I started a new thread, because I really wanted people to take a look. So, let me tell you a bit about it:

I started with this pic here:

I put it against a Te Awamutu sunset, same one as I used here:

As sunsets go, it wasn't so spectacular. No clouds to illuminate, only stars that my crappy phone cam couldn't see. I came up with something, but SO didn't like it. He's never been my biggest fan, but when somebody says, "What you trying do do/say?", you know it's a duff. I liked the trippy colours, so I used them when I started again the next morning. I had wanted to name this pic after a song, or a line there from. "Heaven That I'm Making" is one of my fave Neil compositions and at some stage, the 2 came together in my mind. I thought Heaven.....


"And God called the firmament (sky) Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day." (Genisis 1:8)


"To create is to catch 

a glimpse of one's divinity, 

albeit only in the moment." (ME, so you'd better believe it!)


So, there's plenty of sky in there. The song was inspired by a member of CH talking about surfing in NZ, I'm thinking Nick, was it Nick? So there are some breaking waves in there too.

I wanted the eyes to really stand out, so I did an eye transplant. That is, I copied the eyes from a hi-res pic of Tim. They have the same eyes, so it's pretty straight forward. I used the same technique for this one, 3 years ago:

Eyes tend to get lost when you blow a lo-res image RIGHT up. (Good God, I was so stuck for decent images, I used a phone snap I'd taken of the TV screen. I got rid of the ABC logo, but you can still see the f___ing LG logo down the bottom! SO should be proud, he loves that telly.) I think the true beauty of a hi-res photo is in the skin texture, all those skin pores and tiny beads of sweat, I love them!

This new one is the 1st piece I have produced since November last year and I'm reasonably happy with it. I'll be promoting the hell out of it on Deviant Art in the next few days/weeks and hopefully it's even more popular than the lyrics to my song, "Jealous Bitch".

SO gave me a mouthful when I asked for his opinion on the new pic. Tim said he gets silence when Marie doesn't care for one of his songs. I remember composition class at uni, there was nothing worse than presenting a new piece (particularly a song) to a room full of closed mouths and blank expressions! Would I take silence over borderline verbal abuse? I don't know...


Edited to say that image I started with, I have an idea that it's not a photo, but a very photo-realistic painting of Neil that was in a NZ exhibition years ago. The same artist painted one of Tim, but that was never posted online.

Editing again, I did a quick google and I was right. It is a painting by Martin Ball, who is known for his ultra-photo-realism. It won him the packing room prize at the 2011 Archibald. Oh well, you guys won't dob on me, right?

I agree. The front on facial looks stiff and in this one here, Tim looks stoned (or he would if his eyes had the tell-tale red roadmap)

But that detail, the skin texture, OMG, beautiful work! I stand in awe of a truly great traditional artist, I'm envious! Sure, digital art takes work. I can work like a slave once I get going and there are times when moving a mouse can be as fiddly as holding a pencil or paintbrush. I call myself a "computer cheat" because software can do amazing things and half the battle is knowing how to use it.

Bugger, SO just woke up and I was about to get busy again (sigh!)

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