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I voted for Spirit of the Stairs. I loved this version straight away, as soon as it started playing, and I've always had difficulty getting into that song. Not this time! Big Grin

Instinct isn't bad, but Neil's voice sounds very high in the demo and I find it distracting. I prefer the version that was released.

Italian Plastic - prefer the released version.

However, just because I prefer the released version for most of these, doesn't mean that I don't think it was fantastic to be able to hear the demos. Big Grin Thank you whoever is responsible for this. Big Grin
Originally posted by Tail of a Finnatic:
..."Spirit Of The Stairs"... Could this be the "dark, heavy song that wasn't working" from the Recurring Dream sessions that was mentioned in the SSS book?
The DVD's demos of "Instinct" and "Spirit of the Stairs" are from the 1995 York St 5th album demo sessions, not the 1996 ones for "Recurring Dream".
INSTINCT !! The Demo-Version has a groovy vibe with nice guitars that the definitive version hasn't...

If the Demos of Instinct und Spirit really are from the York St Sessions of 95 - I can understand why Nick Seymour always said, that CH had a good 5th Studio Album in them. With songs like "Instinct", "Spirit", "Help is coming", and maybe "Not the girl...", "Everything is good...", and other songs Neil might have already written and then used for his 1st Solo-Album like "Truth", "Last one standing", "Souvenir", "King Tide" an many more...WOW !!

What I also think is, that Peter Jones on drums sounds really good, he's adding a Rock'n'Roll-Feeling..
I voted Spirit of the Stairs... because it makes me most excited of the three... but I don't think it's as good a version as some of the Neil solos... I would love to hear it given the recording it deserves... wonder if Neil and Nick could get together and give it a proper recording? That's another topic though!!!

But I like the demo instinct version better than the Recurring Dream version... though I've only recently heard the alternative mix, and I like that one best of all!! Smiler
Winkthe demo version of instinct is awesome - better than the official version.i stupidly started a new thread on this cause i hadn't seen this one!- if the above mentioned songs are from the '95 sessions - i'm puzzled as to why neil mentioned that help is coming was the most complete version in his bonus interview disc from afterglow.
i'm puzzled as to why neil mentioned that help is coming was the most complete version in his bonus interview disc from afterglow.

I can't remember the exact year Afterglow came out, but he could have said that as Instinct had already been released (albeit a different recording) and Spirit of the Stairs was originally going to be on Try Whistling This, and at the time of the interview it may not yet have been dropped from the album, which leaves Help Is Coming.

I finally delved into the photo section of Disc 2 and the Instinct Demo is scintillating, a revelation, a force of undeniable joy, and in one word, glorious. I had to increase the treadmill pace to keep up with the beat I was feeling from this song.

So why the pasteurization of this song for Recurring Dream? When I try to explain to non-Crowdies how amazing this band is live, I can now point to this demo. (You Can Touch is another song of note that shows the power of their live performances.) I hope we hear this rough edge sound on the next album.
Took me a while to work out what everyone was going on about here but I soon caught on and listened to Disc 2 Smiler The demo of instinct is great, and I agree it has a much more raw feel to it. Italian Plastic is also good ... but what a song Spirit of the Stairs is!!

Never heard it before and what a beautiful song it is. Would love to get this in CD format somehow
Originally posted by Thom Thom:
Originally posted by Jim B.:
Does anyone know or can they suggest what software to use to rip those songs off the DVD so I can listen to them elsewhere? I bought the DVD but I want to make a compilation CD of demos, etc. Thanks for any advice.

The DVD Audio Ripper by Imtoo works very well.

