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I am quite gutted in a way that Brighton has not been recorded, as it was a superb gig, with an interesting setlist, great banter, and terrific sound and performances. I went to the NEC gig on Monday, and great though that was, I think if this had been recorded it would have come out better!

Highlights for me included:

-Private Universe at the beginning, wonderful drum groove laid down by Matt.
- Neil and Nick requesting someone to go and get them fish and chips, then Neil castigating Nick's choice of beverage, 'some orange ****'. 'No-one's paying us to use the stuff, so we don't care!'
- Don't Stop Now was good, and Neil revealed it had been written in a village near Bath, to which Nick questioned whether it was posh. 'No, it's not posh, it's *quaint*!'.
- A sudden rush to the front of the stage when Whispers and Moans started, and I managed to get on the second row behind the barrier Smiler So I started to get some good piccies... W&M was bloody incredible! Neil was impressed by the sneakiness of everyone's manoeuvring.
- A Sigh was beautifully simple and evocative.
- Love You Till the Day I Die ('the best cold beer is: Vic'), Silent House, Chocolate Cake(!), When You Come, Distant Sun, all rocked before the first encore. Some fun 'na-na na na na na naaa's during Chocolate Cake!
- Some stereo 'woohs' from the crowd conducted by Neil during Weather With You.
- The crowd had fun doing the guitar riff for Pineapple Head at Neil's encouragement, although Mark didn't take kindly to Nick's suggestion that we were more in tune than him :-) Then a bizarre keyboard solo from one of the
techs as an interlude in the middle.
- Neil and his guitar tech chucking guitars at each other simultaneously at various points, and managing not to drop them!
- Neil starting Lester at an audience members request, and playing the whole song. Poor Nick had had his upright bass ready for Not the Girl, but eventually gave up on his chance to use it when Neil started Love This Life, another great request, and he resignedly just provided shaker support for the whole song! Matt enjoyed finger clicking along with the crowd for Lester.
- It was revealed that Mitchell Froom thought originally that Lester referred to Neil's 'manservant' Big Grin
- Good Four Seasons singalong (a girl standing to my right did a fantastic harmony line! I told her as much after the song finished.)
- Fingers of Love, a request by some girls with a poster, was brilliant, I think Mark's solo was the rawest and most powerful, yet still cohesive version of it that I've heard.
- Great farmyard animal sounds from Mark's kb once the bird in the Tree of Life had been revealed, from which Neil segued off into a random riff about Mark's ranch in Kansas with its genetically modified predatory chickens.
- Another lovely Better Be Home Soon in the dark with mobile phone support Smiler And Neil encouraging us all to sing to the people leaving early to avoid the rush!
- Although I had to wait rather a long time afterwards in the cold with some other (fool?)hardy people, I got all the band's signatures on my ticket, despite my pen being rubbish. I also commented on Nick's new porno star moustache, and made an early request to Neil that for Sunday's Wembley show they play In The Lowlands; he said they've been rehearsing it, so he might just slip it in there *fingers crossed* Smiler
- Then the long drive home to Oxford far too late (in fact I should not be still up writing this right now!)

I hope everyone else had a fantastic time, I certainly did. Has anyone got a complete setlist? I can remember pretty much everything that was played, but some of the order is a bit squiffy! And I look forward to the Wembley gig (although I'm up in the balconies that time, so no rushing to the front Roll Eyes Ah well, never mind...)
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For my first CH gig, I couldn't have hoped for more!

What atmosphere! It was amazing! Jamie covered most of it in his review.

And yep, I do have a setlist, and hanging around outside afterwards to get it signed was also WELL worth it!!!!

The wait for the guys after was quite long, but as you can see, for my first CH gig, DEFINATELY worth it Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

A good part of the show for me was when WAM started, and I rushed to the front, along with a couple of people from the other side (I was on the left side as you looked at the stage), and then the rest flooded in!!! A Pioneer Big Grin

No NTGYTYA though, but it was made up for :P
Went with family and a friend, who managed, after hanging at the front of the stage at the end and pleading with Mr. Walsh, to get Neil's bottle of Volvic Big Grin

Got photos of me with all the guys, hands shaken, words exchanged ect. Smiler Matt was such a good guy!

