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Hi all,

Just to add my tribute to last Friday night. Sorry it's late - have no internet at home for the moment.

The Crowdies at The Brighton Centre last Friday was simply magical. It was easily one of the few best shows of my life.

I'll be brief as many others have already ercounted the many standout moments, but I would agree that Private Universe, Fingers of Love and Whispers and Moans were just stunning. I also enjoyed the tunes from Time on Earth much more this time round. They're really growing on me and I think Don't Stop Now is a classic. I'm Only Sleeping was great too.

I will always remember though, the audience singing the reprise of Fall at Your Feet with Neil at the piano. Literally spine-tingling and nearly had me in tears.

Just listening to them now playing Weather With You and larking around on the Ken Bruce show. Ah... can't wait til they come back.

Enjoy the RAH!

Best wishes,

A few thoughts on Friday's concert now that I'm back from the UK.

The atmosphere was quite flat to start with. Neil's voice sounded a bit tired on the opening songs but he seemed lifted by the crowd surge. Tine, you're a star for leading it! It changed the atmosphere totally. Neil found it funny how you chose Whispers and Moans as the cue. Up until then, I felt like I was sitting in a school hall.

Some people seem to be disappointed by the setlist but the variety is one of the group's charms, I think. Some of the songs weren't my personal favourites either but it's tedious for band & audience if they stick with the same rigid setlist. It was great that the crowd in Brighton were able to shout out obscure requests and Neil actually played some of them.

Thank you to the lady in row Y who placed Lester for me. Must dust off my copy of Afterglow ...

The banter, although undoubtedly funny at times, would benefit from some input from Matt and/or Mark. Matt comes across as a good fun guy - let's hope he speaks up on the next tour!

Having been to Vienna and Brighton, I've seen the band in two completely different venues with two different types of audience and with two setlists which were far apart. I feel lucky and can't wait for the next time around.

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