One more thing I was going to mention re Pajama Club. A few times when I tried to get people (with all music tastes, from young to older) to get onto Neil’s music (solo, Crowded, Pajama) the one album they all seem to like the best was Pajama Club. I got the most reaction from that album...even a couple asking for more almost insistently.   

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The more I think of it (and listen to this song), the more I am frustrated that Neil doesn't put out something more lively.  When I saw him in Vancouver and Winnipeg, he rocks it out and is so good on the electric guitar...his solos are fantastic!  He loves trying new things but I think if he wants to try something different, do a rockin, quirky album.  I guess Pajama Club is the closest.  Don't get me wrong, he can write the dreamy, slow stuff quite good, but it has been done so often now.  And then this came....after seeing his son rick it out in concert opening for Crowded House, I was expecting this collaboration to be way different. 

Personal presence. I'm a bigger fan of "slow Neil" ala Out of Silence than "fast Neil" ala Pajama Club. It's all good but I'm loving the recent introspective material.

Also here. Plus, I didnt find anything rocking in Pajama Club, honestly. Plus, to me Back to life doesnt sound anything close to Dizzy Heights album, pretty different mood, production and arangment approach...

It has the Liam spin that is why it is different. Ghosts looks like it might have what you are looking for? I was worried Liam might overshadow the new album but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Back to Life the 1st time. Live of course, making me partial to the stripped down version as seen above on ABC above. It has changed too since the road tests ..but I still love it. Liam brings an experimental edge to the songs which sometimes does not work for Neil when he does it on his own. It seems to work so far with them together and I surprisingly am looking forward to the my pre ordered album.

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