..waits 10 years

...promised an intimate evening

...bar service continues entire night 5m from table

...morons mostly of female persuasion talk all evening at bar until their cameo 'Sway' backing vocal.


Probably the most disappointed I've ever left a gig, but at least the room was somewhat silenced through Bursting Through a highlight. Well done Bic not your fault.


F U Memo hall

Sad to hear it was crap for you. We went last night and an exceptional night- one of the best crowds ever- they totally adored her. If it wasn't for the curfew a second encore could of happened.  Bic is fine form and very happy punters leaving MEMO.  Gravity , Get Some Sleep , Dream and Beautiful Collision highlights. 

Sydney has now sold all tickets -hopefully it will be a great show too.

Oh so sorry to hear your experience of the venue Soda. What a difference a day can make and the difference from a sold out gig maybe? 

I loved the venue but We were closer to the stage and could hear the bar noises too. 

Bic was as always as gorgeous as her voice is beautiful:  did not believe her when she said it had been 5 years since she had played here.

Highlights: The harp played by Natalia Mann. Just made the songs more lush. Loved Birds and Gravity . Loved that we were able to help create the set list too.. I asked for the long shot  a change of heart but 

Loved and that she called out to see where PG was and said he had contributed to her career success by helping sell her CDs at the Finn brothers concerts 20 years ago.. so true and so pleased for you PG . 





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