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Originally posted by Kazzie:
Don't even think of getting rid of that picture lady! Razzer

So any story attached to yours, Mr Sadly?
Not really. I just felt like switching from my original avatar (Captain Avatar from Star Blazers). My new one is an MS Paint self-portrait. Originally it looked like this:

...but that was kind of distressing for people so I made him happy instead.
The little red devil horns in my avatar have become part of my online persona. I picked up these guys at a trade show in Vegas back in 2001, when I was escorting a group of Russian IT guys around the country. It just happened it was a week before my mom died - she'd grown up in Vegas in the 1920s and 30s, before it was the decadent playground it now is. (Her father was college prof & agronomist and researcher for the USGS -- he did things like try to grow watermelons in the Nevada desert.)

In my last conversation with Mom - from my hotel room in Vegas, looking over "her mountains" as she put it to me - I'd told her about my wee red devil horns, and she said, "Well, that's somehow very appropriate!" So, they will always have an association with her. To cheer myself up in many sleepless nights online after Mom died, I put the devil horns on and would chat with friends on the other side of the planet, webcam on, broadcasting me with the silly horns.

Then, when I freakishly lost part of my vision in 2006 and had to wear an eyepatch everywhere for a few months (had to have shots of chemo drugs into my eyeball - eek!), the horns again cheered me up and took some of the emphasis off the patch. I even wore the horns at work some days (just at my desk) -- gave people something to ask me about other than the eye!

Sometimes, I use this avatar that I drew during that period:

(Avatar much more attractive than actual person, I can guarantee you!)

More info than you needed from a recent arrival from lurkerdom probably! But it's a fun thread!

Originally posted by disembodied carie:
hey mr sadly, i like your new pic on it's own merits but can't disconnect from the captain one! the old one is not how i picture you but how i 'associate' you (being a visual person).

so, boo hoo, if you insist on confusing my brain....

Yeah, I know what you mean. I think I need to switch back to the Cap'n for now.

I may change in the future but I want it to be for an upgrade. That other guy is still freaking me out a little. You can tell his smile is all for show...
Originally posted by Mr. Sadly:

I may change in the future but I want it to be for an upgrade. That other guy is still freaking me out a little. You can tell his smile is all for show...

I rarely participate in such threads, but I prefer your previous avatar, Mr. Sadly.

Perhaps I'll pinch it and use it for my avatar. Wink
Originally posted by Steve W:
I rarely participate in such threads, but I prefer your previous avatar, Mr. Sadly.

Perhaps I'll pinch it and use it for my avatar. Wink
Waaaiit a second...pinch Cap'n Avatar? Or pinch my self-portrait? LOL

I know you're kidding - I just wanted to know which you preferred. I ask because I'd already switched back to the Cap'n when you posted, but I've noticed the avatar switch seems to roll out on a staggered schedule.
I tried to change my avatar once but Mr. Sadly yelled at me so I changed it back. Not that I can argue, it is a really cute picture of my cat. His name is Meow Meow and we found him, cold and hungry, in the parking lot behind our apartment in Providence, RI. He has since become an indoors cat living with us in Baltimore, MD. We also got him a little sister named Sophia from the local SPCA.
I love Painaparo's avatar, your cat is so very very cute. Nice name too Big Grin Treegrrl's rhino's are also adorable.

I didn't have an avatar for ages because for some reason every time I tried to upload one to this forum my browser would shut itself down. I eventually went and did it on my boyfriend's computer with what was my Facebook picture at the time. I used to get confused because I use the cover for the Chocolate Cake single on another forum, and someone else uses it here, so every time I saw a post with that avatar I'd think 'hang on, I never said that...!'.
I like the story behind your avatar, merujo

well my avatar is Willy Wonka, of course. Am a massive fan of this film. It's just brilliant - I used to have dreams of living in his chocolate room!! I love it for its nonsense and quirkiness. And it's so funny!
'What is this, a freakout!'

My brother got me a Wonka chocolate bar for Christmas - it had a golden ticket inside!! Ha! Smiler
I have a big thing for set design too and the sets for this film are just amazing

Verucca Salt is a legend too!

You're always making things difficult!

My old avatar was Homer Simpson - was a big Simpsons fan before it became a shadow of itself
Matt's expression on tonguetied's avatar is awesome!

Texas Rose, I hope you never change yours - I just love it (and hot is an understatement IMHO).

Mine is self-made as well. I took the photo at the 2007 Kansas City show and kept going back to that shot for another look Smiler. Therefore, I decided to use it as my avatar since I didn't have one before. Added a little Digital Image Pro work, and voila!
Originally posted by Jeran:
Seeing as all you clever people have avatars already - can you please tell me how to upload one - its doesnt seem to owrk for me....snifffle......

It's easy. Smiler

All you need to do is upload whatever pic you want to a hosting service - IE Photobucket. (Unless you have one already, you'll need to open an account - photobucket is free.) That will give you a URL for the pic which you can insert in your personal profile under the 'Custom Avatar' heading.

Hope that helps. Smiler I had trouble loading photos in posts/custom avs until Magbolt showed me how to do it.

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