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I had a look at the 97.3fm site and it said to bring either blankets or small chairs for the front.....the bigger the chair the further back you'll be seated. I've been at river stage before and to be honest, I'm not sure how they will patrol's a big grassy slope!!!! Also being February, even though we're in drought let's hope like hell we don't get a storm that night!!!!!!!

7 Worlds beat me there, and camped out on the hill up the front for a good eye level pozzy.
PerfectChord came over for a hello, and to show off her fabulous photo of herself and Tim. Still not green here PC !! Honest.

Incidental music before hand???? hmmmmm don't know had the hammond organ, well it sounded like it to me. Some strings, sounded 60's chillout music. Couldn't place it.

The band bounded out, and Tim followed unannounced. HnP the usual fromt he tour, black trousers, white open shirt, the kiwi guitar strap, can't say I was looking at the shoes. Came out with a great grin. Yeehar !!

First up was
Weather With You Good singing along straight up from the crowd
Couldn't Be Done think that's when he spotted us singing along and swaying like dweebs from side to side & we got the smirks.
Poor Boy Smiler
Six Months wonderful whistling job, and lots of la da da da's from the crowd, lots of arms in the air tooing & froing, good crowd goer. Down by the Riverstage, down by the Riverstage.
Then a song for romantic foolish men, he counted himself as one of them.
Astounding Moon it was getting dark by 7pm the stars were coming out. But he was already on stage as far as I was concerned.

Tim's Valentine's day song for the Love of his life. "Love is patience, Love doth grow slowly on the bough." Tim just made that one up.
Persuasion beautifully sung, band were wonderful. Ripper version.
Still the Song love it, love it, so boppy gotta be a hit ?!?
Midnight Coma
I Hope I Never, with Tim on the piano, okay the keyboard thing. <~ insert the correct name someone. That started with heaps of woohoos around me, lots of yeah's & a few screams ! from the audience. That's when the glowsticks were broken out and waved high in the air. If he laughed out loud it was our fault during that song.
The starborine came out next for
Dirty Creature. That got the crowd going big time,
to which my sister said "That was groovin!'
Okay so the keyboard thingy wasn't on the right setting for the Eddie bit in the song, but he got it right in the end.
So Precious absolutely rocked.

I See Red his performance in this song is why I will always do my best to get my butt there.
He killed them !! Put in his all, dancing and winding those arms, manic running on stage, and jumping up the back with Matt, he gave the microphone to a girl in the front row to rev up the crowd and sing along it was fantastic. Then he disappeared off stage and was gone.


Okay I missed a song, can't think at the moment, lack of sleep.
It was very short and sweet, about 55 mins, not that I was counting.

Please book in for a proper l e n g t h y show at the Tivolli. Say, oh again this year please.

I was sick of the 2 or 3 degrees to Tim! Friend of the family is Tex Perkins brother who we were yakking with, and then my sister introduces me, to the Veronica's mother, first time I've met her, met their funny Dad, lovely lady, their Dad's great, but the girls & Tim have the same Tour Manager, so I stroked her arm for good luck LOL. Were all family members and tour family seated in the first 3 rows ???
Pete Murray's sister was also in the first row.

Later on Pete said he was glad Tim didn't give the microphone to the girl next to the one that recieved it as that was his sister and she couldn't sing. LOL Although he did drag his sister on stage later to prove his point.
Lasted about half of Pete Murray's set. It just wasn't Tim.

Think everyone in the front wanted to murder the sound dude, when Sara Blasko came on the bass just about killed everyone in one foul swoop, I ended up shoving my earphones in, but the bass vibrated every bone in your body.
Interesting to know if Tim had his own sound dude, as he didn't stuff up with his music. whew.

Okay that's me for now, load some photos up later. I'll try video in the next day or 2.

I'm not checking for typos.

Feel free to correct the setlist, I've forgotten one.

thanks 7 that was fun Big Grin, and we did behave.

It just wasn't long enough, needed more! more! more! or Mooooooooore mooooooore, mooooooooore.
Mr Murray, nope not a fan here at all of his music.
TnT were excellent. Good fun! (Tim Perkins and Tim Rogers) just the 2 of them on guitars, no drummer, gee that got mentioned a few times..

Remembered the song I forgot finally Horizon, was up there in the first half ! Came to me in a blinding flash and just as quickly disappeared again. That one didn't grab me as much as So Precious and Still the Song, loved Still the Song!

Panorama shot Day On the Green

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Sorry it's taken me so long to log in....been a bit busy today. I thought about it last night, but after I'd come home and eaten dinner (spag on toast) I was too tired and I didn't have time this morning.

Kelly sumed it up beautifully. We managed to get a spot in the front centre on the grass with our picnic blankets and it was fab. I have to say that I didn't enjoy Sarah Blasko....she didn't seem to connect with the crowd and was a bit lethargic in her performance as well as the bass which went right through you. I should have taken the spare ear plugs Kelly!!!!!! I caught up with a girl at work today and she said that the bass was echoing off the surrounding buildings, that may be right but where we were sitting it was just too bloody loud!!!!

