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Sky and Sea
Met in the middle of eternity
and made a riddle out of you and me together
in the same boat named "forever"

So keep on searching for the one you love
and more than anything never give up
keep your eyes on the horizon horizon horizon

something pure
it's hard to find when you're so far from sure
and all around you is the sweet smell of corruption
and you're running out of options


slowly coming into sight
over the horizon
someone's coming into view
someone who loves you
they love you

chorus +
coming to love you
coming straight for you
coming to love you

Tim Finn
Yeh, bloody people walking in front of us!!!!!! I thought we had a great possie down the front....I wouldn't have been game to stand at the fence with the camera with that serly looking security guard looking on!!!!! But did you notice that not half as many people were walking around during Tim as there were during the Sara Blasco set????? That says heaps!!!!!

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    All times London, UK.

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