Are you avoiding Out of Silence?

I have just read that one of my favourite posters Mariola is avoiding Out of Silence until it is released. 

Now Mariola, I love  your posts and value your views but I can't understand why you would choose to avoid the webcast experience Neil has created for us to share with him?

This is not a conventional record and release album, Neil says he has no plans to tour it or promote it beyond release.  He has chosen the webcast as his mechanism to promote the songs and connect with Frenz so abstainers are missing out hugely.

To put it another way, would you refuse to attend an intimate and friendly Finn gig because you might see some new material?

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Perhaps I shouldn't speak for him (he's one of my favorites as well) but Mariola has made no secret about how he preferred so many of Intriguer's early versions over the final result. I imagine he is trying not to have the same happen by waiting to hear the final product as his "first listen". 

I am not waiting, though I can kind of see that point of view. I enjoy Neil's banter and interplay with callers.

Message for those fans who think abstaining from the webcasts is a good idea to avoid a repeat of Intriguer:

Neil has already demo'ed these songs and has already built them up pretty much behind closed doors. I think Neil has learnt his lesson from Intriguer not to go down that same path again.

What you get in these webcasts is EXACTLY what you are going to hear on the album. He's not "testing the waters" here like he did with Intriguer. He's already got the tracks the way he wants them to sound. What we are getting is the final draft of recording the songs. The way they are played during the webcast is exactly the way he wants them laid down on the album. Neil is the one in the driver's seat here and if any of his session musicians "get out of line" musically speaking, Neil is the one to reel them back in. He did that last week with the recording of More Than One Of You.

Aside from a few musicians missing their marks a bit during last week's recording of More Than One Of You Take 1, I heard very little difference in all 3 recorded versions. The only reason Neil went for Take 3 was to ensure everyone got it perfectly right.

So by abstaining from the webcasts, you're actually missing out on something special. I know of no other artist who would allow his fans to be part of the final album recordings so close to release date.

Absolutely not abstaining from any Neil webcast ever.  I think I have seen every webcast he has ever done (although not all watched live), and I can honestly say every one of them has been one of the most entertaining, laid-back, funny, musically awesome Neil Finn things I have experienced.  I wouldn't miss any one of them.  

First of all, thanks for whole thread inspired by me, Kittybear! And ofcourse, thanks for nameing me as one of your favorit posters, you are among my favorits also!

Second, my apologies because of that to dear Neil, I am more than aware thats been gift from him to all loyal fans and others, and big thanks to him. Also, I am aware that he wanted to create something special, something new for him too, so this would be adventure to all. I admire that and I am greatfull for that!

But, I am just in state of mind right now that I dont want to hear how this new songs developed or sound in live. I am happy, and (un)patiently waiting to hear final product. To lay my hands on that new album,  put earphones and begin journey - to something new, never heard before, full of anticipation whats next - you know that feeling? ... I want that feeling this time, and I am aware that I am missing something else right now, but cant have both. I dont listen much other new music and musicians, so with new Neils album I have anticipation, suprises, excitment to listen it for the very first time, and let it to grow and go deep under my skin... Hope you understand my decision now

Ofcourse, I dont sugest this to anyone else, this live webcasts are gift from Neil which have to be received, and thankfully I know we are not all the same...

Hi Mariola, 

Great post, I do understand your desire for that special experience - the first listen.

So for you I hope that Neil will keep the webcasts on YouTube for a reasonable time after release so you can see them retrospectively because they are both entertaining and informative about how Neil works and what makes him tick.

I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts on the album as a whole from the abstainers perspective.



Actually, yes ... I usually can't be online for the live experience, so all I could do is watch the thing on yt later, and then I probably would skip back and forth. So I might just take it all in one go when the album is out.

This opinion might change once I hear the completed work, but when I read that the studio band would include strings, I felt a slight twinge of disappointment. I was rather hoping Neil would continue down the road to being adventurous OR record a set of really contemporary sounding tunes with a strong rhythm section and electronica. But that's just me.

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