Where abouts were you at the end Jamie? I was the guy in the black coat in front of the barrier :P

Will be seeing them, albeit not another meet and greet :P, at Wembley on Sunday Big Grin

More photos/also have some video may/will come later Smiler (WARNING: Camera Phone Quality :P)

It was an excellent gig. And thank you to the kind souls that decided to rush to the front.

I ended up from being in the third seated row from front to second row standing. Somewhere close to Jamie (as someone near me kept shouting for Lowlands).

For me, standing up changed the concert from being "good" to "special". Personally I think it should have been standing anyway.

Roll on Wembley tomorrow night!
Excellent review Jamie. I thought Birmingham was awesome on Monday but this was something else. I managed to get to the front in the rush, right in front of Nick and then like you was one of the hardy souls who stood outside until 12.30 but worth every minute in the cold! Worst bit was a 3+ hour drive home to Worcestershire alone as I came on my own as my husband was ill. Still worth it and would do it again. Just RAH to go on Tuesday, can't wait.
this gig sounds really cool! seems like the most banter of any of the uk gigs so far, and also continuing to play more of the 'obscure' songs, which is a trend throughout the tour - none in manc (as i remember), and only 1 or 2 in glasgow

i would also suggest that while all the gigs have been great, the guys had a bit of a lull in the middle, after a great start, and are now picking it up again towards the end... which bodes well for wembley, and especially RAH - im going, and it should be an awesome night!
Ah, I was wondering whether that was a Beatles song; didn't really know it, but an awful lot of people did!

Matt - Yeah, Not the Girl was more than made up for with Love This Life and Lester, except perhaps for poor Nick and his shaker!

I was on the right-hand side of the doors, about four people along at the front of the barrier once enough people had given up and gone home! Matt seemed lovely, really chilled and responsive to the fans. He told me that they had about 15 random songs like Lester that they kind of half know, that Neil knows a couple of verses to, and that occasionally get trotted out!

Mandyg - I too was just in front of Nick, on the second row! I hope I didn't irritate anyone by taking lots of photos, I'll try and get some of them up... This was a very special gig, you're right, I think Neil's voice was in much better shape too than in Brum. Sounds like you had a longer drive than me, but then I exacerbated it by staying up to write the stupidly long review Big Grin Silly me, I've got a packed weekend ahead... (including Wembley...)

I Feel Possessed - Yeah, I was the one shouting for Lowlands *sheepish* I was standing behind a very short girl next to her incredibly tall boyfriend, who thoughtfully hunched over for the whole time.

My shouting was worth a try, hopefully my request to Neil afterwards will work!
- just got back to Essex from Brighton (no M25 problems - stayed overnight in Rottingdean!)

A superb evening - best "Finn" concert I've attended yet and just heaps better than my one and only previous CH gig at Wembley in '94.

Duke was Special - excellent support act who deserves to be huge.

Perfect seats - row C just in front of Mark.

Some wonderful spinetinglers - the crowd singing during FAYF and FSIOD lots of harmonies going on; A sigh....; to hear Lester and Love This Life was fantastic. The crowd surge moment during Whspers and Moans - got to be the earliest point for the surge forward in the UK/Eire tour yet - 7 songs in.

And God what an atmosphere!

Roll on Tuesday!
Well what else can i say that hasn't been covered above other than to add that it was one of the best concerts that i have ever been too!
The atmosphere was amazing and together with a great set list,fantastic requests and interaction with the crowd this was quite simply an excellent gig. We were fortunate enough to be at the front and the sound and view was amazing.
I have seen Neil before several times on solo tours and as part of the Finn Brothers tours but can honestly say these guys are seriously on top form.Roll on Tuesday evening as we also have great arena seats for the R.A.H show. Smiler
Really enjoyable night, thanks to JamieC for picking out the highlights.

I'd not been to Brighton Centre before, but decided to for this tour as it was going to be the smallest venue being used.

While smaller in capacity, it's an odd place as there seemed to be a lot of empty space between the various seating areas meaning that the crowd was quite spread out and I wondered if this might affect the level of 'intimacy' (if that's not a misnomer at an arena show)

I thought the atmosphere for the first half dozen songs or so was a bit flat, but once the 'pioneers' (good on you all) had done their stuff during W&M things picked up and you could see Neil's face visibly light up when he looked and saw the crowd on his feet.

