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I would also well and truly get behind this Kelly Big Grin I haven't seen Made My Day for probably more than 20 years - just a bit too long Wink Staring at the Embers was another video I really loved. And I don't think I ever saw any videos relating to Big Canoe Frowner Were there any Confused

If a commercial release of Tim's singles isn't a viable option, perhaps its something the fan club could do?

And if that's not a go-er, a special edition for Kelly and myself would go down very well Big Grin

I would really love for a Tim DVD to be considered. Please Cool
There has been mention of a Tim Finn 'Best Of' CD, whether this would include a DVD (which seems to be almost the norm these days) as well I couldn't tell you.
The problem is that Tim has used so many different recording companies that it's probably a nightmare trying to obtain the permission to use some of the songs.
Let's just hope that someone has a lot of patience and they get both CD and DVD into the general marketplace.
"not wanting to sound absurd "but i remember "fraction too much fraction" with the little cartoon dog in the corner (what did that mean)? but never seen "staring at the embers ".
hte album won a deservedly 5 countdown awards in 1983 and he performed - i taped the live performance of "living in a minor key".

i welcome a dvd.
It really has been a very long time - it may have been Through the Years, not Staring at the Embers Confused I really can't remember now. The clip was filmed at the National Ballet School (at the National Theatre in St Kilda) I believe, with ballerinas from the school used in the clip Smiler I just remember really liking it at the time.

Whatever song it is, I would like it and all the others on DVD.

I don't know what the cartoon dog in Fraction Too Much Friction meant, but loved the song, loved the clip Big Grin
There's a vid for Spiritual Hunger for sure, and possibly one for Carve You In Marble too - I've got a load on a VHS tape somewhere at home. I've just got myself a DVD burner, and one of these days I'll get round to converting some of this footage.... Got a load of Enz stuff from back in the days the fan club was offering access to its archives.... yum.
Thanks for the concern there Albert I'll be right thanks. Yes they are the best biscuits. LOL
Staring at the Embers i'm sure is the ballet, Rose
Made my Day is probably still a favourite though that lovely outfit Tim's wearing ;o)
Can't do what you've done, should have been a monster hit too, dang grunge crud music. Bleedin music programmers here on radio.
I certainly remember Made My Day Kelly Razzer And Staring at the Embers is the one I remember because it had ballet in it Smiler

Reading the posts here I realise that I obviously haven't seen any clips relating to Big Canoe and I certainly haven't seen How'm I Gonna Sleep Frowner

How would we go about letting the powers that be know that there would be (at least) a limited market for a Tim DVD? I know there was talk of one, or a Best Of... CD, but I feel I'd like to push harder than just waiting around to see what happens Cool

I hesitate to email Peter because I know how busy he is, but maybe that would be the place to start?

I really, really want to see this happen Big Grin
hk wrote:

Lord yes! My videos and cassettes are in techno heaven by now. Maybe Peter would be the best place to start TR, especially given his work on Spellbound (we are not worthy, we are not worthy). Worth an ask at any rate, doncha think?
Yes, I do think Big Grin

I will email Peter to ask. I'll let you know of his response (if any) (given that the Finns are touring again and he's probably still flat out Roll Eyes )

I wouldn't be able to drag myself away from the tv if I had a DVD with all Tim's clips on it Razzer And I obviously haven't seen anywhere near all of them Cool
Here is Peter's response to my email:

...The problem with Tims clips is one of ownership-he's been with so many record companies...and they all own the rights..... and the club doesn't own copyright on any (sorry).

So it's a complicated one.....
So there we have it Frowner

I'm sure I remember someone posting that they thought this might be an issue (was it Camus?). Obviously it is Roll Eyes

I hope this doesn't mean that a DVD clips won't go ahead Confused It would probably be messy and drawn out, but it would be well worth it Razzer

I hate to leave it here, and really hope this doesn't end up in the "too hard" basket, but I spose all we can do is Wait and See Wink
Texas Rose, thanks for taking this so far. I still think it's a good idea, has legs. I can see that the multiplicity of recording companies would be problematic. The other problem I have is a complete lack of knowledge about how these things work.

Maybe the first thing would be to work out the possible format of the dvd? Say, like the CH dvd - an interview with Tum, and then 20 or so tracks, depending on what videos are available. That sort of thing?

