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hey....I dont remember ever seeing this what bands do you guys really really really hate!~?!

I hate more than your average band::--

Matchbox 20
Avril Langsine (or whatever it is!)
All Nu Metal bands!
Something For Kate
Phil Collins
Alien Ant Farm
Rolling Stones
Eskimo joe
The Strokes

And thats all I can think off..... most of all Im hating Coldplay more than ever!@@ aagh, it kills me!

Original Post

Pink Floyd
Avril Lavigne
Blink 182
Limp Bizkit
The Eagles
Sum 41
Alien Ant Farm
Linkin Park
Bon Jovi
Che Fu
Guns 'n Roses
Papa Roach
8 Foot Sativa
The Offspring
The BeeGees
Bob Marley
Dire Straits

There's probably more. Wink Oh and I hate all rap/hip-hop/r 'n b, all country music and all manufactured pop music. So yeah, I don't listen to the radio much...
Ok, try this for size. Your absolute favourite band in the world, the band you live and breathe. Supporting the band you hate more than almost any other, the band that make you want to rip your eyeballs out and stuff them in your ears to just STOP THE WAILING.

Thus was my problem on the 4th of OCtober this year when Idlewild supported Coldplay.

What do you eman did I go, of course I went, I'm an obsessive dammit Roll Eyes
Originally posted by marmotgirl:
[qb]Ok, try this for size. Your absolute favourite band in the world, the band you live and breathe. Supporting the band you hate more than almost any other, the band that make you want to rip your eyeballs out and stuff them in your ears to just STOP THE WAILING.[/qb]
I had a similar, though not quite so extreme problem a few years ago. Travis, who I love, was opening for Oasis, who I detest at the Orpheum in Boston. I went with a friend who liked both bands, we loved Travis, stayed to hear Oasis play Wonderwall, which sucked, then left.

Seeing Oasis live served to cement my disdain for them. Gawd, if you hate your fans so much, why perform?

Coldplay, Gn'R, U2, Blur, Pink Floyd, the Stones, Abba????? I really like, if not absolutley love those bands!

Who do I hate though, besides Oasis? All those boy bands. Any rap artist who isn't old enough to drive (and I'd like to bitch slap their mammas!). All those psuedo-rock bands that only ever play power ballads like Creed and their ilk. I wish I didn't like Matchbox 20, but they always suck me in with their damn catchy songs (I've resisted buying their albums though). I wish I liked the Strokes, it makes me feel old that I don't, but so what, I guess I'm old.
Okay, anyone who's read the Eminem thread knows how I feel about him Wink

Who else? Celine Dion, Britney, Mariah Scary, J. Ho, Creed, most things on the radio right now, all the boy bands, U2 (I know, sorry, but I really dislike them except for a few songs), recent Stevie Wonder, most rap, recent country music, 80s hair bands, most heavy metal, Yanni, Kenny G, John Tesh, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Natalie Cole, Phil Collins/recent Genesis.

Who do I love? Well, Neil/CH/SE/Finn, obviously, the Smiths, most cheesy 80s alternative music, old-timey bluegrass, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Fred Astaire, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Patsy Cline, old cowboy music, old Stevie Wonder, 70s funk, Jonathan Richman, They Might Be Giants, Afro-Cuban Allstars, most Cuban music, Samba, Salsa. most cheesy 70s disco music (but I hate "Funky Town," for some reason), the Police, old Genesis, Squirrel Nut Zippers, cheesy 50s/60s lounge music, Puccini (sp?), James Taylor, so many more...

Sorry, I just had to think about music I love to get the thought of Celine Dion et al. out of my head.
Do they have to be current?

This is my version of rock n' roll hell (here Sue, you've been a very bad girl, you are going to have to sit in this room and listen to...)

Fleetwood Mac and/or Stevie Nicks
Pat Benatar
Phil Collins and PC era Genesis
Bon Jovi
'80s hair bands, both guy and gal...
Judy Collins (Send In The Clowns is the single worst song EVER.)

bringing us up to newer stuff...

Jack Johnson

There's way to many to list.
I guess I would say in general my criteria for liking or disliking a band all comes down to blandness. If they sound bland or too boring, I just don't like them. I love a great sounding, well written pop song, even if it is cheesy or sappy...
I'll try to remember some of the bands that I dislike but it's hard because I try to forget them... Wink
Hootie And The Blowfish - They are as bland as white Wonder bread and about as annoying as when Wonder bread is stuck on the roof of your mouth.
Matchbox 20 - They are just kinda "there"...I like Rob Thomas's voice though.
Pearl Jam - Sorry, they've been boring now for quite a few years haven't they...
Christina Aguilera - By her outfits, I see she is turning tricks now to supplement her income. That oversinging thing can only get you so far...
J-Lo - LOL Grace! J-Ho is appropriate...y'know, if you have to use computers to filter your voice through for it to sound decent, did you ever think you just shouldn't be singing then!? Even Madonna sings mostly live in concert!(whom I really like by the way...)
Most of the late 80's hair bands were really mediocre and boring but I can't tell which one is which.
I think rap has become redundant and boring; especially the videos. You could just produce a generic background for the videos (Fancy cars, nice houses, chicks hardly dressed in the pool, wads of cash...) and then just include instructions on how to "Insert Thug Here"
I had to edit in Enrique Iglesius! Thanks Locked Out, I almost forgot! He is bland, untalented, and he warbles like a dying animal...

