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Originally posted by sunset swimmer:
ok, do I understand this right? did some wanker hit Neil Finn in the face with a water bottle??? ugh, that breaks my heart.

Hit Neil's mic stand from what I can gather. I had a crystral clear audio feed throughout the entire Crowded House performance, but I couldn't actually see what was going on. Heard the bottle hit something loud and clear. Assumed (hoping more like) that it only made contact with the mic. Red Face
never got a chance to see the web cast of coachella - but am DISGUSTED to hear about what happened to neil.they listen to rage against the machine - what more can i say Mad

i can't wait till the crowdies come to scotland on the 24th june - i'm sure they well get a fantastic reception there.

The webcast didn't come thru all that well for me, and I had tried on 2 different computers. LOTS of buffering, and I never saw the bottle throwing incident. But of what I did hear/see, I did enjoy. Loved seeing Liam jumping around like a maniac. At first I thought a fan had jumped on the stage, then realized it was Liam. Glad I got to see them at The Glass House on Friday. Smiler
Sunset Swimmer, I'm not sure whether the bottle itself hit Neil. He said at one point that the microphone stand went over and he was "collateral damage." He also commented that it had been a pretty good shot. When the bottle hit, I knew something had gone wrong, but I didn't figure out what had happened till he altered the DDIO lyrics. He sang something about a bottle not putting him off; does anybody recall the exact words?

Ironically, the bottle-throwing incident actually seemed to settle the band down. They definitely sounded nervous starting out. But I guess that once you know the crowd hates you, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Wink

The set was wonderful. Though "When You Come" started out a bit slow and tentative, it built up beautifully, and my heart was racing by the time Neil nailed "burning and exploding." I'd watched some YouTube clips from the Bristol, Tempe, and Pomona shows earlier in the day, and the band is clearly becoming more solid with each show. The harmony sounded especially good tonight, though it was often mixed way down. I think Mark is singing out more now, and having Liam on board must help. I can't help wishing he would stick around for more of the tour; it's such a luxury having him with the band! I'd love him for his "crazed fan" act alone. Inspired, I tell you. Big Grin
Looking back on everything, now that this little fan has calmed down alot since broadcast time, I think Crowded House really need to be commended for the way they handled the bottle throwing incident. Smiler There are some acts out there that would've either stormed off stage instead of continuing OR they would've said something nasty to the crowd.
Look at this quote from someone who posted on the Coachella message board dated [B]March 7th[/B. Looks like we might have seen this poor behaviour from some music 'fans' coming.

'Yeah, there's no way they're gonna put Air on the same stage as Rage...If they put Air on before Rage Against the Machine, I could see people chanting "Rage" during Air's set. They'll have the Roots and Manu Chao go before them. Air willll probably close the outdoor stage.'

Perhaps it was Crowded House's placement in the lineup that could have been better thought out. Either way, I'm sure they did themselves and we fans proud!
Originally posted by silvertongue:
Look at this quote from someone who posted on the Coachella message board dated [B]March 7th[/B. Looks like we might have seen this poor behaviour from some music 'fans' coming.

'Yeah, there's no way they're gonna put Air on the same stage as Rage...If they put Air on before Rage Against the Machine, I could see people chanting "Rage" during Air's set. They'll have the Roots and Manu Chao go before them. Air willll probably close the outdoor stage.'

Perhaps it was Crowded House's placement in the lineup that could have been better thought out. Either way, I'm sure they did themselves and we fans proud!

UURRRRGGGGGHHHHH that makes me sick to think that these poorly-behaved, rude people actually premeditated their disgraceful behaviour Mad

Just shows what strength of character CH have for the way they handled themselves and the audience. My full respect to them Smiler
I am completely appalled and ashamed by the behavior of my countrymen. So sorry guys! Hopefully the warm and powerful receptions we gave you at the warm-ups kept it all in perspective for you. My deepest apologies for the cretinous behavior you were forced to endure.

Fortunately, given the reports, I missed the web-cast. Jet lag overtook me. I would like to catch it at some point though. Anyone capture?
As if the bottle incident wasn't enough, I have only just found out that a hand full of the audience were even giving Crowdie very rude gestures. Now I am well and truly greatful that I couldn't see it.

If you don't like the band/solo artist who is on before your own personal fave is still no reason to behave like that.

I acknowledge that there are people in the world whom can not stand Crowded House, but behaviour like that really sickens me. Frowner
Well said, Bold as Brass.

From what it looked like on the webcast, Neil got pegged with a 1/2 gallon opaque plastic jug, presumably filled with water but it looked like the kind in which milk is sold. It took out Neil's mic and nailed him in the chest.

