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Hi Frenz,

I'm wa-hey too happy we're down to the final stretch for next week's Calgary show, and I am driving my friends and family nuts with my craziness. I thought a discussion would be a good outlet for my craziness, and perhaps help avoid someone stapling my mouth shut for starting every sentance with Neil Finn this, Crowded House that. I just can't help myself, and I'm sure there's some of you who feel the exact same way!!

And I'm also wondering if any Calgary fans can recommend a good hotel near the Jubliee? I've got one booked for Edmonton, but I'm not familiar with Calgary at all. Any advice would be super appreciated!!

We're down to four days!! Yay, us!!!
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Awww I sure wish I was going to the Calgary show.. wahhhh. IT would have been the venu I chose but I just came back from a wedding in Sask, and couldn't afford the time or money for both. Not to mention the wedding was my moms, so I that took priority.
I hope the show is super!!!! I saw the Woodface show in Calgary, and had a blast!!!!
As far as hotels go, downtown there are many. I stayed at the Paliser when I was there as the gig was downtown. But this gig is at the Jubilee right so there is a hotel alley near by with many many options with different price ranges.
Good luck have fun!!!
Maybe is the show is a blast Ill get the cd Smiler
Just booked The Carriage House! I called the Palliser, but at $300 a night, it's way too rich for my blood. I'm still recovering from the wa-hey expensive front row seats we bought. I just gave away two seats for Calgary, cosmouse! It's too bad we didn't have this conversation sooner, 'cause I would've given 'em to you! Congrats to your mom!!! Smiler
Good plan. I might scoot down early and beg my better half to await the sitter, if he can't make it earlier. My kids are quite envious of us going to this show as they love CH and particularly TOE. Driving back from the mountains yesterday in the Westy, we were playing Don't Stop Now. I looked in the mirror to see both of our boys (6 and 8) singing along. I wonder if Neil and Tim's folks had moments like that...
I thought about Vancouver, too, Lester, but I settled for Calgary and Edmonton. (Mostly due to my better-half's total distate for the uber-expensive idea of flying to Vancouver). Looks like we missed a stellar show!! See you in Calgary!!! I'll be the deleriously happy girl most likely in tears, with a tall, hippy-haired guy who looks embarrassed. Wink
hi frenz,

I'm excited about heading to the Calgary show too. I flew out for the Vancouver show (hooray!!!), but now I'm back home in Calgary, so I can't resist seeing them once more. But I have a question for you fans: is there anyone out there who saw Neil Finn's show in Vancouver at the Commodore in the spring of 2003? I was there, but ever since then, I have been longing to learn a few more details about that show. If anybody can help me out, please feel free to write to me at or maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet up with you in Calgary!

good wishes from Sam.
Wish I was, Sam. I had tix for the Calgary version, but he canceled. Don't know if it was lack of sales. It would have been at Mac Hall up on campus, and I was super stoked for that little venue. It was the 4th time I had tickets to a CH/Neil show and had not seen it. Therefore, I am rather excited for tomorrow. I'm sure it will go by too fast, but maybe we can make this moment last a lifetime.

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