OK, I'm through being mean now, it's too hard work, back to positivity!
Wink Smiler
wow, we all have a lot of mind-opening to do.

the pixies
most jazz
punk bands except the clash.
pop-punk bands
grateful dead
creedence clearwater revival
sugar ray
counting crows

Bear in mind that if something just doesn't phase you, that is not 'hate'... indeed, being indifferent is a much worse insult to an artist than hating them.
Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigine, Cristina Aguilera, Calene Dion, etc. shouldn't (IMHO) be included because because they are not actual artists/bands. They don't deserve to be hated - they deserve to not be mentioned. As a wise man once said... "If something's fake, ignore it." Smiler

What I hate:
(Just quickly, there are a lot of bands music I really don't like, but respect them as artists. These below are not them...)
[i]SyteM of a DoWn (& related nu-metal crap)
Limp Bizkit (It takes a real artist to produce this crap)
Blink 182 wannabes (Sum 41, etc.)
All that commercial R&B/rap @ the top of the US charts (Nelly, Ashanti, etc.)
Neil Finn (Best songwriter ever? Lyrical genius? LMAO! This guy is so overrated & his songs make no sense!)
Marilyn Manson (Once again, all about image)
Nickelback (the new Nirvana? Kurt would be ashamed!)
Pop-rock (like Nickelback - Lifehouse, Train, Toploader, etc.)
Slipknot (ala Manson)
Radiohead (one day, I'd like to understand the music properly, but until then...)
Tori Amos (like Radiohead, probably shouldn't be included, because I respect both)
Enrique is great if you're on a diet. Here in New York it's played everywhere all the time, you know, cause everyone here is a hero apparently. They play it on a loop in my grocery store, and I completely lose my appetite everytime I hear it. It's stopped me from buying a lot of Ring-Dings and Ho-Hos.

Thanks Enrique!

-PS: How could anyone hate the Pixies!?

"All I know is that
There were rumours he was into field hockey players...
...It was like so hush hush
They were so... quiet about it
And then the next thing you know..."
Originally posted by Joanna:
[qb]I�m with Jenn - I have never liked Hootie & The Blowfish. The most annoying is their version of �I Go Blind� � I prefer 54-40�s original version.

I also don�t like Counting Crows. It has nothing to do with the similar hair! [/qb]
I thought 'Hooter and the Counting Blowcrows' were the same band. Eeker
I thought 'Hooter and the Counting Blowcrows' were the same band.
They are... it's all part of an evil, evil plot. How could I have forgotten to put them on my list?

By the way, Kill Eye, I spit a little of my soda on my monitor after I read "I throw up a little in my mouth..." LMAO.

And Secret God, were you just trying to see if people read your post? My brain's a little foggy after pulling an all-nighter, but I could swear you just put Neil Finn on your hate list.

And yes of course, I wanna add Enrique (gack!) to my list. And Christina Aguilera, she's the skankiest of the skanky girl singers.

I heard a good example of a hate song on the way to work today, even if it's an oldie, but I don't know the band. Who sings that song about "1-2-3...blah blah taking candy, from a BAAAby..."? That song makes me want to stab myself in the eye!

Also, I'm sorry but anyone who sings "Total Eclipse of the Heart" should be shot. Oooooh that song makes me angry I hate it so much.

I need to think about good music for awhile to get this crap out of my head.
hmmm. let's see..

boy bands (what band? they don't play instruments)
girl bands who act like boy bands
most of the Top 40 in the last few years
most rap
all metal
big hair bands (same as the above IMO)
99.99999% of all country music
Kenny G and most "smooth jazz"
Limp Biz
rap videos that flaunt money, etc.
Britney and the Britney Mouse Club

just about all the crap on "alternative" radio these days. it all sounds the same anymore.
Oh, you're referring to "Tears of a Clown" by Smokie Robinson. Although I like Smokie, that song has an evil carnivalesque vibe.
No, it's not Tears of a Clown, although it's from the same era. I'm not crazy about that song either (although I like the English Beat version) but this is by Frankie Valli or some such band and it goes "1-2-3-, that's how easy...something something... like taking candy from a BAY-bee." The really annoying emphasis is on the last word. He's got a super annoying voice, not to mention I've always hated that simile. What kind of jack*** takes candy from a baby, unless you the baby's mother and you don't want him to eat sweets?
Grace, you just made me think of this: The absolutely most annoying, hideous song ever is "In The Jungle". I don't care who does that song...When I hear it, I feel like hurting somone, and I am not a violent person... Mad Mad

