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I KNOW ABOUT THESE PEOPLE FOR SURE. Why? Because I used to get emails meant for them ALL the time. Here are two I saved, names removed:

I would like to make a comment about the packaging of your free range eggs. I have twice purchased them, and each time sworn never again. I must remember to get your opposition's brand in future. The plastic container is diabolical to open, and is enough to put me off your product.
That's it
I hope you change it one day

And this great one:

How are things going with regard to your presentation on organic frozen chickens in our group. I am being approached by other suppliers interested in supplying us with organic birds. My preference would be to deal with yourselves in light of our previous trading relationship.

I got so many emails for the same guy that I just set up his name to forward to his address. Smiler They wanted to thank me with eggs, but knew they'd spoil before they got to me in New York. Nice people!

I thought it was Free Range Eggs New Zealand, so either I was wrong or they changed.

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