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Well...I'm reminded that today is the 10th anniversary of the last Crowded House show here in Winnipeg.....

I wasn't there but I've heard the show and heard all about it numerous I almost feel like I was there....

But how about you? Share your memories--what show where you many did you see ..anyone out there at the final show? Tell us .... tell us!! Big Grin
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TEN YEARS!? It's hard to believe.

Great idea, Martine! Nice to hear your voice above the crickets tonight...not much action on the board @ present, huh?

I saw CH every time they played T.O. except the 1st (duke gig...the albatross 'round my neck). Frowner

There are so many great memories, most of them relate to some of the weird things we brought to shows/meet & greets...Indian corn, Finn Crisp, Fava Beans, you name it, we brought it, and it always had the desired effect (gracious folks that they are). The actual shows...I'd be here all night if I tried to compile all of those great memories. What can I say, Martine?
We danced, we laughed, we cried, and we heard the very best music of our young lives. Sniff.
I was at a CH show I think it was 1992 in Boston. It was the Woodface tour and Tim was in the band.

I was really surprised that the crowd was totally unexcited and bland while I was out of my mind at every note. Finally, Tim said, "On your feet, Boston," and everybody got up and loosened up a bit. But it was a weird crowd of people who didn't seem into it (other than me!).

Was anybody else there?
((sigh)) Nope. I never had the pleasure. They never played anywhere around where I lived. I got online just *after* Neil played in Detroit in 1998, too. Since then, I've been to two of Neil's shows, which of course feature a lot of CH songs, but I know it's not the same. It'll NEVER BE THE SAME...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Okay, here's one, Martine:

The Woodface tour was just magic, and I had a blast down front both nights (went backstage on the 2nd...eeek). On one of the nights, Paulo fell off the stage and ended up flattening my friend (I mean completely lying on top of her) and he was totally nonchalant about it, I think he said "oh wow, sorry man."
I saw them on their first, second and third tours in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. It was interesting to watch them evolve. They were so polished on the Woodface tour - in those colourful suits. There seemed to be a tension between Neil and Tim that night.

The great thing about Crowded House shows was what brilliant performers they were. No two shows were ever the same and if you were ever at one of those special nights when you just knew they were "on" . . . wow! Very cool.

Temple of Low Men Tour, Edmonton. That was a great show. Snuck back stage afterwards and met me heros! Nothing quite like breaking the rules! Wink Neil rewarded a mate and me for getting past security by allowing us to hang about for about an hour with the band. Tres swell. I had a nice long chat with Nick and Richard Thompson and squiggly felt tipped pen signatures on my "Temple" T-shirt. I must have been about 19 years old. Silly times.

I remember Neil being very very very cool with this complete nutter who had brought every single different coloured cover of "True Colours" and wanted them all signed! Neil negotiated the signing of two of them in exchange for the guy agreeing to buy two Richard Thompson albums! How cool is that!? He also told the guy to stop listening to old music and pick up something new. He did it all in the most gentle but hilarious way.

Well, I only saw CH once, back in '94 - according to a site I found, 28th of April, 1994. Sadly this was exactly two weeks after Paul Hester left the band, and maybe that's why I remember the concert as somehow a disappointment. I may have spoiled myself by having heard live tapes from other concerts before then, too, but I suspect the loss of Paul hurt the dynamics of the band.
It's almost ten years for me, too, and I hate to say it but I barely remember it. I must've been in my first semester in college, and it was the "Woodface" tour, one of the shows with Richard Thompson, in Amherst, MA. I bet it would have been a little different if I hadn't been in the furthest tier of seats in a big old concrete auditorium, and I wasn't as passionate about CH as I am now. I don't remember what the lineup was that night.
sadly, I too have no CH tour memories Frowner Back then my friends and I were all struggling with starting our careers and paying off our student loans. The idea of ever spending any money on a concert seemed so frivolous. Only seemed to have enough left over each week for Saranac ale, cheap red wine and cigarettes (man, they have gotten expensive - glad I gave that up!). Hence my need to buy every Neil, Tim and CH cd I ever had to deny myself in the past!
I saw Crowded House once, in New Orleans, on the Woodface tour, probably in 1992, I think I was with child at the time, but very early in the term!

It was an interesting show, though there was some tension, Tim Finn was not there & someone asked "Where's Tim?" to which Neil grimaced, shook his head, and did not respond. It seemed to take a little while for them to get into the performance, it seemed kind of rote for quite a while.