Set list highlights for me were the full version (well almost full, Nick on shakers) of 'Love this Life' and 'A Sigh' (Neil struggling on the high notes but Mark helping him through) which was just beautfiful.

Thanks to Jamie for requesting 'In the Lowlands', as 'English Trees' was requested at Bournemouth and played the next night let's hope it gets an outing tomorrow or at RAH as I'm with Anselm as it would make this tour for me if I could hear that played.

Lastly, I thought it was really quite poignant when Neil sang 'the best cold beer is Vic' line. He seemed almost to be singing it to himself rather than to us; I suspect it's those small moments in songs that bring home Paul's absence most...
I can only echo what's been said above. This was a fantastic gig. A good crowd really makes a world of difference.

And I'm quite proud of myself. I kept my promise and started the surge. I was lucky to have a front row seat. On my right were two Frenz who were also hoping we wouldn't be sitting the whole time. When WAM started, I figured we'd been sitting long enough and I asked the girls to my right if they wanted to stand and they did. So we stood up, hoped others would follow our lead and no time people had rushed to the front. That was quite fast, people were clearly ready and waiting. Neil made a comment about WAM being a rather strange choice to get up and rush to the front, but he was clearly pleased.

Chocolate Cake was a definite highlight. A big thank you to the guys who continued singing the chorus because it made for a fantastic version of the song. Other highlights were Lester and Love This Life. They should play it more often because it sounds really great live. Thanks to whoever shouted those requests. Neil told the story (people who've seen the clip on youtube already know) about his producer thinking he was singing about his manservant. And so he sang the "because I own him" line again to finish the joke.

And I was so pleased to hear English Trees, only the night before we'd been asking about it. Then he said it's one of those songs for which they need a 5th member, but it sounded fantastic performed by the four of them.

Neil joking about Nick's Powersh*t, versus his own tap water bottled in France Volvic sh*t was quite funny too, especially as the Gatorade was later blamed for the delay before the 1st encore (Nick had to pee).

I wonder if they're going to trash a few quitars at RAH. When John and Neil were throwing the guitars at eachother, Neil remarked that it's no big deal if they break because it's the end of the tour.

I also loved how at the end, during BBHS, some of the techs on the side were also joining in with the mobile phone swaying. That was cute.
What a thoroughly enjoyable gig- once we'd legged it to the front !!! Jeez it seemed flat, audience wise, at the start !! I stood up as soon as CH came on stage and just got dirty looks from those around me- so I was seated again within a minute or so. I was sitting in row K, As soon as I and the Lad from row J saw the girls in the second or 3rd row centre stand up, we ran to the front and ended up on the barrier- I was stood next to the girl with the FOL poster.
Unfortunately I couldn't stay afterwards as we had to catch the 12.30 ferry back to IW, thats the problem with travelling with other people who are on a time limit.
It was good to have a quick word with the girl from the Barcelona gig - are you here?
I started this at 7am this morning but way laid with kids swimming, karate and piano lessons and the obligatory afternoon snooze (I need it after all that) and when I got back to do this all my points were virtually covered! Hey ho. I was going to do this at 1.05am this morning but the though of a warm comfy bed won!

I have to echo what’s already be said. This was my third CH gig and one of the best Neil performances I have seen ever (and I've seen him 12 times in various formations). He looked so happy. The set list was not best, in my opinion but Neil and mark were almost like stand up comedian last night. Neil really looked like he was enjoying himself. Never seen him happier actually. He’s really enjoying being back in a band again.

I have to say I was really disappointed that CH were doing just Arena’s this time in the UK as I’ve kind of got used to seeing CH and Neil in small intermediate venue’s. I’ve been to Brighton Centre before and it’s OK. What was amazing and my mate echoed this, was how Neil and co have the ability to turn a big venue (OK the smallest on the UK tour but still the biggest indoor venue we’ve seen Neil in) into the intimacy of a pub gig. Its also like seeing friends you haven’t seen for a while. Neil and Nick talk to us like they know us, and that creates a real bond straight away. One person asked Neil how Tim was and Neil replied that Tim has just built a pool in his garden and has a very good upper torso. I also loved the way they adapted the set list to put in Lester etc. They were bouncing of the Crowd and it made the night surprising special, which I was not expecting given the size of the venue.

