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Very interesting...could this be true? Peter did mention a lot of Matt's had applied and that it had (perhaps) been leaked out on radio.

After a quick search, Matt Mahaffey has been a recent drummer for Beck. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. I won't believe anything until we get the official word from Peter.
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Just to say Matt is a drummer and guitar player. Joey has played the drums on some tracks on what was going to be Neils next solo record but we do not know if this drum parts will make it on to the record as it is now a Crowded House CD. Also Joey has not played drums for Beck in years He left Beck to drums for REM in 1999. We will just have to see in the next few weeks if the radio station I got the info from is right. I think they are right but you never know.
I am a drummer and I do not think Ringo is a good drummer. He was not even the best drummer in the Beatles I think that Crowded House would be better of to use and drum machine that to get Ringo as there drummer. Sorry Ringo fans. He in say in an interview a few years back that he was never that great a drummer. Also Mark Hart has played in the Ringo All Star band. Ringo's Son Zack Starky is a very very good drummer and would have been a good drummer to join Crowded House.but he is very busy as he players drums for Oasis and The Who.
Personally I think this decision, whatever it is, will have been a fairly mammoth task for Neil.

If he is using Paulo as a guideline, and how could you help but, he'd need to be looking for someone who is an accomplished drummer (I now know that there is such a thing as "brushes" in relation to drumming Wink), but he'd also have to get someone who's personality will fit into the Crowded House set.

Paul and Neil sparked off each other in a very humourous way. That doesn't necessarily need to be replicated with the new drummer in order to work just as well - they may find someone who adds a different dimension to the one Paul added, but fits in in a similar way nonetheless.

Whoever he is, and no doubt we'll find out (not quite) soon enough ( Big Grin) I'm sure the decision has been carefully considered.

I'm trying to adjust my feelings for when we find out in case I need to feel surprised, or shocked, or disbelieving, or absolutely thrilled.

Again, whoever he is, Neil and the guys are in the best position to know the dynamics of the band, and I'm quite sure will have selected accordingly. Smiler
Happy to officially announce that indeed Matt is the new drummer for Crowded House.
No not Matt Eccles, not Matt Mahaffey but the wonderful Matt Sherrod.

Just proving my most drummers are 'Matts' theory.
So correct ex-band (Beck) but wrong Matt.

There is a short message from Neil on the NEWS area, as you can guess the guys are up to their eyeballs in rehearsals.

We'll keep you updated.

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