Ok - so which are the best Tim Finn albums? For me it's

1 TIM FINN - A great album, with some of his best songs. There are some duds (Suicide On Downing St. most notably) but there are also many gems: Young Mountain, Tears Inside, Birds Swim Fish Fly and Been There Done That.

2 SAY IT IS SO - His most consistent work: Each song is incredibly Brilliant! Just love Death Of A Popular Song!

3 ESCAPADE - I actually don't mind this album. It's got some good and bad moments, but I don't see it as bad as the one that follows:

4 BIG CANOE - Over produced to the absolute MAXXXXX! I've said it before - Nick Launay has produced some of the best albums to ever come out of Australasia, but this isn't one of them. There are some good songs - Spiritual Hunger, No Thunder No Fire No Rain, Carve You In Marble and Are We One or Are We Two, but I think this album doesn't suit Tim's style. To come back with 'Tim Finn', GOOD CALL TIM! I also think of the Finn/Brock songs he didn't write the lyrics (tim wouldn't sink as low to write a song called Timmy would he?)

I cant comment on Before and After as I haven't heard it properly yet.

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well, 'say it is so' is, in my opinion, his best work yet.

i've only listened to 'steel city' once or twice, so i cannot really comment.

'before and after' is the first tim finn album i heard, and i love it still. well worth tracking down, bono!

i'd have to say that i prefer live versions of songs from 'tim finn' rather than the album versions. i like the songs but i don't like the way they ended up on record.

have never really given 'big canoe' a chance, will have to one day, there are a few good tunes on it. but like the next on (i agree with you about nick launay)...

'escapade' is fairly good i reckon, despite not having a classic sound (like, say, 'time & tide' did, from around the same time)...it sounds awfully stuck in the 80's.

if we're counting 'woodface', 'finn' and the split enz records, well then i think they're all mostly brilliant too!

one tim record i've yet to hear is 'alt' with liam and andy.

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ALT is the best thing tims ever done.

I dont like 'Tim Finn' that much, as someone else siad, the songs are good, but I cant stand the production, I'm glad Tim never used Mitchell Froom again, anything I've heard Mitchell produce sucks, except for crowded House. I really dont like his work.

My favourite Tim albums are Escapade, Big Canoe and Imaginary Kingdom.  All people tend to talk about with Big Canoe is the production.  I've never had a problem with it, in fact, I like the production.  I think the songs are fantastic, his vocals are superb and yes it's of its time but who cares?

Similarly, Escapade was completely different to the Enz at the time but in a good way.  He wasn't just repeating what he had previously done with a different backing band.

And what can I say about Imaginary Kingdom.  Songwriting - brilliant.  Vocals - best i'd heard Tim in years....and he repeated that live too.

A great artist.

Self-titled Mitchell Froom produced album. 

I find most TF albums a bit inconsistent. Lots of high points, but the occasional low point as well. For me, TF is the one that thematically sticks together the best. I don't mind the production and arrangements. 

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