As others have noted, it was a festival crowd gathered to see Rage Against The Machine. Undoubtably drinking adult beverages throughout the day.

My friend, Chris, always says how grossly underappreciated Crowded House are in this country. To be underappreciated is one thing, to be shown utter disrespect is another.

Glad to know the other shows in So Cal were well-attended by those who appreciate and honor the boys.

I think I can safely say that NO Crowded House fan could ever stoop to a level of stupidity as low as this. Having worked in music retail for all my working life, I can appreciate other people's tastes in music even if I don't like the band myself. I've endured some awful bands in my time but never dreamed of throwing missiles onto the stage. There is a line not to cross and these idiots crossed it. A band, no matter who they are and no matter how bad you think they are, have a right to do their job without being attacked in any way. I think the reason Neil and co didn't walk off stage was that he thought they would win if he did and there was no way he was going to let that happen. And there will have been people in the crowd who had bought a ticket to see Crowded House and he didn't want to let them down. These individuals are so narrow-minded that they cannot appreciate other people's tastes. They need to chill out, get their head from out of their arse and try listening to other forms of music.
I confess I was afraid of how the guys would be received as soon as I saw the Coachella lineup--it was an awkward fit. That said, and despite the ugliness of the crowd, there were some really great moments in the performance--they played the hell out of Silent House and Locked Out, and while this crowd wasn't going to appreciate Better Be Home Soon, the harmonies were fantastic.

I do wish they'd played In My Command, and I think When You Come was not a great choice for the opening in this setting, but even in this hostile setting they were consummate professionals and more. Well done, lads.

(When I saw Liam jumping around, the first thing I thought was "Soy Bomb"--anyone else?)
I think it's just heartbreaking to know that a band, such a wonderful, talented band like CH could be treated like that. And NEIL - do they know the brilliance of that man! That someone would disrepect him like that is beyond belief.

Even harder is for us dire hard fans who have to hear this, and wish we were there to support them Frowner
I imagine that it's difficult for most Australasians to realize how few people here in North America have any idea how talented CH is. While they're an institution there, they live in relative anonymity and are virtually ignored here. Many of the younger audience members attending Coachella had probably never even heard of CH.

This whole incident reminds me a bit of what Stevie Ray Vaughan endured at performance at Montreaux early in his career. He was essentially booed and heckled throughout his performance by fans not enamored with electric blues. However, Jackson Browne and David Bowie happened to be in the audience and recognized his genius. His career took off shortly after that time.

Hopefully, those who appreciate quality music had a similar opinion of the CH performance.
Originally posted by Davoiii:
Ahah Romer, we found that chat window at the same time... I was going to say something but you left so soon


Sorry, man! I was just seeing if I could figure out how to get in to the chat room so I could answer that earlier question. I was trying to quickly figure it out so I could get to sleep after a late night. I didn't even notice who might be present.

No disrespect intended! Cool
From John Walsh's blog :

Monday, April 30, 2007


What a day, a long hot day, I'm sunburnt, tired and really need to sleep.
The band were great, played really well and by all accounts the sound was amazing, that's Jim that does the FOH sound, he's Radiohead's main man and he's now with us for awhile.
A funny thing though, a few songs into the set when I went to do a guitar change with Neil he says to me 'They haven't got a ****ing clue who we are' meaning the first 50 rows of teenagers waiting for 'Rage', hahaha...but at the end I heard them calling out 'respect respect', so I suppose that's ok.
And I did hear the crowd singing along to something, can't remember what song now.
Oh yeah, the bottle of water hit Neil's mic stand, not Neil but it was a bloody good shot. I'm glad it didn't hit him though, I hate it when dicks throw things.
For the record: I drank 13 litres of water today and pee'd twice, I kept count of the little half litre bottles and there were 26 of them by the time we left, I have never drunk so much water in all my life, goes to show how hot it was today.
I fly home tomorrow, would rather keep touring actually, going home doesn't excite me very much, but in a few weeks we all head off to England again so that's great.
I was able to view the live show thanks to the AT&T BlueRoom cast and my best friend’s awesome wireless connection.
I honestly agree with everything that has been said on this post and actually feel somewhat relieved just by reading what others have expressed regarding the “Coachella Incident”.
I got really upset by the deranged audacity of the freak who threw what looked like a milk bottle at Neil; although it was a good shot, as Neil himself later acknowledged, it didn’t hit him but it did knock his microphone off the stand. This was an embarrassing episode by all means. I’m not sure what could have triggered such an uncalled for reaction but can only guess that drugs and dehydration probably had a hand in it.
I wasn’t surprised of the rowdiness of the crowd. The Three-Day festival setting allows for all kind of wild and extreme behavior.
I commend Neil and the gang for showing true “Cojones”. It takes a great deal of balls to get up in front of such a huge crowd in a country that hasn’t always welcomed your music. They stud up there like the legends they are and put on an amazing show. The musical performance was tight and their stage presence was remarkable. I really enjoyed Liam’s addition both musically and acrobatically at some point he even looked like a younger Tim (standing next to the keyboards on Locked Out).
I think the experience will serve them as reference for future shows. I’m sure they’ll be laughing over this in no time (although it had to be disturbing at the time). Hey this may even result in the composition of a Chocolate Cake part II.
In the words of Tim (whom I expected to see on stage with the rest of them), Mucho Aroha guys!
Rock On! This stuff only makes you stronger and your music just keeps on getting better…
Didn't see the webcast as it was around 3-4am in the morning in the UK and boy do I need my beuty sleep! Can someone email me the link please?

