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I remain addicted to Fangradio... each day still tends to pop up something unusual! I am a bit confused with the "Italian Plastic home demo" though. I am pretty sure it is Neil at home by himself. Given it is a Paul song and Neil shares no writing credit, it just struck me as interesting that Neil would have his own home demo of it.

Maybe that was a bit of the Crowded House dynamic though - if Paul had a song, he would present it to Neil. If Neil liked it, he would play around with it via home demos and then pass that demo back to Paul before moving onto the band demo...

Hello all!

SUCCESS!  After months of listening, I finally heard the alternative version of "Twice If You're Lucky" today!

Jaffaman, I'm eternally thankful that fans are able to hear songs like this.  And frankly, I'm stunned that so many great tracks were left on the cutting room floor when they should/could have been included on the deluxe sets.

I guess Neil is really proud of his home demos?  I mean, it IS fascinating to see a song's progression from the kitchen table to the final studio version.  But I tend to prefer band recordings over Neil's self-recorded ones.

And there are so many great band recordings on the stream!

Finally...  No details on "Money's No Object?"  Jaffaman, do you have a scoop you can share on that one?



Re: “Money’s No Object”: there is a live version with Tim singing it in LA during the Get Woodfaced tour. But here is the thing. I’m pretty sure he is just improvising onstage to the chords of “It’s Only Natural.” But the melody and words are strong enough that that became a separate, but unfinished song.

Another possibility is that “It’s Only Natiral” is based on an earlier Tim outtake, “Money’s No Object” but I think it’s more likely it was just improvised by Tim in concert.

How about the studio demo of Twisty Bass... what a bizarre experience.

I always assumed that the song was built from the looped groove up but here's a conventional arrangement of the verses with a Crowdies like shouty chorus chock full of hammond organ. Sounds a lot like some of the outtakes from the original woodface sessions!

- Twice if you are Lucky - alternative (Lucky Lola) version. This is my preferred version of the song. The one that got away... Since hearing an early live version I always hoped there may be a studio version somewhere. It was amazing to finally hear it. It didn't disappoint me.

- Convent Girls (Pool House demo) - I have always loved this song since hearing on the Foreplay Club CD. I enjoyed the studio version on the deluxe Together Alone, but this version sounds more like what I hoped it would be.

Aarrghhh! Dammit! Two "holy grails" discovered in one post, and this with me having decided that for the life of me I cannot put Fangradio on speakers for a longer time because I would just stop doing anything else. After having listened to an early live version of TIYL in 2008 I had always wondered about a studio version that had the same vibe (those who know these versions know what I mean); and for me the Foreplay version of Convent Girls has remained my fave (possibly because of its 3/4 time feel throughout).

@Jaffaman is there a chance you may put these songs up in an online shop to buy as downloads? I would definitely cough up for quite a few of them.

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