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Surely a Brisbane gig can be fitted in among the dates round Aus ! The Tivoli comes to mind, okay so, I've emailed Peter left enough hints on Tim's My Space and whined enough in other threads here.
Brisbanites get your say in, bring Tim to Brisbane !!

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Okay I'm not jumping up and down and hyperventalating ! honest I'm not, just cool calm & collected.

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your email. A day on the green are planning to have a show in Brisbane, but are awaiting council approval at this stage. We’ll post info on our website asap if there is to be a show.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards


Okay so they said, council approval. Smiler

I feel better for knowing something might happen at least !! Whew.
All for the Brisbane concert!! I was gut wrenched when I found out there was no Brissy gig... PLEASE COME TO BRISBANE TIM!!!

p.s this is my very first post! Usually I just read the forums but thought this matter warranted a comment Smiler


"And as time goes on, that opportunity to be with your friends and play some really good music should be seized because you never know what's going to happen round the next corner"
- Neil
Yes well, I was about to have a big cough and bring this thread up again. But don't need to, whew !
Sorry for PESTERING some people, well I'm not really Wink as long as we get TIM up here in Brissy, I'll be a very happy camper.

Tivoli on the 9th of Feb was free Roll Eyes. Some other dates were pencilled in around those dates if that helps at all. Goes off whistling......

Crossing fingers.

Thanks for working on it everyone. Big Grin

Welcome along Davoiii Smiler
Oh, why did it have to be the 18th????? I'm so glad that he's coming to vegus, but I've got some smooth talking to do before I can commit. I guess it wasn't the 20th when I'm going to the Kylie concert that I've had the tickets for 18 months for. The 18th is a friends birthday and we're going to take her out to dinner......I have to do some smooth talking tomorrow!!!!!
I only went to 2 of them Skasey, certainly didn't go to my namesakes pub...
didn't know about that one, probably living in Townsville at the time.
Nobody would come and dance with me down the front at Seagull's, and at the divey Arena, gotta love blacked out mirrors, ewwww that's a gross joint, was well back in the throng with beloved. That won't be happening again.

Molten says Mt Cotton, Tim says Riverside stage. I can't get into any of the flash sites. arghhhhhh its driving me nuts. So can you guys let me know what I'm missing out on.
7 plenty of time to organise your dates, and Penny you should be firing on all guns by then and ready for a dance.

Xing fingers still.

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