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Well we all knew Coachella was going to be broadcast, but I just noticed this on Undercover

Crowded House's return to the stage can be viewed worldwide from the AT&T Blue Room this weekend from the Coachella festival.

This will be Crowded House's first major show since their farewell performance from the steps of the Sydney Opera House more than 10 years ago.

Crowded House will take to the stage on Sunday night at 8.55 (California Time). For Australian fans that will be 1.55pm Monday.

The Blue Room will webcast from Coachella all weekend.

Times for other acts are:

3:00 3:45 Brother Ali
3:55 4:35 Noisettes
4:35 5:25 Tokyo Police Club
5:35 6:25 Tilly and the Wall
6:25 7:15 Of Montreal
7:15 8:05 Rufus Wainwright
8:10 9:00 Arctic Monkeys
9:05 9:55 Stephen Marley
9:55 10:45 Sonic Youth
10:45 12:00 Bjork

3:00 3:55 Gogol Bordello
4:00 4:35 Fields
4:40 5:25 The Cribs
5:25 6:15 the Frames
6:15 7:05 Jack's Mannequin
7:10 8:00 Andrew Bird
8:05 8:55 the Fratellis
9:00 9:50 Regina Spektor
9:50 11:00 Arcade Fire
11:00 12:00 Ozomatli

3:00 3:45 Anathallo
3:45 4:35 The Feeling
4:40 5:30 Junior Boys
5:30 6:00 Fair to Midland
6:05 6:55 Kaiser Chiefs
7:05 7:55 CSS
8:05 8:55 Klaxons
8:55 9:45 Crowded House
9:50 10:40 Damien Rice
10:40 12:00 TBA

Watch it at AT&T Blue Room

I will be at work, so please can someone capture this so we can all download?

Thanks in advance..........
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Thanks for the heads up. Cool

This time I'm going to be ready for it... if history decides to repeat itself & I experince the same annoying stop-start-stop-start whilst trying to watch the webcast from home, then bucketing with rain or not, I'm heading to the public library next to Centro Hollywood Plaza! Wink Big Grin

BTW: 1:55PM Monday afternoon, can we assume that is Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST)?
It's working fairly well, a few stops once in awhile, but it's working. Looks like no band gets more than about an hour at Coachella. I'll bet CH packs in the songs and doesn't dive into the chit chat much, especially with this crowd. It's a cool feed - and the stage is backed by a beautiful date grove.

What's up with this weird Canadian band 'Of Montreal' streaming now? Actually, are they Canadian? I like it, but they are out there a ways Red Face. They remind me of the Cure and 10cc.
Unfortunately I'll have to miss the entire thing. My flatmate downloaded something massive the other day and it took us over our monthly broadband quota so we've been shaped to dial-up speed during peak time.
It sucks... Everything is so slow.
I would have gotten home from uni just in time to watch The Crowdies on stage, but it looks like that's not going to happen.
I'd love it if someone could capture it or if it was avaliable to watch again about a week after they're on stage.
Ah well, at least I got to see the first webcast.
That is so cool ! Crowded house is back and I'll be able to see it ! It just happens to be my birthday, and this will take away the fact that I'm another year OLDER ! eek !

Thank you for posting that, I'll have to stay up past my bedtime and hopefully I won't deliver the mail wrong in the morning, rough, but worth it !

Lisa Marie Roll Eyes
Hey guys,

Trying to watch the webcast now and having a TON of issues (exact sae problems as Kelly TT!!!)

Can anyone who has previously accessed the webcast yesterday/right now/knows anything about this stuff help me out!

I have all the requirements necessary and even clicked the link to upgrade my player... but it won't let me. I have WMP 11.... argh!

If this keeps up I won't be able to watch the Crowdies tomorrowFrowner
Yay got Coachella to work, given up on the recording thing though. Anyone else's WMP come up with active movie window, and not play through WMP's little screen? No idea what's going on there.
Tried the link I put in earlier from the webcast thread on page 6 but it only records my mouse moving around on the screen and taskbar. A big black screen behind it and no sound.
Arghhhh I only want the sound, don't care about pictures. hmmmmmmmm
So tomorrow its a coke chips and dip then rounds 1pm, make sure I'm in early.
Originally posted by Kelly Timtam:
Hissy fit time, I can not get that live webcast happening here, followed all the links, did all it said to do, got the liscense agreement, upgraded to windows 11 arghhhhhhhh.
Hiss hiss hissss.

Ash got the link from the earlier webcast, but haven't tried it out yet, the instructions are on page 6 or so of the Webcast thread.

Try this page for decent programs. I use net transport and never have any problems. Got the last webcast to work with no problems:
I'm no IT wiz, but this is how I THINK it works - clicking this link should open the AT&T blue room media player:

Right now, the webcast is not running, so it just shows the "AT&T blue room" animation, with a message "Check back for the LIVE Coachella webcast". When the webcast is running, the video should run in the player.

If it doesn't, it could be something to do with your Internet browser security settings, which you may have to tweak to get it to work.

Hope this helps.

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