My husband and I were right in front of the stage in a small club called Tipitina's. There was a big ball of tape the size of a basketball that people kept trying to toss in a basketball hoop that was nailed to the back wall. The band would try, too, to no avail. Our big moment came when the ball came within my husband's reach. He grabbed it, shot, and it went in! The band stopped playing midsong (wish I remember what it was) and Neil asked my husband his name (Louis). They played Louie, Louie for about 15 seconds and then Neil gave my husband one of the Heinekens from their stage stash.

Needless to say, I felt like I was with the coolest guy around, the only one who made the shot that night. It still makes us both smile to this day, though my husband is totally not into anything Frenz-wise. I kept the bottle, the ticket must have been disposed of in one of our moves.

That was one of the last concerts I went to for a long time as I became a Mom and lost much of my freedom to do things on a whim!
Martine, DId you ever go to a Winnipeg Jets game? They used to be my fav. hockey team until they folded, I can at leats say that I saw them play and that it was my first hockey game! I know you (if you even care about hockey) were probobly rooting for the flames but I have benn a Tampa fan ever since their formation in 93 GO TAMPA!!!!!!!!!
Can we stay on topic please, this is the Crowded House forum! Cheers.

I never got to see Crowded House live, only really getting into the band in 1996. My biology teacher always used to wind me up, that he had seen them live (busking in Covent Garden, London) and I hadn't... roll on the Finn Brothers tour!
I was lucky enough to see them twice, both times on the Together Alone tour.

First at the National Stadium, Dublin in November '93, with Dada supporting them. Great atmosphere and loads of banter between band, locals and Aussies in the audience.

Second time was towards the end in Wembley Arena, in June '94. Support act was an Irish band called Blink. Strange atmosphere, had a terrible seat right at the very back, and if you've been to Wembley, you'll know what I mean. Band looked like tiny dots on stage. Very hot weather that day, Neil played most of the gig in bare feet as the heat inside the hall was making his feet swell inside his shoes! Audience very subdued.

So I managed to see them both with and without Paul Hester. Guess which was the better show...
Well, I hate so much to tell this sad story because it upsets me so...
When I was eight my parents tried to take me to the Woodface tour concert in houston in I guess '91 (because believe it or not my parents are rock and roll people and musicians and have taken me to almost every concert I've been to) and the stupid club did not allow me in because I wasn't over 18! Can you believe that crap? My parents were so dissapointed but they went and brought me back a signed Woodface promo thingy that is sighned by Neil and Paul. Paul wrote: "To Mlee, (my parents obviously had trouble telling him how to spell it) 'Bella Bambina', Paul".
This was in Houston by the way.
And my dad actually got to talk with Neil for a while and said that he looked very tired and surprisingly short (shorter than my dad who is 5'9.
My dad also smoked a joint with Mick Jones from The Clash...
So, needless to say I was very jealous being a huge fan even when I was little........I had to stay with my grandma that night....
But, I am going to see Finn Bros in August and I hope so bad I can speak with Neil!!!!!
CH and my first marriage started and ended at the same time, I never got to see them, my first wife didnt share the same passion for music as me (go figure) when we split so did CH.....bugger

seen Neil every tour since, missed the Finn bros last time due to conceptual differences with my bank manager, missed out on Split Enz as well.