Is it a legal program, and would the function itself be legal? I ask because I'd like to have those tracks as well, but I won't do it if it's not technically legal.

hi comp

download a program called audacity.then download a "lame" file.both can be googled.both are completley legal.

open it up.insert your fwttw dvd disc into your computer.find the tracks on the photo gallery you want to record.before playing them.go into the window you have opened up for audacity,and press the record button.

audacity will then record whatever you are playing on your computer at that will see the wave patterns on audacity when the track has finished recording.

when you have finished recording the track,go to file and select 'export as mp3'(this is why you also need to download the 'lame' file - it enables you to convert to mp3)

then, i take it you can burn any mp3 to a cd.

i take it this is fine legally if you have already bought the origional disc,and you are making a compilation for you own use.

the tracks mentioned on this thread are now part of my 'afterglow special edition' compilation. Big Grin

i know what you are thinking - i should get out more,but i've got four wee boys - 6 and under,and my social life is limited Big Grin
I liked hearing Spirit of The Stairs, but have to admit that I much prefer the Neil solo recording of it (also difficult to find).

It's interesting reading PG's book "Trip" - Even when Peter first heard the song on an advance copy of Try Whistling This, it wasn't in contention for release on the album.

I also liked the Instinct demo - The Recurring Dream version is good, but definitely has that signature Froom/Blake sound from around that time. I'm a sucker for demos.

And I still can't figure out why Neil is singing the vocal on the Italian Plastic demo.
Originally posted by Jim B.:

Couple of questions (if you don't mind):

1) What is a "lame" file and why is it needed? I have used Audacity before so I'm familiar with that program but I'm not sure what the lame file is.

2) Do you mind sharing what you chose to be on your "Afterglow SE" compilation? Just curious, it sounds cool--- Smiler


hi jim
it's a lame mp3 encoder.for more details just go onto google and type lame file or lame mp3 encoder.without a lame mp3 encoder i cannot export/save finished recordings as mp3's when using audacity.when i tried to at first,audacity informed me with a pop up that i could not export a saved file as an mp3 without a lame mp3 encoder.hope this helps.

as for my "afterglow special edition" - nothing exiting i'm afraid - just the normal afterglow track listing with 'instinct(demo)' ,'italian plastic(demo)','spirit of the stairs' and 'she's not there' (from the soundtrack cd of the crossing).

it's just like my together alone 'special edition',with added 'zen roxy' , 'you can touch', and ' i am in love'.(i wonder why zen roxy wasn't on afterglow Confused)

woodface has got 'left hand',' my tellys gone bung','i love you dawn',and 'time imemorial' - you get the idea Smiler

tell you what - with the origional version of instinct,everything is good,not the girl, and spirit of the stairs,the origional 5th album would have been one hell of a record! that gives me idea....
Thanks for reminding me of that Iarla..yeah it seemed to always be a bridesmaid but never a bride.... I seem to recall Neil saying it (Stairs) never really fitted on albums.

I do love Spirit Of The Stairs and still have some misguided hope CH will one day release a 2009 version on an album or a deserves a better release.
Originally posted by Paul H:
The sound quality of these demos is also amazing. Shame the actual catalogue doesn't sound anywhere near as good...
Would you have guessed the Italian Plastic demo was sourced from a cassette? And the multi-track it was mixed from back in 1989 was Neil's 1/4" 8-track. The Instinct and Spirit of the Stairs Crowded House demos on the DVD were new mixes done specially for the DVD by Neil Baldock at Roundhead in 2006 from the 24-track multis.

I love the tremelo guitar on Instinct. Great version of this song. Unfortunately, Spirit of the Stairs fades early on the DVD - unfortunate because the complete recording really rocks out at the end. One day that should see a proper release.
LOVE Instinct


From the DVD


i always wondered what happened to 'instinct' during the last two my knowledge the band didn't include it in their set list at any gigs.they did 'everything is good for you' and 'instinct'.

it would make perfect sense to give these (three) songs some gig time, as they came out just before the band originally split.

if i remember on the corner dvd (gig before sydney opera house)a request i think came from the audience to play instinct.neil just strummed a quick acoustic version because the band hadn't rehearsed it !!! this was one of their most current singles at the time Confused

this is a real shame - 'cause it's one of my favourite crowdies tracks Frowner guys - why have you neglected such a great track !? ....any ideas gryph?

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