i am still not sure what a bootleg is,but well if anyone knows where i can buy them in sydney that would b grand.i only have your basic finn related cds.anything live that consists of mr finn on tape or something like that ,i would be willing to buy it. ive never heard him just strumming.singing.
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I would like to get my hands on the Fleadh 94 gig on CD. I know it may be a bootleg, but I still would like a copy of it-the full version,not the video recording. I wouldn't mind the full version on video either if anyone can help.
i am quite daft and have realised one cannot 'buy ' bootlegs.that is a trading thing.can someone please inform me ,how one can trade tapes if they own none.thanx bye.
Getting a collection of live performances on either CDR or tape is pretty easy-even if you don't have anything to trade in return. All you need to do is contact someone with a tape list, pick out a show or two, and send blank media and return postage. Don't take any 2-1 offers (i.e. you send them two blank tapes and they return one filled with music and keep the other "for their troubles") and promise NEVER, EVER to sell what was sent to you. Just trade it along...
To get you started, contact me directly and I'll spin a couple of tapes for you, direct from DAT or CDR.
If you're after live CH, then the Recurring Dream CD was released as a double, with a the bonus disc being about 15 (???) live tracks.....

Not being from Sydney, I've got absolutely NO idea where you could get it, but 2nd hand music stores would probably be your best bet...
Good Luck!!!!

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