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I know there are quite a few frenz-related ones out there like Peter Andre's horrific version of message to my girl, but what other's have made you go ARGH!?

The worst one's I've heard include:

Chop suey - Avril Lavigne
How soon is now - Snake river conspiracy
I love rock'n'roll - Britney Spears
Can't take my eyes off you - Lauryn Hill
Light my fire - Nekromantix
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My intital rection was similar to Mona's - except without the laugh (Britney Spears??? OMG, where's the hurling smilie... even the toilet one doesn't truly sum up my feelings here)...

That said, I prefer not to focus on negatives so any music I don't like, just gets switched off... so I don't have any "worst covers" (except that again, I have to agree with Mona, Kylie's cover of "Locomotion" didn't improve one iota on the mauling it got at the hands of Little Eva (? or whoever it was did it in the days before I was born...)
I kinda like the Snake River Conspiricy cover. Ok, so worst covers.
Snoop Doggy Dogg doing We Will Rock You by Queen
Zwan doing When The Saints Go Marching In (Stick to rock Mr Corgan)
Westlife doing More Than Words by Extreme
The Corrs doing Everybody Hurts by REM (Im a huge fan of the Corrs but their version is just too weak)

DJ Sammy's version of Heaven by Bryan Adams (The candlelight version however is beautiful and never fails to bring a tear to my eye)

Oh and the worst cover version ever was the Spice Girls in Hawaii when they did the Haka!!! 4 of them did it, Posh Spice looked like she bored out of her life but it was pure torture to see them do it.
Belle, I spent my first 29 years in Australia, and almost 20 of those in Melbourne (original home of Kylie). My poor little brother nearly had to attend Camberwell High, the alma mater of... *ahem, guess who* - and by all accounts, a pretty bad-ass school by the late eighties. I think he'd join me as voting that a near-miss Smiler

I have several bad Kylie memories from filmclips (what's with the hotpants, K.M?)... recalling them all at once may be detrimental to my health. Eeker
Originally posted by awamutu:
[qb]are we still on kylie (the guys go, oh can we be? Wink ) um...i don't recall her- video- in leather (rolling eyes 360 in my head) but i do recall big hair, swinging hips and lots of pink. ugh...trying to forget the video even more than the song...[/qb]
No I was talking about Britney Spears. Sorry, I should have mentioned that...
Belinda Carlisle's version of Stuff and Nonsense. Yikes....I was riding in my sister-in-law's car the first time I heard it. The piano part started and I Can't be. Then, in her goat-like voice......DisobAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.....NOOOOOO!!!!! One of the very few times in my life that I've actually expelled a beverage from my mouth! DOH! Eeker
Originally posted by Sam Bax:
[qb]Mentioning Gareth Gates made me remember the horrific cover of 'Long and Winding Road' with Will Young...

For pity's sake....if you really have to cover perfection, DO IT PROPERLY!!!!! Roll Eyes [/qb]
my god! yes, i'd erased that from my memory, thanks a lot sam for dragging it back from the hellish place i'd consigned it to. it was simply dreadful and sounded akin to someone building a shed in their back garden during a thunderstorm.
Originally posted by jane:
[qb]I think the Dixie Chicks' cover of Landslide is bad. She's (Natalie?) struggling to hit the low notes which sound so velvety from Stevie.[/qb]
Not to be contrary Jane but I actually think the opposite. I think the remake is much better than the original. I'm sorry, but when I hear Stevie Nicks sing I can only think of a goat or a sheep or something (did somebody say that about Belinda Carlisle already?). I also like that they dropped the "even" from the line about children getting older. It always annoyed me that the original line was "even children get older" Of course children get older! They grow and change at a much faster rate than adults do. Stupid, I know, but it always bugged me. Just my opinion though... Smiler
Oh Dr...I'm sorry.

I'd slung it to the back of my memory too (where it belongs frankly), and now I can't get rid of it....aaarrrgggghhh.

I feel Messers Young and Gates should apologise profusely to Sir Macca for the travesty that was their cover.

Or maybe I could apologise on their behalf when I go see the lovely Paul in April!!!
awamutu, belle, kia kaha -

my favorite quote by britney about covering "i love rock 'n' roll" by joan jett and the black hearts:

"i wanted to do the song because i love pat benatar!"

neptolemus - you forgot another limp bizkit cover: "faith" by george michael

and there's also that alien ant farm cover of that micharl jackson song - i forgot the name


and those pavorotti records where he sings the artists' songs with the original composers - my GOD.
esPEcially his performance of "ordinary world" with simon le bon. ATROCIOUS.

In New Zealand Tv personality Paul Holmes put out an album of covers which you can now buy for 99 cents in the bargin bin basically everywhere you go. I remember when Rammstein where doing a concert here and they did an interview and they were given an autographed copy of the Paul Holmes album and the guy conducting the interview put the album on and the look on the faces of the band are priceless. They looked like they had just heard a beaver trying to mate with a plastic duck. I think it's safe to say Paul has no plans for a followup album.
HAHA melmo!

that reminds me
have you heard Rammstein's cover of "Stripped" by Depech Mode?

my boyfriend and i got into the habit of running around australia saying, in a mock Rammstein voice, "come vith meehhh, into de treees, we lay on de grahhhs, and let hours paahhhhss..."

oh god it's funneee
There is this Christian band called LifeForm that covered Private Universe ! Can you believe it? I HATE it when Christian bands try to take pop songs and turn them into some meaningful song about God. I am a Christian, but for one thing, I can't stand most contemporary "Christian" bands, and I hate the fact that they will rip off a song and create a meaning that wasn't intended. Uggghhh. Maybe that's too picky, because I'm sure we all do this everyday when we're listening to music, putting it into our own meanings, but I mean, come on, Private Universe? It's so cheesy to do that!!! Roll Eyes
And if that doesn't do it for you, look at the names of their other songs on that album: He's a River, and Jesus on Your Side.
one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong...........
Okay. So I'm tucking my little girl in to bed last night, and I flick her stereo on low (she likes to fall asleep listening to music and who am I to discourage that), and on comes...some horrible cover of "Don't Dream It's Over"! I couldn't believe my ears! I don't know who it was, but I'm pretty sure it's recent.

Originally posted by Sunny:
[qb]Okay. So I'm tucking my little girl in to bed last night, and I flick her stereo on low (she likes to fall asleep listening to music and who am I to discourage that), and on comes...some horrible cover of "Don't Dream It's Over"! I couldn't believe my ears! I don't know who it was, but I'm pretty sure it's recent.

it wasn't the d....., the d......, the donn......., the d........, the don........, the (deep breath hfuhruhurr!) donny osmond version was it? Eeker

if so you must cleanse yourself and your child NOW!

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