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So, who wants to meet up before the gig in Brussels?

I will be arriving from Cologne with Mel25 and Lamb *waves* in the afternoon. And Sadie from might join us! Welcome Smiler
I've never been to this venue before, so I don't know if there is a nice place close by to meet up?
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I've only been there twice in that venue, and last time was 9 years ago, so I can't really say if there's a place close by where we can meet-up.
I will try to look it up somehow and if I find something, I'll let it know. I don't know yet at what time I will be there myself, but I'm sure we will see eachother there!
Originally posted by suzanne:
Originally posted by Mel25:
Was about to ask the same Piglet Wink

By the way there anybody sitting in the Paterre A Row 26 area?

A friend has my ticket (waves at lamb Wink ), but I think I might be!
(waving back at Piglet, Suzanne and the others)
Suzanne you're right, you'll be sitting parterre A row 26.

It seems the best place to meet is the venue itself, I can't remember from all this time back, but there must be a bar or a place where you can get drinks, surely.
There are plenty. You have to go to the Globe avenue (the street perpendicular to the venue - slightly going up if I remember correctly).
Follow-up on Bran Ruz : French forum members will probably meet at 6.30 at the venue. We'll go to a pub aftewards, grab something to eat and get to know each other. You're all welcome to join us Wink

What a show!!!!! What happened? We us Belgians plua lot of Dutchmen singing that good? we're the band so in great form? \probably... Ans what about this...

1 Private universe
2 Four seasons in one day
3 Don't stop now
4 Fall at your feet
5 Transit lounge
6 Pour le monde
7 In my command
8 When you come
9 Silent house
10 Hole in the rive / Parting glass
11 Don't dream it's over
12 Heaven that I'm making
13 Walked her way down
14 Locked out
15 Distant sun
16 World where you live
17 Italian plastic
18 Weather with you
19 Fingers of love
20 Pineapple head / Spirit of the stairs
21 Into temptation
22 Born on the bayou
23 Mean to me
24 Better be home soon

We didn't want to let them go, but I got the feeling they didn't want to leave the stage either...

One of the best concerts I've seen in my life!!!

I'll leave the other highlights to others, whcantype peacefully at home instead of ahostel Smiler
I've been too many concerts in my life, but last night seeing Crowded House in Brussels certainly made my top 5 best shows of all time!!

It was my first CH-show , but hopefully won't be my last: what a band!

If I was asked beforehand to write down a favorite setlist, it wouldnt be too different from what I saw last night. On top of that Neil was in great voice, the band fantastic with lots of improv during the songs.

Private Universe was a fantastic opener and 4SI1D was the start of a great evening of audience sing- and clap-a-long. Many song s turned into audience-sung codas. Neil even taught Heaven That I'm Making to the audience!

The band couldn't get enough of it and the encores went on and on! The show lasted nearly two and a hal hours.

What a night!!!

I can only agree with Guy and Dennis - the guys were smoking. The energy they put into the show was just amazing! Given the lukewarm singalong in the Koninklijk Circus in 2005, I wasn't expecting much interaction with the the Brussels public, but holy cow, we were singing along from song two and didn't stop. It was great fun!

Not much banter, the boys took a roaring start and never looked back. My only grumble is that the high octane delivery made Silent House and Pour le Monde sound like rock anthems - but that was not such a bad thing after all Big Grin.

The setlist was brilliant, thanks Guy for posting it. I'd changed bags and had nothing to write with - my memory is utterly unreliable.

Davey Lane is a fantastic musician and singer and he really added to the harmonies and the (solid) sound of the band. Mark was in great form and gave a rousing rendition of Born on the Bayou. Nick and Matt are a real powerhouse of a rhythm-section and they relentlessly pushed the band forward. And Neil, what can I say, he didn't give 100, not 200, but 500%. He sang at the top of his game, hitting all the high notes in that crystal clear voice of his. Wow, absolutely wonderful.

Was it perhaps the excellent cooking of the lady they dedicated Into Temptation to, or was it the prospect of a day off on Saturday, I don't know, but they were all in high spirits.

I'm still a bit dazed ... and very happy that I saw the show last night!
Originally posted by Guy:
What a show!!!!! What happened? We us Belgians plua lot of Dutchmen singing that good? we're the band so in great form? \probably... Ans what about this...

With also few French Smiler

I agree with everyone, they don't want to leave and one of the best concert i have ever seen.

Good voice, good energy, maximum pleasure !
As I'm still digesting last night, I just thought of something I hadn't reported yet: Neil Finn's call for insurrection.

Vorst Nationaal has security guys (black coats, black glasses, black everything) and they were sitting - get this! - facing away from the stage. Neil started it like this:
"What, can't you stand up?"
Audience shouting and pointing at the men in black.
Neil: "Ah, they're waiting for something to start at the back of the room."
Roars of laughter from the audience. The men in black folded up their chairs and left so everyone was free to stand, to run to the stage and to dance as much as we liked. Thank you, Mr. Finn!

I saw lots of flashbulbs go off during the show and people were taking pics with their cell-phones. As my cellphone dates from the paleolithic, could someone more technically advanced please post some photos?

The radio reported this morning that the band set Vorst on fire ("Crowded House speelde de pannen van het dak"), which I thought was an accurate description. Cool

Still reminscing ... with a big smile on my face.
Ok, I just got back!