Cannot wait for these gigs
I only got to see them once. It was at a rockfest called "Edgefest" I dont even remember the year or the tour, but it was late 90's. Since CH shared the stage with other groups, they only sang for about 30 minutes. I remember being so excited that I got to see them live and so dissapointed because I only got 30 minutes and most of the people around me were teeny boppers that weren't even paying attention to the greatness that was onstage!! I have seen Neil live since then in Dallas, and last year in Portland for the awesome One Nil tour! Fortunately for me both of my Neil Finn solo cds are signed by the man himself! Cant wait for the Finn tour Philadelphia and Austin here I come!
I saw them once, on the Together Alone tour in NYC. Until that night, Crowded House was a band that I liked, whose albums I would always buy, but there was nothing more to it. Little did I know that that concert would change everything. I became immediately addicted; since then all things Finn have been my musical obsession. I loved the music, of course, but I was so taken by how much *fun* they seemed to be having. I had never seen that much energy in a band before, nor that much audience interaction. I think I've seen every show Neil, Tim or both have played in NYC since then.
I made it to one Crowded House show in Seattle, the Together Alone show at the Paramount Theater. The ticket stub is still in the CD case: May 6, 1994. Hard to believe it was more than 10 years ago. Paul Hester had just split from the tour, and Phil Selway (I think - anybody know for sure?) was on drums. The 'with special guest' turned out to be Sheryl Crow, who most of us had never heard of before. I remember her comment about how cute Neil was, and although I've never been a big fan, she gave a fine and impressive performance. It was a great show, with alot of energy. Neil joked about Hester's departure. I was bummed when not too much later they closed up the shop. Ok, straying from the CH subject, but since then I've seen Neil twice in Seattle, on the Try Whistling This tour and the first trip here for One Nil, when a mohawked Eddie Vedder sang the Kids are Alright in a memorial of John Entwistle's recent death. I also saw him play before that show at Tower Records, where I realized seeing him interact with people in that small setting what a gracious guy he is. I'm looking forward to the Vancouver show and finally seeing him sing with Tim.
The first CH gig I saw was in Utrecht I was very young (14 or 15) I think "chocolate cake" had some airplay here and I wanted to see this band. I asked my mom she said no you`re too young and I bought (with my pocket-money) a ticket anyway.
After a good talk we agreed that I could go cause it was close to the railwaystation, but she was not hapy with it and was worried all night..I think it was my first concert ever and I still thank CH for that, otherwise I would have end up a NKOTB fan, who where hot for girls of my age at that time...

Second time was in Dec. 1993. Mom said no again and don`t you buy a ticket cause this time you`re not going...well since it`s my birthday in Dec. the only thing I asked was a ticket for CH.
Mom was kind to me..and I got me my birthday pressent. She even came along with me..cause noway she was staying home and worry about me. My friends didn`t have permission to come along so mom at age 54 saw her first CH show Dec. 1993.
She liked the music and after this she agreed I could take care for myself. I still find this great and can not thank her enough for that evening.

The last concert of CH that i saw in Amsterdam just after Neil pulled the plug.
It was the last CH show in Holland and actually a promo show for the new album. It was in a bar named "de Kroon". You could win tickets via a radioshow and I was lucky to win 2.( If I remember right you couldn`t buy tickets for that show) My friend and I went to Amsterdam what was something new to us we had never been to Amsterdam.
We watched the show but missed our last train connection back home. So at 3.00 hrs we could come as far as Utrecht and from there I phoned my brother who had to pick us day was something home at 4.30 and went to work at 6.00 did not get anysleep..but god i was walking on a cloud all day.
My brother was angry with me for days for waking him up in the middle of the night he had to work next day and you can imagine how his day was Mad
What tour would I have seen in '87 or '88? Must have been the same one Awamatu references in his/her post, because it was definitely in the Colorful Suit era. My college roommate and I had second row seats, center at the venue in Philadelphia and it was a great show...'cept we were the only ones on our feet in the auditorium and kept getting shushed and asked to sit down by everyone around us. Frowner Why go to a live show if you're not going to shake it?

That was my one and only Crowded House show but it was memorable because it was my first time seeing any of the Enz guys playing live...
I saw CH 4 times. The first time was at the Warfield in San Francisco in Sept 87. I remember I had just started my senior year of high school and I had been having these horrible headaches so I went to the doctor a couple of days before to get meds so I could enjoy the concert. It was wonderful.

The second one was April 89 also at the Warfield. I was in my first year of college and I cut classes to go stand in line as it was a ga show. My sis and I were fourth and fifth in line and we got to see the guys arrive.

Third time was in Melbourne, Australia. My sister and I went to NZ and Australia our summer of 90 and our first night in Melbourne out with our fellow Crowded House friends we saw that the band was playing a benefit gig that Sunday in a club on the beach. I was stoked! We also got to meet Peter Green on that trip which was fab. And the concert at the little club was unbelievable. It was like we were standing right across from the guys and everyone was all nonchalant about it and I was dying inside.

Then I saw the band on Woodface tour, in 1991, at the Greek Theatre on the UC berkeley campus. That is the show I remember the least as I was going through a lot of personal problems at that time in my life being at that tender age of 21 and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life!

Wonderful and fantastic shows all of them. They were also funny. You never knew what songs they were going to play or what different interpretation they might give a song. And I remember Neil never wanted to do One Step Ahead so I was very pleased when they did it on the Finn tour.

Thanks for the memories!

