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Originally Posted by sylcar:
Originally Posted by N.F.Addict:


But where is the :HIDE ME/SHOW ME button gone from our personal profiles? I used to like to hide when I was online. Don't we have that function anymore?



Click on "Manage" on the menu bar at the top


Click "Your Personal Settings"


Then tick the box under the privacy section for "Keep My Online Status Private".

I think that should be the Hide/Show Me option.


Thanks sylcar.


This new setup is really going to take some getting used too. Some things that were easy to spot on the old board take a bit of hunting for on this one.

I'm not sure just if it is just my browser (entirely possible) but I don't see a donate button on the 'abou't page, just 


<form action="" method="post"><input name="cmd" type="hidden" value="_s-xclick" /> <input name="hosted_button_id" type="hidden" value="TUTFMERFGV77S" /> <input alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!" name="submit" src="" type="image" /> </form>


But not anything 'clickable' I'll go in and donate though next week (I hope) once some of my eBay related things have cleared 

Originally Posted by mummakook:

Looking good so far. Do you happen to know if there's any way of turning off notifications for this thread on my emails at all? Just that I'm currently getting repeats of everything everyone says for every thread I'm subscribed to, yet I'm not subscribed to this one


Thanks for all the work.

You need to go into your profile.


Click Your Notifications


Scroll down the page to where it says forums.  There is a click link on the right hand side to show all forums - click on that.


You can then click which notification options you want for each forum - if you don't want any notifications take the ticks out of all the boxes.


Also if you post in a topic the default is for you to be notifed of any further posts - you will need to remove the tick in the box before you hit the reply button.

Originally Posted by mummakook:

Thanks, sylcar, that's what I thought but I just double checked that and I am only subscribed to daily digests (including replies) for 6 topic areas (none of them general or the like) and nothing else - except this one since replying (and I couldn't find a way to unsubscribe from this one when I wish to).

I think it's because you left the tick in the box when posting your first reply - if you reply again and remove the tick you should stop getting the instant notifications (I think)

In case anybody is curious, I got our new registration spams down to zero since I made one change. We'll see how long it lasts.


I added a question to registration that says we manually approve all regs, and we will not allow any spammers... and notice the board has ZERO spam? You then have to pick a choice from a pull down menu that either says, "I'm a spammer and I'm wasting your time" or "I'm a real fan and I can prove it."


Zero regs that say I'm a spammer since the new board is in place. And zero regs that say I'm a fan but the reg doesn't look like a fan.


Originally Posted by Frenz Webmistress Deb:

Mummakook, when you come to this page, go to the top right. Do you see a green check mark and it says something like Following This Topic? That means you will get an email every time someone posts. If you click those words, it will change to a "no" sign (like the I Don't Want To Dance single ), and you will NOT get emails anymore.


PS: We got ONE reg spam so far.

One's not bad at all. Unfortunately, I already have the red no thing indicating that I'm not following the topic and that was the case even before I first posted in this thread - but still it places itself at the top of every section header in my digest email - so it multiplies. That's what has puzzled me all along.

Originally Posted by Martine:

I popped into W2S and I looooove the dark background in there.  I actually find it quite soothing on the old eyeballs. 

Interesting....apparently new posts in W2S are not reported in recent activity.  I did not know there were any new posts in that section since I've only been clicking on recent posts in the "recent activity" sidebar.  And now I see there was a new post in W2S on Aug. 25, but it did not show up in the "recent activity" and I never scrolled down to see it!  I guess I will have to keep scrolling down.


But yes, it looks good!

OK I have an answer for brownie so far. Customer service with this company is LIGHTNING! Don't know how they do it!


They explained that the things on the side (called Widgets) are seen by everybody. And in fact, you can get code to embed them on your own site! So because they are seen by everybody and possibly even off our site, they do NOT include any posts from forums that are private or restricted.


So since W2S forums are private/restricted (you can only get in if we've manually marked you as 18 or older), they do NOT show up in that right side list. But if you go to the full page of topics (the Most Recent Active Topics link at the top of every page), you WILL see W2S there if you have access to it.

Deb, I have two more questions.  Sorry to keep asking so many questions!

1)  How do you put more than one quote into a reply?  I drove myself batty trying to do this earlier, and ended up just posting two separate replies.  I know there is something called "multiquote" but I can't figure out how to use it.  It was much easier to quote things when you could see the code in brackets - not the html, I'm not sure what that code is called.  There's a button at the top of the reply box to view the html source, but that is much more complicated than what I'm talking about.

2)  How do you insert an html link into your reply so that it is not just the URL, but you can give it a title that explains what it is?  The old system allowed this, but I can't remember the code to do it, nor do I know if that code would work, as this system seems to be completely different.

If you could answer these questions, it would help me to post more efficiently.

Thanks in advance. 

Happy to get questions!


I did not see multiquote, but you can build your own quote by hand. For example, I could write, Brownie, you said:


How do you put more than one quote into a reply?  I drove myself batty trying to do this earlier, and ended up just posting two separate replies.  I know there is something called "multiquote" but I can't figure out how to use it.

I copied and pasted what you said. I selected it, and then I used the WYSIWYG stuff in the reply editor to make it a quote. That's the quote marks! Click it again to UNquote, and go back out to the left margin.

How you insert a link is also the same. You'd use the stuff at the top (or write your own HTML). For example, you'd highlight some words, go up to the top bar, click the chain (not the broken one), and a window will come up asking for the URL and some other info. Remember to put in a FULL url including http:// or https://

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