It sounds like any band going up againts Rage was going to have a hard time. Its also a shame the Rage reunion has been featured on the NME website but not the CH re-union.

Neil and Co can rock with the best of them. I've always fancied seeing a pure Neil/CH rock set (Hole in the Ice anyone?) and I think the Coachella set was a missed opportunity really. Having said that I can understand CH wanting to show their full repoirture as it were.

I think the Hyde Park gig will be much easier. I can't see Peter Gabriel fans bottling Neil realy - they are too old for such tomfoolery! In fact I think we should throw Neil soft toys of something.
a couple of things. firstly dolt - just because mark's quiet,it doesn't mean he hasn't got stage presence - for me he's got loads - so did george harrison.

i also don't think neil will be losing any sleep over the fact that he could be perceived as "uncool" for saying that his son was part of the band.surely people will not base any decision on how cool a band are because a father and son are in the line up of the band - then again,this is" rage against musical talent" fans we're talking about. Roll Eyes

also was john walsh playing as well as liam - and what happened to tim - thought he was meant to be there.maybe he saw who was on after the crowdies and changed his mind. Wink
I've never understood the desire for people to "bottle" acts on stage - if you don't like them, don't watch - or at least respect that they might also have fans too in the audience and if you're chanting and destroying the atmosphere, it's unfair on the same people who have paid to see them - irrespective of whether you like the band on stage or not.

I hope they do archive the whole set on that website, it would be good see, as, I think like a lot of the other Brits around here, I needed my beauty sleep.

However, it sounds to me like they held so much grace despite the bad crowd, and that makes me proud. And like FSM says, I think the Peter Gabriel fans might be a little less into bottling... although I'm not sure the type of people who do throw things like that do it personally - I think they would do it for whoever was "making them wait" for "their band".

And the youtube clip someone provided was brilliant! Thanks! Some other good ones there from the same person.
Originally posted by Flower Singing Man:
I can't see Peter Gabriel fans bottling Neil really - they are too old for such tomfoolery!

Hey, watch it! Some of us here are PG fans too ya know Smiler

In fact I think we should throw Neil soft toys of something.

That's already been done! Clangers in Sheffield way back in 2001... Ya had to be there! (Actually, they weren't thrown, they were lovingly placed by his amp...
One flipp'n bottle and all this..if that's the worse they ever cop, then so be it Roll Eyes.
For all we know it could've been a fan of Paulo's who took exception to the lads resurecting the band.
CH is Paul Hester, NF & NS. The new chap, as great a drummer and person as he surely is, will never fit the picture..and Mark (as cool as he is) doesn't have the language skills to entice the fans or audience ie; deadpan.
Wonder if Sweep still plays drums, or guitar for that matter? Razzer
Studio band-YES, world touring band-NO.
Originally posted by Mishima:
One flipp'n bottle and all this..if that's the worse they ever cop, then so be it Roll Eyes.
For all we know it could've been a fan of Paulo's who took exception to the lads resurecting the band.

We all know it's not the bottle that stings. It's that someone out there felt the need to say to the band "You are crap". When you're working hard on stage to entertain- I don't care who you are that just sucks.

CH is Paul Hester, NF & NS. The new chap, as great a drummer and person as he surely is, will never fit the picture..and Mark (as cool as he is) doesn't have the language skills to entice the fans or audience ie; deadpan.

