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Hello everyone,

Forgive me for the short post, but trying to swim through a considerable quantity of NZ wine right now... I'm new here, but have been a Finns fan (and a fan of New Zealand and NZ music in general) for quite a while. Utterly *amazing* show, I just wanted to post the set list and say what a wonderful show this was. Deeply satisfying.

Weather With You
Six Months In A Leaky Boat
Won't Give In
One Step Ahead
Only Talking Sense
All The Colours
There Goes God
Angels Heap
Life Between Us
Dirty Creature
Edible Flowers
Part Of Me, Part Of You
It's Only Natural
I Got You
Anything Can Happen
How Will You Go
Four Seasons

Have a lovely night everyone... I know I will! Smiler

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Originally posted by Bean:
[qb] Lavar78 - think you are starting a trend! Now that they've done How will You Go, they seem t be keeping it! [/qb]
We were lucky to hear HWYG at the soundcheck in Portland, although it wasn't played at the show itself. So, if Justin has managed to prompt them to actually play it from this point on, then we should all be very grateful! Smiler
The Finns were great, as usual. It's the first time I've seen them together since the Woodface tour, and it was great to the hear those harmonies live again. The crowd seemed into the show, although I didn't have much perspective on the venue from the 5th row. Like other shows, people in my region seemed especially into the Enz songs.

My only big complaint was with Martin Sexton. Was he a co-headliner? I liked some of his set, but then he kept going and going and going. He played two encores (to the Finn's one) and played nearly as long as the Finn's did. Even though the crowd was into it, it just seemed a little over-indulgent...

Oh well - that won't mar an otherwise fun show. Hope others enjoyed the Finns as much as my wife and I did.

Originally posted by dgsteven:
My only big complaint was with Martin Sexton. Was he a co-headliner? I liked some of his set, but then he kept going and going and going. He played two encores (to the Finn's one) and played nearly as long as the Finn's did. Even though the crowd was into it, it just seemed a little over-indulgent...
I have to say I thought he was an amazing performer and I didn't mind his encores one bit. I'm not exactly sure what his "status" was - all of the ads did say "Finn Brothers and Martin Sexton," and didn't really mention Angela McCluskey, so I think he was somewhere between opener and headliner status. There were a few people near me who had clearly come specifically to see him.

The Finns did not take a second encore because, according to the set list, they had a "STRICT 11:30 CURFEW." Why, I cannot fathom, since there aren't any residential areas near there. But I'd put money that that's why they did not plan a second encore.
Yeah, it was a great show. Does seem Sexton was a co-headliner. He was good so I'll forgive the second encore. But I do wish more the Finn Boys could have had mroe time.

As for the 11:30 curfew. Because our Public Transit shuts down at 12:30 so those that didn't drive needed a way home.

That's the only reason.

Nice venue for them. There were empty rows where I was (Section 4 Row D). But a lot of people were hanging outside the tent. There were really no bad seats.

And about 30 degress cooler on the water then in Boston proper. So was nice to get out of the heat.
Still on a high from last night... Someone just emailed me and asked if Weather With You was the encore. Just to clarify - the Finns opened with Weather With You and closed with Better Be Home Soon. Truly touching and lovely. I also thought Martin Sexton played way too long, and I wasn't a fan of his "scatting", but he was entertaining at least.

I was in the front row also, next to a really nice girl on a date - hello to her and hello to Patrick from CT! Sorry we didn't meet up, but I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did! It was a truly memorable night!

Someone threw a rolled-up sign on stage that read, "Tour More Please" (or something like that), and it was AWESOME! Cheers to the sign-maker, and I hope that the Finns take his advice!

Cheers to you all and have a great day!
Last night's show was awesome!!! The energy there was absolutely amazing, and it was great to see Neil and Tim up there smiling because everyone was so into it. We were lucky enough to move up after a couple of songs and it was clear there were some empty seats, so we wound up 8th row center.

I must say that I was really disappointed that the two opening acts got so much time. I really didn't care for Martin Sexton, although he seemed to have a pretty big following. He just wasn't my taste.

I really hope the guys tour again after the album is released, I'd love to see them again, especially if they played with only one opening act and got to do a longer set.
Originally posted by MATTZS:
[qb] Yvonne Shephard were you the one that got your note signed? If so I was there when you came out with it.
jstoller, no worries keep on posting! [/qb]
That's me!

It's now with my passport and tickets in a special place to get it home safely. Also managed to get a pick!

Have tickets to see them in England in October - Nottingham (my home town) and Wolverhampton - both indoors so may be a bit cooler than last night!

Re Martin Sexton - an acquired taste I think. First 30 minutes ok, but that was enough. Can't see him doing well as support back home though.
My impressions - aside from the sound which i posted separately...