What can I add... it was by far the best gig I have seen in ages! (not counting Split Enz last year. That is impossible to beat I think!).

The first thing I need to say: MATT, YOU ROCK!! This guy is a fantastic drummer, and a nice guy to boot!

Thank you for the setlist Guy, I really couldn't remember it anymore. Where were you all of a sudden by the way??

Back to the gig- When Private Universe started I got the feeling this was going to be one hell of a night- and it was!! It was so different from Stockholm last week. Voorst is a rather huge venue, and at first I wondered what effect that would have on the gig, because I usually prefer the smaller venues. Well, not in this case! Huge sing-alongs, and the most surprising part was that a lot of people seemed to know the lyrics to TOE! As Neil would say, Noice!!
We even had a sing-along at the end of Heaven That I'm Making... pretty cool!

I was hoping for Hole in the River, we got that, I was hoping for Fingers of Love, we got that too, Into Temptation, Spirit of the Stairs (which, admittedly, I didn't quite notice Roll Eyes ), Transit Lounge, Silent House.. we had them all! At the end Nick asked for requests, and I couldn't think of anything!

I know Mark has done Born on the Bayou before, but I have never heard it, and I found his voice very surprising. But really cool!

Neil and Nick didn't want to stop, that was pretty clear, not to sure about Mark though. Wink

We met the guys after the gig, and they still seemed to be in high spirits. We had to wait for quite some time though, and got marched off the premises by a guard twice.. Never mind, I wa able to tell Matt that I felt he really rocked, and I really wanted to do that.

Ozzies and Kiwis, you're in for a treat!!

It was great to meet al the Frenz again, and the friends of the Frenz, and I hope to see all of you soon!

Lamb, enjoy Paris!!

Piglet, RAH??
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Sweenie: Nick and Matt are a real powerhouse of a rhythm-section and they relentlessly pushed the band forward. And Neil, what can I say, he didn't give 100, not 200, but 500%. He sang at the top of his game, hitting all the high notes in that crystal clear voice of his. Wow, absolutely wonderful.QUOTE]

Absolutely, Sweenie, absolutely!!
What can I add to this all? Not much! I absolutely agree with everyone.

I wasn't sure what it would be like in such a big venue, comparing to the others in Europe they went to. So I hoped they would start with Private Universe and they did! Rocking from the start that is. And then right after this everyone singing with FSIOD. After the Cologne gig Neil said he was looking forward to Brussels, to playing in an arena-type venue, and I'm starting to think it's because of the singalongs. He asked to sing Heaven That I'm Making with him, and let us try a few times until he felt we got it. And I still like the smaller venues, but I must admit that it was incredible and impressive to hear so many people sing together.

Again, I was thinking they would do Not The Girl (and it was on the setlist) as Nick had his electric bass ready, but then someone requested (shouting) a song for Paul. Nick pointed out to this guy, turned to Neil and said "Neil, this gentleman wants to hear a song for Paul, let's do a song for Paul". And that was Italian Plastic. Neil dedicated it to Paul, said he wrote the song and they all miss him.

And you were right Sweenie, it was great that we could all stand up and run to the stage. It makes a difference! Thank you Neil for that.

BTW The train strikes weren't a problem on Friday, not for Piglet, Mel25 and me anyway but thank you all for your concern.
Suzanne, I'm crossing my fingers that there will be no strikes on Sunday, or maybe no Paris for me.
I will be crossing my fingers for you as well! I really hope you'll get there! Is there no cheap flight from Brussels?? Or can't you get there by car?

I just remembered, the one song left that I'd really love to hear would be Nails in my Feet. But that probably won't happen. It doesn't matter, I am still on a high from last night.
But I'm also very, very tired!

I'll be thinking of you lamb, I really hope you can go to Paris!
I cant say which show was better, COlogne or Brussels. They were both absolutely fantastic. I was glad that Neil said that we should stand up and get to the front. So we were close to the stage for the second half of the gig. They really rocked the house. We were lucky to catch the boys at their van afterwards.

Glad to hear that all Frenz arrived home savety.
I had a seat at the tribune and felt a touch of vertigo. We're were squeezed very tight up there and luckily I brought my opera glasses, so Neil seemed a bit taller than a playmobil toy!
I've never seen Crowded House in a big venue and I had no idea what to hope for. Cherry Ghost (the support act) sounded very bad up there, so I feared for the worst ...

This wasn't a gig but a giant party! Best gig I've ever seen the boys doing and I've seen CH, Neil and Tim performing a lot over the past years!

The couple on my left took off before the encores, so I couldn't help myself and jumped up and danced until the end!

Best song: "Italian Plastic" dedicated to Paulie. I've never heard them play it live and it contains the loveliest romantic lyrics ever: "When I wake up with you - I'll be your glass of water"

I needed lots of water the next day, my voice was hoarse from singing and yelling!

Sorry I couldn't met up with any of you guys, but I had to sneak off during "Better be home soon" to catch the last tram and train home. Perhaps another time!
Wonderful concert : 2 1/2 hours of great pleasure with super musicians and Neil at the top of his form, so happy to play in Belgium.
Here is a link ah a belgian paper "Le Soir".
The conclusion of this article is : "Crowded House stayed this nice band, aching for sharing their nice songs with sobriety and love of nice job wich make them precious".
Sorry for my English, I hope everyone understands.
Crowded House are magic! Smiler

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