CH is Paul, Nick and Neil? So Together Alone and Woodface are out then? (not to mentiom Time On Earth)
Originally posted by Mishima:
For all we know it could've been a fan of Paulo's who took exception to the lads resurecting the band.
CH is Paul Hester, NF & NS. The new chap, as great a drummer and person as he surely is, will never fit the picture..and Mark (as cool as he is) doesn't have the language skills to entice the fans or audience ie; deadpan.
Wonder if Sweep still plays drums, or guitar for that matter? Razzer
Studio band-YES, world touring band-NO.


I respectfully disagree.

I love Paul Hester, but Matt Sherrod has skills that he adds to this band, as well. His heavier presence has been a welcome addition, and I think CH has has sounded excellent/rejuvenated from the several recent shows from which I've seen or heard clips.

If you're saying that Matt doesn't fit the picture in terms of his stage banter, I'd agree in that his on-stage personality seems to be quite different than Paul's, but his drumming skills certainly can't be called into question.

Also, I find it highly unlikely that a fan of Paul's was responsible for the bottle-throwing incident.
Matt will fit in fine. He's such a nice guy, very down to earth, and his drumming, though very different from Paul's, really fits the heavier numbers and has been remarkably error-free. He'll join in more when he finds his place in the repartee. Mark actually said stuff and "starred" in a bit of schtick at Pomona and it was evident he was having a lot of fun, and even was smiling at Coachella, bless him.
My first reaction to the "bottle incident" was not here, not in the States. Which is odd for me because I am not patriotic. My next reaction was to kick something, fortunately there were no living objects close by or even awake. As peaceful as I believe I am, my guys were being crapped on and I felt very defensive about the less than widespread popularity of the group in the US. I acted violently and even if my hamstring was the only thing hurt (tweaked) by it, I was not too proud of my actions. I hope the bottle throwing idiot was removed from the Coachella grounds, but I do hope that security showed restraint.

Now I am completely and utterly impressed by Neil's reaction, Nick's comments, and the rest of the band's ability to rise above it. I wish I would have reacted as well as they did. I agree with many that stated that the set list could have tilted towards the rockier side of CH for a festival setting. Yet listening to the new songs on the webcast on St. Paddy's evening, I couldn't help but think of Paul. Last night it was the new songs that had great weight and emotional substance that seemed to lift the group's performance ... just like Paul could do on any given night.
Mishima, come on now. I highly doubt there was someone in the audience standing there thinking "You know, Matt will never be Hessie and I take exception to this reformation. Let me throw this bottle in protest." Boloney.

It was some drunken, teenage twit who has no idea what it means to respect a performer, whether you like them or not. I've seen my share of absolute crap opening acts in my time, and NEVER have I once showed disrespect. It all comes down to CH being at a festival that they were out of place in, lumped in amongst a ton of young, alternative acts, which frankly was NOT the best venue for them. It doesn't surprise me that this happened. Pisses me off, yes as their obscurity here ALWAYS has, but surprises

Glad to hear the bottle didn't hit Neil, but only his mic, as when it happened, it sure looked like it clipped him as well.
Sadly, I think the treatment by the Coachella crowd wasn't that unexpected....(Disappointing as it was.)

When I first heard they were to play Coachella...I knew there was really no chance that my middle-aged behind would be out sitting in a field for three days to see them. It's a show built for for kids...and honestly, kids really don't know much about a band that broke up when they were pre-teens.

I did my time years ago sitting in more than a few fields in the 70's to see bands like Aerosmith, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ELO and Santana...So, I'm not unfamiliar with festivals.

Heck, I saw a very surly Rolling Stones crowd once shell Prince off the stage when he tried to open their 1982 show (George Througood, J. Geils...and Prince?). Bill Graham had the best intentions in booking him, but it was the wrong crowd and a bad fit. Just like CH is really a bad fit with Rage anbd their fans...and everyone could guess that Rage fans would have the main stage staked out early and be waiting.

I think CH would have done better on a different day, or in a different slot...IMHO they fit better with Travis, the Decemberists and others on the Saturday bill.

I'm just even more glad that I got to go on Friday night.
From the San Jose Mercury News:

Coachella, Day III
By Shay Quillen
Monday, April 30th, 2007 at 10:20 am in Music, Shay Quillen, General, Coachella.

Thousands of Rage Against the Machine fans this weekend wore T-shirts reading “The Battle of Coachella.” On Sunday, the Battle of Coachella was held, and Crowded House lost. Three hours before Rage Against the Machine’s first show in seven years, Crowded House attempted to play its first big show in more than 10. But if there’s a band less suited for a jacked-up, humorless Rage audience than sensitive, good-humored Crowded House, I’d hate to see it. Small bands of drunken Kiwis, sweet American women and the occasional power-pop geek made their way to the front, then huddled together for safety among the hordes wearing “Drive out the Bush regime” bandannas. During the band’s third song, the timeless “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” a well-aimed full water bottle knocked lead singer Neil Finn’s microphone off its stand. Finn tried to get the audience to take over the vocals, but these folks came to scream “F— you, I won’t do what you tell me,” not croon “Hey now, hey now.”