Have only seen Neil solo thus far in smaller venues, and I would love to see these two come back to the Paradise or Avalon.

I think the venue - big open air - disallows some of the crowd interaction that is so unique to Neil's performances.

Once again realized what a terrific guitar player Neil is.

Great choice of songs for the setlist. Won't Give In is just beautiful.

Dirty Creatures - Tim rocked on this.

So lucky to hear Only Talking Sense. Adore that.

Missed the piano part on Weather With You.

Missed the piano on Better Be Home Soon - Tim was at the keyboard, but I didn't hear all the changes.

Was hoping that with everyone on their feet for Weather With You that that might sustain...but was surprised the first two rows didn't get up during It's Only Natural. My husband and I couldn't contain ourselves on that one, so from the 5th row go apologies to those behind.

Loved the sing alongs on One Step Ahead, and Better Be Home Soon.

A real treat of an evening - beautiful spot.
Someone threw up a poster (that doesn't sound right, anyway...) that said something like "Please Tour More!" which I thought was really sweet and TO the point.

Thank you Finn Brothers! My husband and I have had the best overnights in Boston to go see Neil, and now Neil and Tim. We Priceline a hotel room the day before (highly suggest this - 4-star hotels for half the price), have dinner in the North End, always hear a great concert, find a pub, then sfogliatelle from Modern Pastry in the North End (are you sensing a theme?) in the morning before heading home to Maine.

Great way to spend 24 hours! Thanks for being the catalyst for some of our best times together.

Just want to start this off with a big "THANK YOU" to Peter Green!! I was one of the lucky at the soundcheck, which was such a fun experience! Thank you again Peter, it was really great to finally meet you! Though some of the security people were a little perplexed by our presence lololololol... ("he does this at ALL the shows??")
Just keep repeating..."5 more days, 3 more shows..."

I don't know but where I was sitting, the crowd was kinda lame. We were in the center in the middle of the venue and it looked like most were there to see Martin Sexton (who was wonderful) and then got up and left after a few Finn songs. We also had jackasses in front of us who talked the whole time through Martin and the Finns! If they weren't getting a beer, they were yakking about nonsense! They had to be told several times to be quiet! If you're gonna talk, go out to the back of the venue! The vibe in Central Park was so much better: they played 2 hours, twenty songs and did 2 encores. And all by 10 pm!
Originally posted by Yvonne Shephard:
Originally posted by MATTZS:
[qb] Yvonne Shephard were you the one that got your note signed? If so I was there when you came out with it.
jstoller, no worries keep on posting! [/qb]
That's me!

It's now with my passport and tickets in a special place to get it home safely. Also managed to get a pick!

Have tickets to see them in England in October - Nottingham (my home town) and Wolverhampton - both indoors so may be a bit cooler than last night!

Re Martin Sexton - an acquired taste I think. First 30 minutes ok, but that was enough. Can't see him doing well as support back home though. [/qb]
LOL I heard you say that now you'll go see them in england and say you traveled from america to see them! I was wearing a hat on backwards and a hawian type shirt.
We drove 5 hours to Boston after 3 days of following the imagine our chagrin and surprise to be informed by the front row usher at the Boston venue that 'there is a problem with your ticket' Apparently, the Ticketmaster tickets were being honoured and ours (not obtained thru Ticketmaster, Pete me out here) We were given a complimentary drink ticket to compensate. Apparently 19 people were affected. Peter G urged us to follow through and try to get our money back, he was sorry to hear that this had happened to us.

All that crap aside, brilliant show as usual--Better Be Home Soon at the end-- a huge and lovely surprise. I'm afraid i was a looney in the fourth row (I guess we should be grateful the venue put us there and not row W)

Met some fun people before the show...we chatted all the way thru Martin Sexton (which is...the only way to go really Wink Don't believe they were forumites, but truly interested fans.

We also tried our luck behind the venue after the show for autographs, but the guard wouldn't let us up the lane...and we only managed to watch the bus glide by I'd be really interested to know how people ended up getting autographs as it sounds all the luck was with you and had totally abandoned us. Don't get me wrong...we were fiendishly blessed for Washington/Philly and NYC, but I'm sure you can all imagine how we felt getting bounced out of first row on the last night.

We truly missed all the frenz that we met along the way (especially justin) brownie says to say hi to all and that once she gets back from the LONDON FAN CLUB SHOW next week, she'll post properly.
Here's a review of the Boston gig just posted on the Boston Herald site:

Finns play together like band of brothers
By Sarah Rodman/Music review
Monday, August 2, 2004

When it comes to family trees the branches can grow closely and become intertwined or veer off in different directions.