...and I say that tongue in cheek of course about the violence but not about how much I hate the song, I hate it!!!
I've noticed alot of people always adding country to the hate lists> Have y'all heard johnny cash?, junior brown? big sandy and the fly right boys?,there is a lot of good music out there that would be deemed "country".also this nu-metal thing can be good too,you just have to listen to the right bands. Not all metal is geared towards teenage males,and not all country is geared towards drunken hicks.Trust me,I'm surrounded by "rockers" that HATE what I listen to, they've got their names for it.
I think most music/art should be given a chance.(except the obvious "grind a hit" crap that can be spotted a mile away).

two cents,
It amazes me that this thread has got so long without a nomination for the single worst artist of the last 40 years - Robert Zimmerman.

I mean, he can push out a bit of reasonable doggerel, but he should never be allowed to sing, and he can't even strum in time. His harp work sounds like a robotic moose clearing phlegm.

The worst song by the worst artist?
Easy, it's HURRICANE.

As for the worst band? Easy again - Nirvana. It's like Dylan on speed. Yeech.
Originally posted by grace0418:
[qb]And Secret God, were you just trying to see if people read your post? My brain's a little foggy after pulling an all-nighter, but I could swear you just put Neil Finn on your hate list.[/qb]
Yeah. I know it's sad, but now I know that at least one person read my post! Smiler

[[[ Matchbox 20
Something For Kate
Rolling Stones
Eskimo joe
The Strokes
??? ]]]

[[[ H A D _ T O _ D E L E T E _ T E X T _ H E R E ]]], but it's sad to see anyone putting those (above) bands down on their hate list. I dare say you heard of Powderfinger because they suddenly became mainstream, so automatically decided they're overated? (Note: Listen ot their Internationalist LP). Ditto to Something For Kate. I'm not the biggest fan of the Rolling Stones either, but you can't deny they were good, plus at least they're still going (strong?) - credit to them. Eskimo Joe (Australian alternative band) are (IMO) one of the most underrated bands in the country & deserve just a tad more respect than they get (PEOPLE: Listen to their Duran Duran cover of planet earth - one of the best covers I've heard Smiler ). As for Coldplay and The Strokes... at least someone's doing something about the current state of music... [[[ T E X T _ E D I T E D ]]]
matthew mcneill - Harsh. Very harsh to be talking about /\/irvana like that Frowner . If you've only ever heard smells like teen spirit enough times to make you sick, I suggest you check out Kurt's OTHER material. If you already have listened to some other songs, that's fine with me & I respect your opinion for it [[[ T E X T _ E D I T E D ]]]
[ Post Edited. ]
Originally posted by jester japes:
[qb]I've noticed alot of people always adding country to the hate lists> Have y'all heard johnny cash?, junior brown? big sandy and the fly right boys?,there is a lot of good music out there that would be deemed "country".[/qb]
I try not to put entire genres of music on a hate list. I don't gravitate towards country, but some I do enjoy. Though I don't own any. Same with rap.

Though perhaps I do have somne country, when k.d. lang's "Ingenue" album first came out I was searching all over Tower Records for it, finally found it in the country section. A few weeks later when Constant Craving really took hold on the radio, Tower had moved the album to pop.
It seems that there are two ways to hate a band; one is to be sick of them, and the other is to be infected with some sociologically-developed, non-musical reason such as 'too mainstream,' 'don't play their own instruments,' etc. Anyone who's saying, "how could you not like this band," is totally missing the point. Obviously if everybody heard the best stuff from everybody and listened with the right frame of mind or whatever then this thread wouldn't exist.

Who knows, maybe we could all help each other do that and then we'll all become a big happy Frenz family of varied musical taste.

But i'd rather just continue complaining. Razzer
There are bands and solo artists I don't like (I agree, hate is maybe a very strong word) and as much as the music, I can't stand them. There's quite a few:

Stereophonics - Kelly Jones is so arrogant, and completely anti anyone who isn't Welsh. I believe he had to make a public apology at one point for slating the English.
Gareth Gates - In fact, the whole Popstars/fame academy/pop idol thing. He is a mediocre performer who releases records that are half covers, and half rubbish filler written by producers and produced somewhere like Sweden for quick cheap sales.
Westlife - All they do is row with decent bands and sing songs that all sound exactly the same as the previous one. And think they're completely gorgeous when in fact they are all mingers. Wink
All rap/hip hop/R&B. Apparently R&B now means something like 'rap and beats' as opposed to what I always think of when I hear it, 'rhythm and blues'.
All Slipknot/Korn type bands.

That'll do cause it's pretty early in the morning...

Roll Eyes

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