Tim really rocked and had the crowd eating out of his hands from the first song....the professional performer!!!! I'm just sorry it didn't go for longer....I was so into it and then it was all over.

Yes, Kelly and I broke out the glow sticks and had a fab time....cheers!!!!! It was great to catch up with Perfect chord the lucky thing!!!!!

I'll email Kelly a couple of pics to post....I'm a bit technologically challenged in that way!!!!!!
Was a wonderful afternoon/night out under a Brisbane sky that thankfully turned off the waterworks (although Heaven knows we need more rain)

Tim was in great spirits and as mentioned I was lucky enough to meet him backstage. No real goss to impart, other than that Marie and kids did not come on this tour. I requested Made My Day and All the Colours but unfortunately he said the band doesn't know them, but he did say Marie was going thru an escapade phase and was loving Made my Day currently as well. Back stage he was wearing a Make Trade Fair Oxfam shirt and I think the shoes (for those interested!) were pointy black boots. I can honestly say meeting him was a dream come true and he is very sweet. The tour manager told me he is actually quite shy (who'd have thunk it!?)

Wonderful to say gday to The Tam her self (Kelly) and 7 worlds. Thanks for allowing me to come and have a chat to you, I was buzzing so much I just wanted to say hello to someone who wld understand what I was feeling!
Perfectchord wrote:
but he did say Marie was going thru an escapade phase and was loving Made my Day currently as well.

*sigh* Escapade Big Grin A woman after my own heart. Wink

Thanks for the reviews Perfect and 7. What a thrill Perfect, you lucky thing.

Looking forward to whatever Crowded House drops on our doorstep by way of live shows, however I have to say...

....coooommmme baaaack Tiiiiiim Big Grin Roll Eyes
Hi All

I was up a bit higher on the hill but still enjoyed the entire show. It's only Natural was in there too, but nothing at all from Escapade, Big Canoe, Tim Finn, Say It Is So and Feeding the Gods. I guess they're picking a set for a more general crowd less familiar with the previous solo material.

The bass problem didn't stop when Tim came on. The first few songs I was getting hammered by the bass guitar and bass drum. You couldn't hear the keyboards bits at all, and Tim's voice could only be heard clearly in the quiet bits ... Couldn't Be Done "could've been done" a whole lot better if the sound desk engineers were on their game. Thankfully it improved and by the fourth/fifth songs (Midnight Coma, 6 Months) I think it was ok from where I was sitting.

I thought the new songs were fantastic live and I See Red was awesome to finish, almost as good as the Enz played it last year. After the show I was talking to an old school mate and another guy in the crowd who both spontaneously commented on how good Tim's show ... without knowing how much of a loony fan I am!
Hey all, I just had to chime in with my admiration for Tim Finn after seeing him Sunday at the River Stage! I'd gone for Pete Murray, had never even seen Tim Finn live before, but what an entertainer he was. Poor Pete just couldn't follow that act!

I made an instant connection with the song Horizon and was wondering if anyone could post the lyrics for me? I've scoured the net and can't find them.

We were a bit far back for my liking even though we hadn't been late getting there. When we'd been to see Carole King in November we'd had a great close pozzy with loads of space around us and I had expected the same.

I enjoyed the line up at the ladies loos.... NOT.... but just couldn't bring myself to use the smelly gents like my slapper friends did!! Smiler

I'm just stoked to have found a new gem to track on the live concert circuit! Go Tim!
PC are you for real woman?
"Thanks for allowing me to come and have a chat to you" What the??? Please if you stayed longer I would have talked your ear off. LOL

Skasey, glad they fixed the sound down the front, it was an absolute sickening shocker when Ms Blasko was on stage. I physically felt sick and was trying to protect my ribcage and shoulders from the assault. Had perfect sound down the front when Tim was on, didn't miss a word. Big Grin It's Only Natural woohooo we got 14 songs then ! Thanks for that update.

Perfect C, maybe the band will start to learn Escapade ???? we'll start praying for another gig in Brissie and hopefully What You've Done and Incognito in California and and and the list goes on, will all be played.

One of the blokes from work said this morning he was out in the Gardens riding his pushy and they could hear Tim singing, so they camped outside to listen, so glad to hear a 20 something say "Tim kicked $*%$#^ arse".
Over heard this and of course told him how pleased I was about his first Tim experience. Reckons he left Murray for dead, sorry Pete but its true.
I'll sell another ticket for Tim.

Mylittlelife, hope Tim's converted you Smiler and welcome along. Type up those lyrics the sarvo for you if no one else beats me to it.

cheers all

Thnx Kelly and 7 Worlds for the welcome and YES.... I am a new convert to Tim-ism! I thought he brought a great combo of the music and conversation to his performance which was really missing with Pete's set. The two guys who opened, Tex n Tim, were atrocious at it I'd thought needed a few lessons in how to swear like real men! LOL!

I love it when you go to a concert and have your expectations surpassed! Superbly professional and very sexy for an old guy is Tim!

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