson, of course, joined the band on stage for 'Sister Madly'. I seem to recall that they may have come around a third time for Woodface, but I was off to school at that point.)

While I am here a few observations about Thursday's show. The band was rock solid (I especially enjoyed their crisp versions of the Together Alone songs) and the sound was fantastic, but the crowd was eerily silent at the onset - I chalk this up to the posh surroundings (we are used to being rooted to our seats at the opera and the ballet) and the surprisingly, ahem, mature nature of the crowd, at least in the expensive seats. I'm 42 and I expected to be one of the older faces in the crowd; not so. I suspect there was a high degree of introverted satisfaction throughout the crowd, but it was nice when the audience finally got up and started moving a little.
(Or maybe that quietness was just an after-effect of Pete Yorn's listless set - his band's lack of energy and cohesiveness made it tough slogging, his cover of "Young Folks" perhaps the only reprieve.)

Enjoying reading the comments.
yes, ascha misunderstood me....i said they hadn't been here in a very long time. But NF solo and Finn Bros have not ever been here. The Crowdies and the Enz have both been here, but it's been a very long time. I expect the Crowdies would have come here anyway, its just the solo and duo tours I couldn't trust to come here without a little encouragement.
Sorry, Half-Full - I disagree with you. I think your campaign - 1 part serious, 10 parts fun - made a big difference. And for that, I will always be grateful! Smiler

And zank, I agree with you completely! I was a little disappointed to see the Edmonton audience wasn't as pumped as the Calgary audience the night before. (The band never got a standing ovation when the showed up on stage?! What the hell?!??!) I've gotta admit, given the response in Calgary the night before, I found Edmonton's response kinda bland. I expected way more fanfare. I also found it disappointing people waited for Neil's okay to stand up and get into things. Still, a great night nonetheless.
Oh I could tell you stories about the fogies in Dress Circle behind us in Portland. jaded, didn't know the words, just sat there not even rattling their jewelry, for Pete's sake...there was *one* guy behind us who knew all the words and was singing along, even to Throw your arms around me, but otherwise it was SQUARESVILLE, man...
Yes sadly the dress circle was for the main part the 'dead circle' in Portland, but hey us real fans had fun (well, I did anyway)

And I love ya Shauna, I know Neil does'nt think badly of you and I am sure he knows the crazy ones one he sees them - which you are not.

Here is my signed Edmonton setlist - Matt said how much he loved playing Pineapple Head that night, hence the star and tick (he signed it on my back)and Nick's sig looks a bit like 'Nixy Woman' Love it Big Grin

[IMG]Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket[/IMG]
I was at the Edmonton show and Half Full/Shauna, I believe I recognize you from Teddy Thompson's forum. You wrote a beautiful note after his appearance and I messaged you. You probably don't remember, but I'm Cricket, mod of the now defunct forum.

I'm really sorry you felt so down after meeting Neil. Reading your efforts to get them to Edmonton, I can only be forever thankful to you as it helped to bring my favorite musician, Pete Yorn to Edmonton with Crowded House. And I can't even begin to express how much that experience meant to me.

I hope time has helped to heal a bit. I can sympathize with you as I've had somewhat experiences in the past that didn't necessarily go as hoped. Lucky for me, Pete was more amazing than I could have imagined - warm, genuine and giving.

But I do remember many experiences where I tried to somehow express my enthusiasm, be funny, etc, but was just too nervous and some of my comments just went flop. I kicked myself for a while after but as others have said, there are so many variables involved that you can't blame yourself. Sometimes, musicians are cranky, tired or feeling emotions that have nothing to do with anything you might have said or done. From reading about your efforts, I have to believe that the core truth is Neil is nothing but appreciative of the support you've given him. Your campaign expressed how devoted a fan you are and I'm sure he knew what it must have meant to you for them to be there.

I know it's hard to shake something like that off, and it will probably take a lot of time but I hope you don't blame yourself at all.

Anyway, great to meet all the other fans who went to this show! Does anyone have photos of Pete Yorn by chance? My camera was not on anti-blur Frowner

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