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Things got slightly side tracked, so I'll start again - as I'm interested in what everyone thinks.

What's your favourite Split Enz songs?

as I stated before, my favourites are:

Split Ends, Crosswords and Stranger Than Fiction.

Stranger Than Fiction is Phil Judd at his best. It's pure genius. From what my ears have witnessed, only Freddy Murcury has come close to such invention with the likes of the Profet's Song and Bohemium Rhapsody (i know it's not the right spelling!). Who else could combine a song with about half a minute of whispering and some great ritornello structuring of that synth melody, which comes back again and again. GENIUS!

whats everyones favourite enz songs and why?
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I can't agree with Martin's comments re; Stranger Than Fiction. The song was clearly written by Judd and Finn (and also Miles Golding (not sure if the second name is correct) a violinist who was part of the band at the time. Tim also credits Wally Wilkinson with the descending guitar riff.

There is a fairly detailed description of the writing of this song in Mike Chunns book. The other notable thing about Stranger Than Fiction is that they (or at least Tim) feels they have never got this song right! I can see what he means. I love it - it's chock full of ideas and beautiful music, with a great set of lyrics from Judd.

I love Phil Judds work although I have not heard a lot of it post Enz - bit of the Swingers, bit of Schnell Fenster but he obviously was not suited to being in a band, especially one that toured.

I think that it is often forgotten in some of the debates around the superiority of the Judd/Finn SE and the Finn/Finn SE that the consitent songwriter is Tim. Whilst he didn;t write the mega-hit he wrote lots of others )6 months/poor boy/I see Red) and really held the songwriting together in both eras, or at least up until Conflicting Emotions.

I now it's pithy Martin but Freddy Mercury didn't write the Prophets Song, Brian May did.
My favorites are:

Poor Boy - for its trippy other-worldly atmosphere

One Step Ahead - great metaphor ("love is a race run by two"); it's neither self-consciously a ballad nor self-consciously pop. The lyrics dictate the rhythm

Message to My Girl - a pure love song; the melody is stirring in its simplicity

What's The Matter With You? - for Eddie Rayner's fiery keyboard solo

... and, of course, I Got You - it's so catchy but so disturbing, with that undertone of obsession/stalking ("where do you go? I get no answer...")

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My favourite songs are

Sweet Talking Spoon Song (not sure if thats the correct title!)
Stranger Than Fiction
Time for A change
Hermit McDermitt
Poor Boy
Shark Attack
One Step Ahead
6 Months/Take a Walk and nearly all of Time and Tide
Message to My Girl
Devil You Know
Our Day
Breaking My Back
One Mouth is Fed

I've obviously mentioned a heap of songs - the worst songs are considerably less

Clumsy - really bad song. I don't know how it made an album, when you consider some songs (Remember When, Firedrill etc) that didn't

Giant Heartbeat - I think the music quite good but the lyrics?? Yuk! Same could be said for Log Cabin Fever

Ninnie Knees Up - I know it's famous in terms of the bands history but it just sounded too self indulgent, even for the swansong

Mind Over Matter - just don't like it. Sounds really underdone

Ghost Girl - sounds like it could have been a good song but was totally stuffed up in the recording

Interestingly enough, in terms of the debate, I don't mind Ships - sounds a bit dated but far from the worst song they did/.

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