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I don't know how you make a distinction between a Buddhist Vegetarian, & a Vegetarian Buddhist. Perhapse it means that you are a Buddhist first, & therefore a Vegetarian. Rather than a Vegetarian, who also happens to be a Buddhist. Although not all Buddhists are strict Vegetarians. Some do eat some meat, for health reasons.

Perhapse for the real truth rm6000, you may need to hook up with the Buddha to find out.
Just say, "Hey Buddha, hook me up!" I'm sure he'll be more than happy to oblige.

They say on a clear day, you can almost see Nirvana. Until then, i guess it's Om Mani Padmi Hum, lifes rich tapestry & beyond. The Dalai Lama will be touring Australasia in March 2007. I wonder if he likes to bet? & speaking of spiritual materialism, i see there is a Dalai Lama Tour T-shirt available. Amazing what they can do these days. Make mine an Extra Large Oh Great Unworldy One. I want me sleeves to pronounce all that you have said. Oh well, best get back to the worldy web of samsara. There may be a lesson there for me somewhere, & i best not miss it.
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I've read in separate things that he's vegetarian and, as the article Kelly referred to shows, into Buddhism and meditation. No idea whether the 2 are related or not as Seany says is another story. Interesting question though, rm6000, as I've often wondered when he became a vegetarian (unless he's long been of the kind who eats fish, as I know he ate at least that in the 90s) and what the motivation behind it was.

Tim certainly seems to have had some form of interest in Buddhism since the 1990s, when he spent some time at the Buddhist monastry in the Blue Mountains after he'd been through a tough time.

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