For the record, the new lineup sounded just fine. It took two men to replace founding drummer Paul Hester, who hanged himself in 2005. Former Beck sideman Matt Sherrod manned the traps, bringing a somewhat more aggressive approach to tunes like “Private Universe.” And Finn’s oldest son, Liam, sang Hester’s harmony parts while strumming an acoustic guitar, looking like Eddie Vedder at his scruffiest.

The 10-song set included two new ones: “Don’t Stop Now,” written by Finn and Johnny Marr, and “Silent House,” a Finn co-write that already surfaced on the Dixie Chicks’ last album but here called up memories of Hester. “I will try to connect / All the pieces you left / I’ll remember the years / When your mind was still clear” sang Finn, bassist Nick Seymour and utility man Mark Hart.

The band’s attempts to joke around and start singalongs — staples of the Crowded House experience — fell flat, so the band just soldiered on, keeping an eye out for the bottles of water that flew continually. It sure wasn’t the reunion show this band deserved. I can’t wait to see them in front of a friendly audience this summer.

Anyway, here was the set list: When You Come / World Where You Live / Don’t Dream It’s Over / Don’t Stop Now / Fall at Your Feet / Silent House / Private Universe / Locked Out / Something So Strong / Better Be Home Soon.

(there's more at:
TheBigJT, I actually thought that behavior was somewhat unusual. I've been to Coachella a couple of times & my friends go almost every year & there were never any complaints about the crowd (and one of my friends nitpicks audiences for the most inconsequential things).

It might be since Coachella is getting more popular they are getting more jerks to buy tickets, or it might be specific to certain stupid Rage fans (not all of them, of course). Indie/hipster kids are generally not like that, especially in Southern California where audiences are known for their often feigned lack of (positive or negative) enthusiasm Roll Eyes. But whatever, what's done is done...Now I just want an idiot-free show to wipe that bad taste out of my mouth!
I thought Tim was supposed to have appeared with the Crowdies at Coachella?

I missed the webcast last night because my internet server was down but it just occured to me that no one has mentioned Tim. (sorry if this was covered earlier in the thread)

I was shocked to learn about "the Coachella Incident" this morning and proud of the way the band soldiered on--the true mark of a professional.

Wonder how enthusiastic they'll be to sign up for a berth @ Coachella next year?
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Sounded like it was a really horrid situation.
I think though, that we ought to note that John Walsh pointed out that the band won the audience in the end and had them singing. This conclusion must have been sounded at the post gig chill with the band and therefore if they felt it went great, then it went great.

The Stoat
TheStoat, I was going to post that I got the feeling that there was actual attention being paid by the time "Better Be Home Soon" came up. Did anyone else notice the silence? I think people were stopping their idiot-rage for a second and letting themselves listen. I got the feeling that a few of them, at least, had the intelligence to recognize genius when it was in their faces. Not everyone can, but that means nothing about the quality of the genius. Look at what happened to Joshua Bell in the Metro Subway in January.

And re the "Battle of Coachella" -- was it truly a battle between CH and RATM? I just can't believe that Tom Morello would be such a jackass. But things are done in bands' names that the bands can't control, as we all know...
OK, so the "Gabriel fans are too old..." comment hurt a bit. Just a little. 38...old...hmmm Smiler

Now, what was I saying again? Oh....

A fan of both, I can also reassure you that PG promotes good behavior. The last time I saw Crowded House was WOMAD in Golden Gate Park, a bill that included three of my favorites: CH, PG and James. In the middle of PG's set, some people in the packed Golden Gate Park audience started pushing and causing trouble. PG stopped *mid-song* to reprimand and tell people it wasn't the way to behave. First and last time I've ever seen that happen.

The Hyde Park show sounds like a much better matching of bands (i.e., audience demographics). Wish I could skip across the Pond for that one...
I'm 50 and a PG and CH fan. But when my memory pills take effect I can recall being 18 - 25. Never thought of throwing anything at a concert except a frisbee beforehand.

Saw Eric Clapton get doiked once by a liquor bottle at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. Guess he wasn't playing "Layla" fast enough.

Truth be told, there are not many acts I'd get this old body on the road for anymore. Crowded House is one of them. Peter Gabriel, another. Joseph Arthur, oh yeah. King Crimson, if only..

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