Jamie C beat me all with a great 'highlights' and then Tine just about wrapped it up. But there’s still a load of stuff from the banter (fish and chip references, Mark’s doorstep surpries on a Sunday morning in Dubllin, Neil dead arming mark etc etc) that hasn’t been mentioned and to be honest I haven’t got the time and again this is why it was a special night.

Anyway here’s some of my observations, for what they are worth;

    I thought the Private Universe opening was just awesome - is it just me or do Crowded House really kick off when they rock out - Matt was fantastic throughout the night. I’d love it when he took photo’s of the crowd, at the end..

    I though the TOE songs were a bit flat - I'm falling out of love with that album now. Amyone else?

    They played the CH song I hate the most i.e Chocolate Cake (with add ‘La La’s, which for me made it worse!Sorry guys) and left out one of the best 'Mean to Me'.

    I thought it a bit strange that the crowd used Whispers and Moans to rush the stage. Neil mentioned this too. But good on you Tine cos was it me or did the gig go up a notch when everyone was standing? We were in row E so we had a near perfect few seating and standing (Thanks Frenz Forum for giving us advanced notice on the tickets!) anyway but standing did improve the vibe and Neil likes it. Again I think it helps give the gig more of a pub feel.

    When this line up rock they really rock. The highlights for me was when the band were stretched and really going for it – when Matt can really show what he can do – Private Universe, Walked Her Way Down, When She Comes (fantastic – ‘burning and exploding’ get me every time), Pineapple Head, Love You Till the Day (this rocked, as always) and Finger of Love. Hole In the River would have been a great additions, as well as mean to me. I really hop that the band expore this rockier side when they get back in the studio cos for me its where they excel.

    I know I’ll be in the minority of one here but after 12 or so times of hearing Weather With You and Four Season and the resulting singalong, this was my least favorite bit, but I realize, being two of CH’s biggest songs in the UK its obligatory, dito Don’t Dream Its Over.

    As I said above, contrary to everyone else I don’t think the set list worked brilliantly, for me anyway. I could have done without Whispers and Moans, Heaven, English Trees, and Chocolate Cake.

    Nobody mentioned the Beatles song, Your only Sleeping? I really enjoyed this. CH always get refereed to their Beatles melodies and this is the first time I think I’ve heard Neil actually singing a Beatles cover?

    I’ve never seen Neil with a proper stage set before. I though the lighting was quite dull but I liked the way the stage set changed a bit throughout. The birds in the tree and the light on the caravan was fun. But really if they’d just performed againt a black backdrop they would have been great.

    I also really enjoyed Neil asking the Crowd to do the guitar line in Pineapple Head after Nick originally messed up his base line and then goaded Mark into messing up the Pineapple Head guitar line. This was different and fun.

    Me and my friend really laughed when Neil and Matt went off the stage at the wrong end at the end of the main set list and had to come running across the stage 1-2 minutes during the shouts for the encore. Neil did a little run across the stage right at the end as well, so this obviously was his ‘Spinal Tap’ moment! Very funny – but I think you had to be there.

    Neil is obviosuly lloking forward to his holidays back in NZ and said that it waould be great if all the UK fans could emigrate to New Zealand so that he didn’t have to tour. He also thanked the Welsh chefs who refer to English Tree’s as Welsh Bush.

    I echo the comments that it was a dam shame this gig wasn’t recorded because it was simply brilliant – not the songs so much (although some were outstanding) but the atmosphere and the banter. Just a theory but maybe CH liked being not recorded so they could mess around more.

    I saw John Walsh at the back of Brighton Centre both before and after the gig but I didn’t have the courage to say hello. I enjoyed his solo piano spot and his guitar swapping the Neil. It was funny when Neil said to John that he should be careful as they were expensive guitars and John replied they were free. Neil then said that by the time they get to the Albert Hall they’ll be throwing them across the stage because it will be kinda of ‘**** it’ if they get broken then – again I think you had to be there really.

    I went for a pint with my mate after the gi and when we went pass the backstage everyone was waiting for CH to come out. I waited until 11.50 pm and then went to back to the car park (90p for 15 minutes, £15 for the night. What a bloody con!). What time did they come out?

As everyone has said what a great night and what great form CH were in!