My First CH concert was at the Hollywood Pantages theater in LA for the Temple of Low Men tour that Roger McGuinn opened for. This was the concert that was recorded for the "I Feel Posessed" EP CD.

It was great to hear Roger playing a bunch of those old Byrd songs but the emotions I felt when the curtain rose and CH joined in backing Roger up was overwhelming. I thought I'd died and went to heaven lol! It was pure magic.

The next CH show I saw was the Woodface Tour at the Wiltern Theater in LA. Sheryl Crow opened the show and it was the first time I ever heard of Sheryl.

Crowded house was phenominal and the sound was great. Great low end and you could feel the bass pound you in the chest. Most sound systems these days don't do that anymore.

I recall that Paul Hester was a real clown and quite funny. I can't remember if Tim was along or not but I remember Mark Hart was with the band and Richard Thomas made an appearance. What a great concert that was!
Hello all, newbie here, just had to share. I discovered CH around 1987. They "spoke to me" as did some others around that time,in the time of Madonna and all that dance pop s**t, but for some reason CH stood out and I was totally drawn into them more than any other band, just compelled to seek out anything related to them. Saw my first CH concert on my birthday of that year (I remember, my friend bought us tickets), and it changed my life. Not only was their studio music great, but live... Oh my God... never experienced such raw talent and I've been to many concerts. I had begun to seek out old Split Enz and only knew their top top hits (mind you, not here in America/SoCal, where they are TOTALLY underrated). But there was stuff out there if I really searched, and just before my first concert I discovered the wonderful "Message to my Girl..." well, Neil did that totally solo with a piano that night with CH as the last encore... words cannot even describe. They really did change my life. I didn't understand music at the time. I never got into commerciality. I was feeling alone in a world that celebrated commerciality as "talent." So to make a long story short (sorry, I'm rambling), I saw them twice the next year ('88), the Santa Barbara show particularly stands in my mind. Saw them on Woodface tour with Tim, Neil solo twice (including a couple of weeks ago in Anaheim, Finn brothers in '96. All adds up to them really being a backdrop to my life.
I saw Crowded House twice, both times in Manchester.

First one was at the Apollo in 93, I didn't have a tickets, just drove there and bought one off a tout, met the band afterwards and Neil was handing out sweets, I had to decline as I don't take sweets off strangers.

Second show was in 94 at the G Mex, was right at the front and got my paper aeroplane read out, well it was a paper ball cos the first plane I threw crashed into an amp, so I threw a paper ball and it hit Mark, which was quite funny cos it was about him!!! Nick read it out, said why doesn't Mark never speak on stage a) can't be botherd, b) you won't let him! c) he's just a cool b'stard!
Yes, I was fortunate enough to see Crowded House on what I believe was their first American Tour in April of 1987 with my lovely wife, who I had just met a month earlier. It was at the old Hollywood Palace theatre and though a bit loose at times, it was an excellent show. Paul Hester did a lot of clowning around that night. Great show and my then girlfriend became and instant fan.
I know this is an old thread, but I just recently joined so I'm exploring. I'll tell you my CH story:

I was at the Atlanta concert on Paul's last night. I didn't know he was leaving until after the concert was over. Sheryl Crow opened the show and really rocked the place, and she wondered if maybe there was a full moon that night or something because it was all so good. (I actually had dinner before the concert next to her band members, but I didn't know they were her bandmates until the concert started).

Anyway the concert had a very strange vibe that night. It was intense and full of love and laughter and they played almost all of Paul's favorites. The piece I can remember leaving everyone on the floor was Private Universe, which was like only the 2nd or 3rd song in. In the middle of the show even the guys started asking if there was a full moon! Afterward I got to meet Neil behind the Roxy and he talked to the five or six of us for quite awhile. He looked really tired and stressed but he was friendly.

I think it may be one of the four or five best concerts I've ever seen by anyone. And that includes seeing U2 and the Police.
Wembley Arena on the Woodface tour was my first, and Tim came on for the encore to do Chocolate Cake et al (it was his 40th birthday, I think). I had great seats, front row right in the middle. They opened with Tall Trees, and as it was a good few months after Woodface was released most people knew the new stuff. The best bit for me was getting pulled up to sing Four Seasons. It was a bit of luck actualy, as it was the only CH song I knew the chords for, and no sheet music had been released at that stage.