�����Over the past 30 years Tim and Neil Finn's musical lives have done both.

�����Though the New Zealand-born brothers have often explored different parts of the pop idiom they've always come together again. First it was Neil who joined older brother Tim's arty new wave band Split Enz in the late 1970s. In the early '90s Tim more briefly joined Neil's Crowded House, which favored a more accessible brand of melodicism. They've collaborated on each other's solo albums and recorded two albums as a brother act, including the upcoming ``Everyone is Here,'' due out Aug. 24.

�����Saturday night the pair devoted a lovely 80 minute set to those places where both their musical and familial lives have intersected with the kind of harmonious results that would make the parents of the brothers Everly, Gallagher, Robinson and Davies green with envy. See, they'd say, look how nicely those two play together.

�����And play they did, switching off piano and guitar and lead vocals on Split Enz favorites such as the angularly funky ``Dirty Creature'' and the buoyant pop classic ``I Got You,''backed by a terrific three-piece band that continued the family affair with brothers Jeremy and Paul Stacy on drums and keys respectively and Neil's son Elroy occasionally chiming in on tambourine.

�����But the brothers Finn were at their best when they joined together in shiver-inducing, close harmony. Highlights included the melancholy showstopper ``Only Talking Sense,'' the ambling, family-celebrating new single ``Won't Give In'' and the lilting, waltz-time drinking lament ``How Will You Go.''

�����The brothers seemed to enjoy each other's company onstage, with Tim given more to fits of wild dancing and Neil favoring the odd quip. The two-thirds capacity crowd, unfamiliar with the as yet released material, was surprisingly receptive - especially to the driving ``Anything Can Happen,'' which featured an impressive lead solo from Neil - and sang out gracefully on Crowded House favorites ``Weather With You'' and ``Better Be Home Soon,'' whose hushed acoustic charmbrought the breezy and beautiful night to a close.

�����Longtime local favorite Martin Sexton wowed the crowd with his impressive vocal range and power and gifted picking during his opening set, but stayed too long at the party with two drawn out encores - including an overwrought version of ``America the Beautiful'' - one more than even the headliners.
My thoughts on Boston.

Despite not getting to the soundcheck in time (don't ever try to leave NJ on a day when both Manchester United (Giants Stadium) and the Yankees are playing) and the short set, I enjoyed Boston more than NYC.

First, being in the second row helps. I was right in front of Neil and I've never had the experience before at a concert that when you yell something that the performer actually hears you and responds. Case in point, after Edible Flowers, I told my friend to yell Elroy at the end of the song, which we did. After yelling Elroy's name, Neil said "Yeah, Elroy". Unfortunately, Elroy was having some technical difficulties with his guitar and I never really heard his part.

Being closer does give you a better sense of the interplay between the brothers. I was so far back in NYC, that there was a lot of talking going on with the people around me and the singalong songs didn't seem to go over well. Went much better in Boston with One Step Ahead as we la-la-da-da-da-la-da-da-da-la-da-da-da-la-da-da'd as a vamp into the next song. I also tried to tell the people around me to hold the soon in BBHS ala the Farewell to the World concert, which the crowd eventually did.

I did feel some power (whether it's true or not) as whenever my friend and I got up, everyone around us got up. And, I did get up for It's Only Natural.

My friend knew someone who worked at the Pavilion and he said the paid crowd as of that morning was 2,800. I'm sure it was well over 3,000 after all was said and done.

What can you say about Martin Sexton? Is it possible to appreciate a man's talents and still not like his songs. Well, if it is, then I guess that's where I stand. He has a great falsetto-y yodeling thing going on, I just wish it wasn't in every song. He does get an interesting sound with his guitar and effects and it was apparent that he had as many or more fans there for him as did the. Finns. Was waiting to hear his cover of Purple Rain, which didn't happen like in NY.

Here's hoping they come back around again soon just like Neil did for One All.
PHENOMINAL SHOW!!!!!! Probably the most fulfilling show I've ever seen of any artist. I agree that Martin Sexton played WAYYYYYY too long...maybe the bros could have done 2 encores if he'd have done only one. I went nuts for "Dirty Creatures" and "6 Months in a Leaky Boat"...saw Split Enz in the early 80's, and those gems hadn't been created yet!