Many thanks for Crowded House for doing two gigs on the South Coast, especially Brighton. Especially as they were doing much bigger shows and could have easily bypassed Brighton for another London show. There is no doubt that CH have a real core loyal following on the UK South Coast and hopefully last night reinforced that with CH and they’ll be back in the South again in the not so distant future.
Hey all Razzer what a great night in Brighton.

I've been busting a blood vessel, as I'd registered to this forum and couldn't post. We had a spare ticket and no-one to even give it to.

All has been said really - I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to make a dart for the front. At first I was as nervous as Neil seemed to be that it was all going to fall so flat. It made me feel all cheery to see him obviously so touched at the enthusiasm that suddenly flowed. The whole band were on top form and I enjoyed it more than the Hyde Park concert (the rainy one)! Remember?

Last night I was next to a girl from Barcelona who was so excited it sounded like she was being murdered - very nice she was though. We were just having a whole lot of fun ! Anyone else spot Sheila's Wheels in their wiggies?

Audience highlight was a woman behind me - when Neil said that one of the band had said the tree on stage was "the tree of life" she shouted back - HE'S HAVING A LAUGH - at which point Neil revealed the cartoon bird with a worm. Strangely I couldn't stop laughing. That belonged on The Mighty Boosh!

Here's my youtube for you - thanks for the pics so far !

Nar Nar Nar Nohw - chocolate caaake - pineapple heads Nar Nar Nar Nohw !
It's nice when music gets ya that way. Also, I have post-gig blues and that's not happened in a while.

That's similar to how I would measure - was thinking that on the way home on Saturday morning. As all the little moments flood back from the night before, you remember how many times the music just gave you that "oooh" feeling (sorry but that's the best I can put it into words, but there were plenty of them at Brighton) and you alternate between smiling to yourself and wanting to cry with happiness because it was so great... To echo what others have said, I'm into the thirtysomethings of Finn gigs, and this was most certainly a good 'un, in all respects.

Thanks for the video, Laura-i - I loved how the camera swayed in time to Pineapple Head Smiler
It was just a matter of time until all the other footage of Brighton started to come in.

Check out another 5 at this link. Perhaps between us all, we caught the whole show.

It's sad that this was just one that was not professionally recorded live. I gather from many of you that this was CH at their very best (and I don't doubt it).
Originally posted by JamieC:
- Good Four Seasons singalong (a girl standing to my right did a fantastic harmony line! I told her as much after the song finished.)

That was me! Cheers for that! Was great to be up at the barrier bopping along with other like minded fans!

Thanks for the pics too - I tried to take some, but they were blurred cos the setting had got jammed on twilight or something, and I wasn't going to waste gig time mucking about with it - I knew others would be putting some much better ones up.

Just an incredible gig, so so happy to be seeing the Crowdies again for the first time since Wembley Arena 94, when I was also right at the front - am feeling very fortunate to have experienced this.

Oh and I shook Neil's hand when he jumped into the orchestra pit at the end of the gig - I thought about not washing my hand again, but sanity did prevail Razzer

Luckily we didn't have the long drive back to Bucks as we made a weekend of it in Brighton - love that town. enjoy Wemley and RAH all you lucky peeps who are going!
awamutu - I believe it was about 12:15 when they finally arrived. Apparently they have lots of friends in Brighton; Neils apologised and gave the universal sign for 'chatterboxes' whilst rolling his eyes thus Roll Eyes

To echo Flower Singing Man, there was still a lot of banter I missed when I was writing my review that I has popped into my head since! The stuff about Neil comparing his torso to Tim was very funny, as was Nick saying they'd flow out into Brighton that night after the gig 'like so much sputum', sollowed by a recollection of many Saturday Night Specials left outside his door in the centre of Dublin!

I'm glad I met 'em, but I'm a little gutted that they didn't play 'In the Lowlands' any of the gigs I went to. Ah well, it was worth a try asking Neil, I'll just have to try and get hold of the glasgow cd!

Thanks for everyone's kind words regarding the review etc, I was on a real high when I wrote it! I've since been to Wembley, and that was amazing, but I don't think anything will top Brighton for me soon; one of the best gigs I've ever been to...
Was the best gig I've been to ever!