After that I saw them at Hammersmith twice I think, as well as Portsmouth (Sister Madly on the live bonus CD) and the Fleadh in Finsbury Park, when they had the Maori choir with them. I also saw Tim there with ALT, must have been the year before.
Saw CH during their first US tour at the Living Room in Providence, RI. Tiny, general admission, snuck in a friend who was turning sweet 16. Right up front, and when Neil asked if there were any requests I yelled out 'Happy Birthday'. They razzed my friend, Stephanie, about being underage but sang for her! Dropped out of touch with her...wonder if she has any idea how many people would be over the moon to have a similar experience??!! Met Neil & Nick after the show. We were told Paul was 'out of sorts' and at the back of their bus.

Saw CH, with Tim, again right after moving to Missouri. Cheryl Crow also opened and as she's from Misery (oops, Missouri) there were a bunch of people who had been students of her's when she taught music. My husband & I still laugh about this show 'cause it was another general admission and someone near us had the most god-awful gas. Not a good way to spend an evening...rocking out whilst gasping for air!

Saw Neil solo (I was solo too!) and dragged brother & husband to see latest tour.

Anyone out there have their first concert include a Finn in some form (Split Enz, CH...)?

You never forget your fisrt! Mine was Men At Work and an unknown, but rocking INXS, in 1983(??) in Cape Cod!
I saw CH twice, both times in New York City. The first time was at the Beacon Theatre in support of the first album. I was curious how they would sustain a full show with only one album out. Part of the answer turned out to be: with a lot of between-songs humor. As a second encore, they performed a stunning song I had never heard. It took me years to figure out it was "Throw Your Arms Around Me." The second time was at Roseland, when they were touring behind Together Alone, and, I think, were supported by Sheryl Crow. (I may be wrong about that.) By then, Neil's catalogue was really deep, and it was an amazing show, especially Fingers of Love and Distant Sun.
But I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.
I was fortunate to see Crowded House back in 1991 (September, I think) in Detroit (I believe the show was at the Fox Theater). sadly, I remember very little in detail about the show. I do remember, though, that I had never heard of the opening act...a guy named Richard Thompson (I led a sheltered childhood in the Midwest, what can I say?). RT came out on stage in a beret, just him and his guitar - and he blew the place away! I instantly became a fan and am to this day. so I have Neil and co. to thank for expanding my musical horizons! oh, and I do remember that Crowded House put on a fantastic show, I just can't recall the specifics...
Went all the way to Birmingham,from North Wales. To a very small night club called Goldwyn's.
Woodface Tour and Tim had walked. Initial major dissappoint from the crowd, but the boys soon made up for it. It was and still is one of the best gigs I've been to.
Saw them again, about 12months(ish) later, in the NEC. And was very dissappointed. CH and big venues did absolutely nothing for me Frowner
I saw them twice, once at a big festival (PinkPop) in the Netherlands in the rain & mud, and...

Originally posted by Mystify:
The last concert of CH that i saw in Amsterdam just after Neil pulled the plug.
It was the last CH show in Holland and actually a promo show for the new album. It was in a bar named "de Kroon". You could win tickets via a radioshow and I was lucky to win 2.( If I remember right you couldn`t buy tickets for that show) [/qb]
Hey I was there as well!! And no, you could not buy tickets for this, nor did I win any. I met an internet friend who I'd never met before at the station in Amsterdam after ringing the radiostations playing a "if I guess, you can just say yes or no"-game to find out where the gig was . The two of us went down to the square carrying little signs saying we needed tickets. (We also had a busker playing Four Seasons on the way over Smiler )

There was this trapeze artist in a little skimpy pair of underwear doing his act just outside the venue, and this was enough to have the whole band come to the window to look what was going on. We waved our sign at the band, and Nick signalled to us asking how many we were. And so we ended up on the guestlist! YIKES! I get all happy excited about it again Smiler Needless to say we had a great night, there were only a few people there. Got talking to the band/had a few pictures taken (except with Neil who had some kind of interview), and had some stuff signed. Had a fabulous evening after a very sad day - a neighbour's son's (16) funeral. I will never forget this day.
Been to 1 CH show, 2 Neil Finn and 1 Finn Brothers. Keeping it short they were all BLOOMING YUMMY!

I did have tickets to the last CH show in London but didn't go cause I was ill. You can imagine I wasn't a happy puppy about that.

If I had the money and time I would follow Neil all around the world but I haven't so boohoo! Also I don't want to be done for

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