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I'm yet to see it myself, but a friend of mine went with her mum and said it was fantastic, thought provoking, sad and brilliant all in one.
Micheal Moore was interviewed on the Ruby Wax show a few weeks ago and covered alot of the same things he does in the film (apparently anyway), and from that I'd say GO SEE IT NOW!!

It was on over the London Film Festival but I never got round to seeing it. I think a few smaller independent cinemas are showing it...
Awesome movie. As usual, Roger Moore makes you laugh and cry, all in one film. I'm always so impressed by his work. I saw it opening weekend where I live - the audience really responded to it. There were several spontaneous rounds of applause at particular parts; I don't think I've ever been in a theatre where that happened before.

Donovan's right. I found it a bit scary in places. I wonder if he ever - or since making the film - has got closer to answering the question of why Americans use their guns to kill each other. He picks apart the theories about this one by one, the main ones being that the US has more guns, more poverty, more alienated youth, a greater ethnic mix, a more violent history than other countries, and proves them all wrong.

I thought Michael handled the interview/confrontation at the end with Charlton Heston really well. I was expecting him to be a bit provocative, but he actually just put some good questions to Chuckie babe in a very even, non adversarial way, and Chuck just couldn't/wouldn't answer them. Very interesting.

The film raises far more questions than it answers.
Originally posted by finnforevr:
[qb] As usual, Roger Moore makes you laugh and cry, all in one film. [/qb] you've seen bulseye as well. Big Grin

bowling for columbine - do go see this movie. i caught it on dvd a few weeks ago. as a brit, where gun crime seems to be slowly escalating, it does indeed provoke a few thoughts on the subject.
saw it 3 times in the cinema

twice here with two different friends

and once in australia with my boyfriend.

i know there have been articles contesting the film and the way the facts are laid out, and there have also been articles contesting those claims. either way, a film like BFC was just waiting to happen. i'm sure most people in this country watch more films than read books (sad, but true), and moore just found his niche. people are asking more questions nowadays.

i don't think it really matters whether you're a lefty or a righty - when is anything ever really "balanced"? it wouldn't be because one group is trying to account for things that they think the opposing group left out, so they need to play Catch Up, or rather "Inform and Educate." it's really up to the audience what they want to believe in the end, isn't it?

for those of you Moore enthusiasts (or just curious), not sure if you saw this article in the guardian, but it's an interesting read. one correction/mistake i'll point out is that he notes Bush's alma mater as Harvard and not Yale.,13947,1056922,00.html
It took me a good long time to get around to seeing it as guns have played a rather dramatic role in my life and also I was very near to Littleton when the Columbine killings happened.

That said, the movie very much moved me and did a great and very uncomfortable job of getting me out of my usual "don't look! don't look! I don't want to know the horrible things being done int he world and by my government in particular." space. It made me want to move to Canada - like right now.

My favorite part by far was the scared white men clip from South Park. That for me would be worth buying it on DVD or VHS.
I know Deb would prefer we keep the political stuff to a minimum, so I'll just say that whether you agree with Moore's positions or not, B4C certainly grabs your attention and makes you really think about the issues surrounding gun violence in the US. On those merits alone, it's worth a look.

For more of the ideology discussion, maybe a topic on Stuff and Nonsense?

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