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Hello All,

Been ages since I have been logged in here.

Went to the Bournemouth gig last night and all I can say is that it was awesome!!

I managed to get several photos at the gig - they are ok, not the clearest... but I also managed to record several small videos on my digi camera - There Goes God, Weather With You, Charlie, I Got You.. and I think something else.

I will endeavour to get these online tomorrow for all you good people share in the joy of a Finn Brothers performance Red Face ))
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Great night. More Tim songs than in Cambridge, and the first time I have heard Luckiest Man or Sunset Swim live. Plus we got Poor Boy - and Charlie! Somebody had misplaced Tim's star-shaped tambourine tonight (probably Minnie Driver - she was using one like it, probably the same one). Tim looked well miffed when he couldn't find it during Won't Give In, so vented his frustration on the keyboard instead of leaping about. He got his moment though, Charlie was simply awesome.

Disembodied Voices really stood out too, with the lights out on stage, I just had to sit quite still and listen. Paul Stacey played the mandolin part on acoustic guitar, fingers right up by the sound hole.

Homesick followed by There Goes God was a great pairing, although Homesick always reminds me of Whispers and Moans, and to have followed with that would have been just perfect . I noticed Neil twiddling the knobs on the keyboard during Homesick, changing the sound from the usual piano.

At one point Paul and Neil had some kind of pretend (I think!) fight, attempting to kick each other (maybe there's a little guitar-war going on) but Neil always managed to get back to his mic in time to sing! They hugged each other at the end though.

Underthewheel2003, looking forward to your pics Smiler
Just wanted to say that it was a really great Finn night. (Minnie driver IMHO is just plain awful)

I thought the EIH songs worked really well live and I can see that the touring since Regents Park has increased their power and they dovetailed well with CH and Enz songs. Edible Flowers remains one of my favourites.

Contary to others opinions I think the band are great both here and at Regents Park.

If the person who shouted out for Charlie visits I would just like thank you Wink . Tim said Oh Charlie and Neil put down his guitar and said go on Tim, I'll back you. He then went over to keyboard. Tim then delivered a spine-tingling performance playing acoustic guitar over neil's keyboards. I'd never been at a live performance of what is one of my favourite Enz songs. Unforgettable!!

Just to echo everyone elses comments - an amazing gig. I saw them in Glasgow a couple of weeks back and think the Bournemouth gig was better - more banter between them and with the crowd.

Managed to get a few pix - the better ones taken from the orchestra pit during the encores. To be sitting literally at the Finns' feet was something else (link follows)

Hope someone comes back with a setlist - my mind always goes to mush after these events so a reminder of running order would be great. Anyone??
Did they play Homesick and There goes God right after each other without silence between the songs?

That would make sense as the ending of Homesick on the CD reminds me of the drumming at the beginning of TGG...
Guy, you're right - that's probably why the two songs sounded so good together.

I can't remember if there was any silence between the two, Neil moved from keyboard to guitar, but it's possible Jeremy Stacey kept it going on the drums. Fairly certain there was no talking between the songs, and given that any break was drowned out by applause, it sounded pretty seamless.

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