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Is it me or am I the only one struggling to find a place (in my case Glasgow) that has a jukebox or a DJ that has heard of(let alone plays) Neil Finn/CH stuff.
I know judging from the fact that his gigs here are always sold out, that Neil has a popular following but where are you all - demand that your local hostelry puts a selction of his stuff (and not just a tired old copy of Instinct that's on some dodgy compilation). Woodface, Together Alone, the Best of and One-Nil would do for a start!
Surely someone in my town has musical taste...? Frowner
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Well there is someone who did play "Don't Dream its Over" in Belfast when I was last there. However it was the bloke doing the tannoy at Windsor Park. Played it before Northern Ireland took the field - he must have known Spain were going to thrash them 5-0!
But there you go folks that's one place, but the area is a bit too interesting to stick around celebrating the musical work of a man who has Limerick ancestry!
All pubs in the Golden Mile that the city boasts, get yer tunes sorted oot! Big Grin
Similar but different rant here.... I would like to see VH1 and some of the other music stations here on UK sky tv acknowledge the fact that Neil has written more than 2 songs!!

Weather With You and Don't Dream It's Over, get tons of airplay.....but nothing else!!

I guess I should be thankfull they get played at all!

I so know what you're talking about - I have the misfortune from being from Co Armagh and its like getting blood from a stone - you go and ask, and such is the intellect, they just stare back at you with a bewildered look, so I just sit and rant and rave and say how disgusted I am, but alas still havent gone forward - surprisingly!!!
How I so much agree with Matt74. Here in Dundee you never here anything other than "Weather With You" or "I Got You" on local radio. It was my birthday recently and my husband e-mailed the station with a selection of songs to be played and unbeknown to me he picked "Distant Sun" which was actually played! That made my day! SmilerIt is infuriating to always hear the same songs by the great man himself when you think of all the other crud that is played nowadays. Mad Thank god we can put Neil's music on any time we want! Big Grin
Hey Matt74

You tempted me into my first post. I've never heard much Crowded House or Neil Finn played at night in the Glasgow pubs/clubs. Trouble is they tend to go in for that thump, thump kind of thing.

Rufus T's on Hope Street used to play some CH but I've not been there in a while. The Cathouse once played I See Red. Two guys sometimes play Four Seasons etc. outside the Buchanan Street Centre but I usually run past with fingers in ears and a tear in my eye.
Originally posted by matt74:
[qb]It looks like us Northern fans are going to have to go down south In the Lowlands for a decent jukebox - will the the bars of Kent & Sussex excuse our accents and allow us to bring our own beer - no offence but the southern stuff is a tad on the weak and fizzy side! Wink [/qb]
Doesn't offend me - I come from afar myself - being a Geordie and all Wink

Wouldn't be from Whitley Bay by any chance. Spent seven (ahem)glorious years their. Low point - 6 years and 364 days. High point - CH's gig at the Ice Rink in '94. The Something So Strong biography referred to it as a low-key performance. In that case I wish I had seen them at their best as they played a belter that night!
Spanish City been put out of it's misery yet? Smiler
Originally posted by matt74:
[qb]...a bar by the name of "The Rock" on Hyndland Rd, Glasgow,[/qb]
The Rock?? Wow, there's a blast from the past for me. I used to share a flat round the corner on Highburgh Rd... now I'm getting all homesick (tho' not for the Rock itself, tho' that addition to the jukebox is at least a plus)

Can't help you on any other sightings tho' since I now live in Japan...
"Weather with you? Was that who did it?" Is a common reply when I tell people I like Neil Finn's music!
Can a propaganda machine be established to tell people that there is more to Neil besides WWY?
Also in light of many people's songs being hijacked and butchered with some (ahem) DJ (sic) sticking on some Godawful rave/techno/whatever today's yooooffff want to call it (I'd call it S&*&e and I'm being polite here) on it,someone please tell me that this won't happen to any SE/CH/NF song. Mad
Originally posted by Negative Creep:
[qb]Rufus T's on Hope Street used to play some CH but I've not been there in a while. The Cathouse once played I See Red. Two guys sometimes play Four Seasons etc. outside the Buchanan Street Centre but I usually run past with fingers in ears and a tear in my eye.[/qb]
A guy on Buchanan Street once played Pineapple Head.

True story.

Um...WH Smith in Central station were playing Recurring Dream two days ago.

As for the guys up at Buchanan Galleries...back in July I sat outside the concert hall all day waiting for the idlewild signing in Virgin and the bugger played four seasons twice and weather with you once.

Thrilling, eh.

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