I'm in the fan club, and I bought the millenium t-shirt...was hoping to see others with it on, but no luck...(have to order another one - I tried to cut the neckhole a bit, and I went way too far!) I danced so much, by the time the show was over, I looked like I'd just jumped in the harbor! Who cares, though...I had the time of my life. Thank the bros for me for making me so damned happy...
Heehee Paul, it seems we had the opposite experiences! Upclose in NYC, better time by far for me and then much further away in Boston, people near me weren't singing, dancing etc...I've had similar situations with other bands ( Neil solo, Springsteen, McCartney, etc..) and it's the same thing, ya gotta be upfront lol! Plus there's the added respondsibility to being up close can't slack off in your enthusiasm for the artist, cos they are right there, watching you lol...
I flew up from Virginia to see the boys in my hometown of Boston. What a great venue! My goodness has that part of town grown up! I had a great time, the show was brilliant if a bit short. Met some nice people, drank some good beer and danced my ass off on the side (hate blocking people's view). Too much opening act-it did seem that many folks were there for that guy. Highlights: I Got You, Better Be Home Soon, All the Colours. Only song I would have swapped out is Edible Flowers, I just can't seem to get into that one. Please Tour More!
I was up close in NYC, and even closer in Boston (2nd row, dead center), and I agree with Rorympb that the vibe in NYC was better. Don't get me wrong, both were great shows, and I'm glad I traveled up to Boston, but Tim was much wilder in NYC and the fans were constantly on their feet. Also, the sound in Boston left a lot to be desired. But even at that, it was a lot of fun!
I was in the second row in front of Tim and I must have been sitting infront of the Martin Sexton fan club! The 20-something couple behind me were drunkenly screaming louder than Martin was playing and left as soon as his set was over (thank god!). My girlfriend and I took a walk during Martin's encores because neither of us could stand his self-indulgent, lip smacking, tongue flicking, vocal "guitar" solos. I know I saw other in the audience laughing!

I was so into standing for the entire concert but the audience would have none of it, if it wasn't split enz or CH everyone sat down. There were a couple times when I thought there were enough others standing that my girlfriend and I stayed up (along with the woman next to us). After a while though, you feel the eyes on your back and slide down into your chair.

For the Encore I finally got the nerve to jump over the first row and lean on the bar beneath the stage and during "Anything Can Happen" I noticed a significant section of row A decided to join me.

It was unique to see the Finns play a larger venue but the speaker infront of tim would turn on and off throughout the nigth which made for crappy sound. I don't know if anyone else on this board was in the front row by Tim but I was pleased to see I wasn't the only one singing along to everything.

Next time I hope they play a rock club and a second encore!
I wore my t-shirt form the One All tour to Boston amd had two sets of people stop me on the street during the day. I enjoyed about the first 4 Martin Sexton songs, then I was like, "OK, I get it, you can do funky stuff with your voice." And 'America the Beautiful'?!?!? I swear, I threw up in my mouth a little. I spent most of Matin's overly long set outsde enjoying the cool harbour breezes as it was so hot in the tent.

My favourite part was Part of Me Part of You going into It's Only Natural, two of my favs. Homesick was terrific as well. Weather With You is better live than on the album, but I still hate it. Glad they got it out of the way at the start.

Now Playing: Audioslave - Like a Stone
Christ, I don't think I have the words to explain it all! It was amazing! I can't compare the Philly show to the Boston show - the venues are too extreme. I liked the club atmosphere of The Electric Factory, but I enjoyed the formal setting on Saturday night as well. My husband & I were really happy to go wander and find Frenz, while Martin Sexton was doing his Bobby McFarrin impression. I still want to know who chooses the opening acts. Angela was different, maybe not my exact cup of tea, but she had a more enjoyable set.

I danced all night! We were 4th row, Neil side of stage. I was wearing a b&w skirt and b&w tank top.

Was a real pleasure to finally met Peter! The poor man, I wanted to take him back to our hotel with us, let him soak in a hot soapy bathtub and get him some fresh crisp clean clothes. He was tired, like I'm sure they all are - my mothering instincts just felt the need to care for him!

Our hotel rocked! Tried not to feel like Grandma & Jed Clampett at the Langham! We ate tons of lobster, did the Freedom Trail and bought every tour shirt there was to be had Big Grin
I just wanted to add that I was also disappointed that the crowd wasn't on its feet all that much during the Finns concert. I am 5'11" and a pretty big person, and I just new that if I was the only one standing in the front row on Tim's side, I would surely get pelted with something unpleasant, as it has happened MANY times before. So I had to go with the flow of the crowd, unfortunately.

Did anyone happen to hear the people in the second or third row yelling "Elephant's Memory!!!!" a million times during Martin Sexton's show? Was I the only one who wanted to throttle them?!?!?
I didn't hear it because I was out the back socializing and largely ignoring Mr Sexton.

I am 5ft 1 1/2 inches and practically was standing for most of the show in the 4th row.

I did apologize to the people behind me (I'm such weiner) (they said 'go for it') (so I did)


oooops,,,inadvertently posted under brownie's name. told ya I was a weiner.


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