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So, who wants to meet up before the gig in Brussels?

I will be arriving from Cologne with Mel25 and Lamb *waves* in the afternoon. And Sadie from might join us! Welcome Smiler
I've never been to this venue before, so I don't know if there is a nice place close by to meet up?
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I've only been there twice in that venue, and last time was 9 years ago, so I can't really say if there's a place close by where we can meet-up.
I will try to look it up somehow and if I find something, I'll let it know. I don't know yet at what time I will be there myself, but I'm sure we will see eachother there!
Originally posted by suzanne:
Originally posted by Mel25:
Was about to ask the same Piglet Wink

By the way there anybody sitting in the Paterre A Row 26 area?

A friend has my ticket (waves at lamb Wink ), but I think I might be!
(waving back at Piglet, Suzanne and the others)
Suzanne you're right, you'll be sitting parterre A row 26.

It seems the best place to meet is the venue itself, I can't remember from all this time back, but there must be a bar or a place where you can get drinks, surely.
There are plenty. You have to go to the Globe avenue (the street perpendicular to the venue - slightly going up if I remember correctly).
Follow-up on Bran Ruz : French forum members will probably meet at 6.30 at the venue. We'll go to a pub aftewards, grab something to eat and get to know each other. You're all welcome to join us Wink


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