Will have to check them out. And I may have heard that performance years ago, but it was still a refreshing listen. The stall prior to applause is always entertaining.  The Dizzy Heights songs got a really good showing here. New appreciation for Dive-bomber.

Looks like you might have to settle for the 65-minute version offered by RNZ, it's gotta be better than nothing.

If you find a way to download it from their website you'll see it's a 128 kbps file. So definitely fairly compressed, but still listenable.

I'm in the process of creating a concept album cover for this show, so I'm happy to send you a JPEG once I'm done if you're interested. It might feel more like a real album that way.

Great find @In2FINN2! I wonder how this became available, as it's clearly shot professionally. Interesting that the sound is not as good quality as the RNZ stream. You'd think the soundboard audio might have been used for the audio track but it sounds more like a higher quality audience recording. It's hard to be certain though. Very odd. Not complaining though!

EDIT: According to the select videos of this show from Neil's YouTube channel: "Video by Kontent, directed by Simon Mark-Brown." So it was uploaded by the same crew who filmed it. Looks like perhaps their own microphones were used on the Vimeo video, rather than the RNZ soundboard recording. The video is also not as high resolution as the songs on Neil's YouTube channel.

Thanks for posting the link, @In2FINN2.     I was at the NYC version of that show, and it was great to be able to relive it several years down the road. 

I’m not sure why Neil would have trouble with it being available to view if he has no plans to release it himself.   It’s a great show!

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