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If you want a drink out of a glass rather than out of a can then there's a pub called the Compton Arms in Compton Road literally next door to the Union Chapel, just around the corner from the entrance. It does great sausage and mash.

But be warned, you will need to get into the venue early to get a decent seat. It really is a working Church and consequently the acoustics are not great if you are high up at the back. Get as near to the front as you can.
I just got an email from Bic's manager Campbell from Singapore (In transit I am assuming) and checked to see if there were going to be anymore tickets available for the London show...sadly no walk up tickets at all
so I guess that means totally sold out.
No other shows Bic starts demoing new songs towards the end of the month.....she's also spending some time living in Paris. Her "Beautiful Collision" album is still #1 on the NZ charts and about to spend it's first year on the chart in that country.
Enjoy the show guys.

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    All times London, UK.

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