We rolled out of the pub just as the band were leaving and got them to sign our tickets and we also managed to stand at the railings in front of Mark for most of the gig.

After all that I got the post gig blues too, so I managed to buy 2 tickets for Tuesday off someone who couldn't go. If it's half as good as Brighton, I'll be pleased.
Well Mark Baker I guess you were one of the three guys I was talking to! Amazing gig - I wasn't sure it would live up to Brighton 94 or Hyde Park, my only two CH gigs but it blew them away. Highlights for me were Walked Her Way down (surprisingly, I feel much of TOE is too flat for a live setting) but especially Love this Life which I dont' think I've heard live before. Is a very special track to me and I nearly sobbed. I can still barely speak as my throat is so knackered from screaming and singing too loudly (apologies to all around me, 4 rows back between Neil and Nick) and wishing I was going to RAH. Consoling myself with the Glasgow CD and these Youtube links...cheers guys Big Grin. Maybe next time they'll play Throw your Arms Around me....
"Every year when winter comes round
it's off to the sea i go.
I don't care if i do spend a pound
i'm rather rash i know.
See me dressed like all the sports,
in me blazer & a pair of shorts,
with me little stick of Brighton Rock.."

And, boy did Brighton Rock! Boom boom. Wink
A really great & enjoyable show.
Lots of requests, obscure classics, sing alongs & a Beatles song too boot. Although someone behind me thought it (The Beatles song) "must have been an obscure Crowded House b-side". Eeker Oh the folly of youth, such a crime that it's wasted on the young. Although it's kind of a flattering remark if you think about it, nudge nudge. Big Grin

The new songs were sounding mighty fine live, & it was great to finally get to see Matt Sherrod behind the skins (1960' euphamism for drums kids, i know, i know, shut up grandad). & as i squinted through the bright lights of Brighton towards the stage, there (if i was not mistaken), was the same young lad that i had first seen treading the boards of The Capitol Theatre in Sydney, way back in 1982 with the chart topping band, Split Enz. A young new wave punk he was, chaffing at the bit, keen as mustard, ready to take on the world with wide eyed exhuberance. & it was no surprise, that there was the very same one before me now, half a world away, wearing what looked like the same pair of shoes. As my grandad probably would have said, "you can take the boy out of the Enz, but you can't take the Enz out of the boy".

As the batteries faded on my hearing aid, & my zimmer frame was knocked from my grasp, as the young surged forward to worship at the altar of popular culture, i paused to reflect on how time can mature a craftsman, but not his joy & enthusiasm for the original spark that set the fire ablaze.

Requests, i thought. What about a rousing rendition of "Kare Kare", or Little Stick of Blackpool Rock. I smiled & turned, my youth rekindled, i walked back along the chilly prominade, taking the weather with me, & pondering what a difference time can make. & yet apparently, none. Nurse says my soup is ready now. Thank you Crowded House for a wonderful evening. Cool
Still all bluesed out post gig - wanting Crowded House babies and small marsupials as pets - requiring a Finn or two to drop by my place, sit down at the piano and play me a personal tune. I need to see Mark's chiseled features and him SINGING! Hurrah!

I've not had nearly enough - worse still I can't get up to London to see them again!

Someone tell me a remedy, apart from sitting up on a hill by the castle this morning listening to English Trees and thinking "damn-it, I have to go to work".............

I ate two apple danish pastries before 10.30 - it's really getting to me ! Frowner Eeker

Blimey what a great gig. When the boys rock, it seems there's nowt to stop them. They really can rock. No gimmicks, just a great night.

Living nearby, I've been to the Brighton Centre loads of times and mostly it sounds like a big empty box, hollow and cold - Friday the place came alive and it sounded fantastic.

Loved the mobile-phone-lighter-replacement, very funny. Normally I can't stand the 'cellphone-salute' brigade - it's REALLY distracting but that was a good moment.

Loved the crowd participation, you were all wonderful :-) :-)

The boys, particularly Neil, just seemed to be having fun - I've not come out of many gigs chattering about just how brilliant it was but this was definately one of them.

Matt Sherrod - what a fabulous drummer. Didn't put a foot wrong all night, in fact I thought the whole band were sooooooo tight for the whole set.

Cracking support too. Never thought the 3 Muskateers had it in them........


It's Monday evening and I'm still buzzin' :-)

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