Then establish who has copyright over what.

After that, not sure. I've got a mate who dabbles in the music industry, but presumably Jaffaman, Camus, Peter Green could give some advice there. I mean, I expect I'm being quite naive to say, basicallly, well why don't we as Enz forum folk get things started but then, if we're not bold, nothing gets done!!

What say you guys? Any ideas?
I would certainly be willing to be involved in this but I believe that we would have to have the backing and sanction of the "powers that be", whether that be Peter, or the artist (ie Tim) or whoever Smiler

Without that, we could not hope to be taken seriously, and would have no authority in any case.

I'm a legal secretary and as such have absolutely no idea about the music industry or its workings etc, but it would be interesting to know whether people such as us would be permitted to run with something like this Cool
Good point Texas Rose, about having backing. Hadn't thought of that. How embarrassing to lobby for a bist of tum fun dvd, and find out that tum fun didn't like the idea! Red Face

How about working up a proposal that could be presented to Peter G/TF/whoever? [Well, it would have to go through PG I guess since none of us has TF's private email address Smiler ] That way, we've basically said, hey guys how about this, and it could look like this, what do you think?

Then, if there is no backing, we can retire with dignity intact, and uncork some good red wine and console ourselves with the notion that at least we gave it a whirl.

Or alternatively, just give up and head straight for the red!!

Yes, Pengi, record companies! Love 'em. Like film studios - it's about the product not the content or the creativity. The music isn't complicated, it's the C.E.Os. and shareholders. Death to Capitalism!!! Unless I can get more of it, of course.
hk wrote:

How about working up a proposal that could be presented to Peter G/TF/whoever? [Well, it would have to go through PG I guess since none of us has TF's private email address ] That way, we've basically said, hey guys how about this, and it could look like this, what do you think?
I like that idea. I just don't really like the idea of giving up and walking away, until I have something which I've tried that I can walk away from Roll Eyes

I would assume then that this would mean another email to Peter to ask where we would stand with attempting this? Also whether it would be too much additional trouble for him.

Any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions Big Grin
Originally posted by Kelly Timtam:
[qb] Albert do you remember on the Countdown awards the backing tape stuffed up, so Tim said okay let's rewind and do it again while he was playing the piano live. [/qb]
right now i'm without a videocard but if i get a new videocard i'd be happy to make a mpeg for you.something happened near the end too - i think it slowed was meant to be live but tim said "rewind".
Thank you for the information, Texas Rose!! Smiler

As to Best of CD, I just thought will it be of practical usefullness only for those people who just started of with listening of Tim Finn. Except the case they will add some new/unreleased/live tracks to the album to make it more attractive for owners of all of the Tim's albums. Confused
Thanks so much Texas Rose for talking to Peter on our behalf - much appreciated. Bummer, but not entirely unexpected.

Yep, Pengi, still like the idea of an interview on the cd, why not? You, me, and Texas Rose, asking questions on behalf of the forum the Finn Bros book from the European tour. I'll bring the wine...

Thanks again TR.
When you think of all the work and planning etc that would go into a CD, there really wouldn't be much we can do. Personally speaking, I have no knowledge of the music industry, and even with knowledge I imagine it would be a mammoth task Eeker

But again all credit to Peter. He answered my emails (and I did feel guilty sending them Frowner ) patiently and with respect. He could have brushed me/us off, but he didn't Big Grin

And I think the three of us would make excellent interviewers hk Wink (Plus Kelly for thinking up the idea Wink ) Well at least you guys would - I'd be sitting there gazing stupidly wondering what to say Razzer

At least there's talk of the Best of CD, and I guess that's where these things have to start Roll Eyes It'll be fantastic if it eventuates Big Grin
Hmm cd would be lovely but lets face it we can all make our own personal versions of those, the thing I really want out of all this is the video clips which are languishing in dungeons of record companies.
Seems ridiculous now dvd is so up and happening we can't get our hands on all the hidden & buried classic vids. Even requesting a Tim video from Music Max in Aus leaves you with a choice of 3 vids I think. How ridiculous is that with a bloke who has a plethora of work from 20+ years. !! ( Yes I loved the 3 Amigos).
Goes off & bangs head against wall. Probably just like Mr Green does. arghhhhh
cheers to you, those for trying.

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