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A famous way to attempt to get round the "no bootlegs" issue is to offer a legal item for sale as the main item, but offer to throw in a second, free "gift" as a sweetener or makeweight in order to seal the deal. This seller knows exactly what they are doing. In this case, offering an item as a gift which is copyrighted without the consent of the owner. Not wanting to get drawn into the ins and outs of legalities here, anyone who wants to report this and potentially scupper the deal is encouraged to do so.

Read here for how:

This man is a honest CH fan...

If he's such a fan, he could always offer it back to the club at cost price. A quick reminder of the terms and conditions that the Fan Club CDs are sold under...

Reminder on the fan club CD policy: You MAY resell only your original CD (no copies) but ONLY to another fan club member (get proof!) and ONLY for the price you paid (no making money on the fan club).

Genuine fans don't rip other fans off. What he is doing is not illegal but is unethical and without the consent of the copyright holder, reason enough for the Fan Club to ask for it to be removed.

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