Just got in from seeing Prince. The third last night of his 21 nights. Not sure what to say about this one. I felt like he left us wanting more. He's a fantastic musician & showman, & the lights & stage were fantastic, but at the end of the day, a bit more content over style would have been good, (ie more songs). He was at his best playing guitar, & kept saying "this is real music, played by real musicians. There ain't no machines here".

Odd that everything else, lights, instruments, & microphones, were all being run faltlessly by computers. But who am i to question & doubt his Purpleness!!! I'll let you make up your own minds. Sing it.

Camus i'm not sure when Brian is touring Oz, but i'd say that he will probably be there towards the end of the year, as he seems to like to follow the sun. Maybe check his website for details. There is also an audio sample from "Lucky Old Sun".
Thanks Seany.

I went and saw Kate Miller-Heidke on Saturday night. Absolutely superb. Fantastic musicianship from the entire band, it was mixed well, great enthusiasm and the songs were fantastic. I don't know why she get's the weirdo oddness tag, she's completely down to earth with a great sense of humour. I'd expect her to go far, I hope she stays down to earth after she's famous, she certainly deserves to go all the way, very talented.
I'm supposed to be going to see Iron and Wine on Sunday night, but it might all come to naught since my friend is bringing her 3 year old along. (She's in from out of town, hubby is going to a Bear's game, and there's no babysitting to be had.) I'm predicting we never even make it to the show after dinner, but we'll see. It will be an interesting social experiment, if nothing else! I can't wait to see how many people thing a.) it's cool, or b.) we're horrible child-abusing selfish monsters.
Hey Welsh Dan, we did get to see 2 songs! We arrived just a bit before the opening band finished, and thought we were golden. I think if Sam Beam hadn't decided to retune ALL his guitars (he's got about 10) after the roadie had done exactly that, we might even have seen 5 songs! But it was fun, they sounded really great live, his band is really good. Oh, and that beard makes Liam look like a rank amateur.

His new album just came out Monday, I must go and acquire it this week.
Tonight I'm going to see the wonderful (or polarising!) Sarah Blasko, which I'm really excited about, as I've been trying to see her for two years and it's never worked out. I'm doubly excited because support tonight is none other than young Liam Finn, who I have seen multiple times now, and who never fails to put on a splendid show. Should be a very good gig!
I saw the Indigo Girls last night in Melbourne.

They were absolutely fantastic. Just the two of them onstage with no bells and whistles.

Gorgeous songs with great lyrics, beautiful harmonies, amazing energy and fun, and two great guitar players. It was a great night and they said they will be back next year. Yay!!
does spoken word count as a gig? well, i hope so!

jello biafra
tomorrow night
union chapel

saw him for the first time 16 years ago (i can't believe it's been that long) and i am so looking forward to seeing him again. gives ya nice kick up the bum about the state of the world, he does Smiler
we're seeing squeeze dec 1st, too Smiler i remember getting the tickets way earlier this year (well, my hubby got them) and i cracked up because the gig was so far off- but now it's almost here (shivers)

we also have bruce springsteen on dec 19th~ Smiler
I'm friends with a San Antonio TX band called Buttercup. Starting this week (they played last night), they have a brief weekly residency at an Austin venue called The Mohawk until the week before Christmas.
Last night they had a little contest where the winner gets to pick the Song of the Week. The band will learn it and play it the following week.
I was the winner last night and next week I will get to hear their performance of "It's Only Natural."
I'm biased here but I think that a lot of CH fans would like Buttercup.



Well, in October I went to the Opera... and LOVED it -- baroque - Iphigenia in Taurus by Gluck.

Tonight I am having a major job perk... A legendary bass player named Anthony Jackson is in town and bought a watch from me. He put me on the guest list and my boss, who is tickled over the sale is giving me $100 spending money. I am worried that I will totally hate the music (jazz fusion -- lots of guitar noodling -- not my thing) but there's no doubt I'll be seeing some virtuoso players.


Maybe, I'll love it like I loved the opera...

In any case it will be a fun night on the town.
Tim Finn on Feb 19th at Cactus Cafe in Austin TX

Cactus Cafe is an amazing intimate venue - perfect for acoustic sets Smiler

I've seen Paul Kelly, Glenn Tilbrook, John Wesley Harding, Marshall Crenshaw, Marty Willson-Piper, etc at that venue

And then there's this "little" festival called South by Southwest (SXSW) next month - March 12-16
Hundreds and hundreds of bands to choose from including Liam Finn Smiler

jim boggia tonight!

from his website~

My first trip to London my friend John told me I HAD to go to the Bedford to see their songwrter's circle. He said the venue was beautiful with great sound and always had really good people onstage. He was right and I've made sure to go there every time. I've been trying to get to play there on one of the songwriter circle nights and this trip it finally happens. You have to check this place out.

Jim's Serving Suggestion: Come early, find a seat, say something to your friend like "This place is amazing - do they stage Shakespeare in here?", savor the last notes of Boggiamusic to be heard live in London for a while.

The Recap:
Thursday, 2.21.08 - 7:30p
The Bedford
77 Bedford Hill - Balham, London, UK

Songwriters in the Round format. Playing two sets, two songs each set. Beautiful cool venue. FREE Live Webcast: www.whereitsat.tv/bblive.html
Going to see Jean-Michel Jarre at the end of the month. He will be performing the Oxygene album live with the original Moog, Arp & Roland keyboards. It promises to be a mooging experience. Big Grin

Then Lou Reed in June performing his album Berlin.

It must be the year of the toured album. I'd love to see Split Enz perform Mental Notes, or Time & Tide, & Crowded House perform Woodface or Together Alone. Yes, i know. Pigs will fly...
Saw Sinead O'Connor last night. Bloody incredible voice. Could work on stage presence though, kept fiddling with her bloody sound thingy on her hip, and for goodness sake woman, buy yourself a belt and keep those jeans up.

Some numbers were totally outstanding, but the rockier songs, just weren't happening. Mandika was lacking sadly in the oomph. Thief of your Heart, Emperor's New Clothes, Last Day of our Aquaintance were outstanding, just about bursting out of her skin. An absolute gem was a acapella song with the female guitarist and violinist, both joining her on central mike. Absolute magic.

She was very quietly spoken, and seemed to be surprised with the cheering and applauding.
Yep, I'd pay to see her again.

Damien Dempsey was support, a few Irish boys in the audience were well pleased he was there, by their shout outs. Enjoyed 'Apple of my Eye', but he wasn't melodical enough for me. Sinead's full band supported him for most songs.
REM, wow enjoy. I tried to get tickets to their London gig, but they went faster than sweet sherry at the good Vicar's Tea Party. I was watching an interview with Michael Stipe on tv the other day & he claimed that if their new album Accelerate doesn't do well he will disband REM. Not sure if there is some record company pressure behind this, or if he really believes in the new album that he is prepared to go out on a limb to back this one.

Alex Lloyd? Last reports were that he had relocated to the UK, but i haven't seen him around. Big Grin According to his Myspace page he did a few gigs in March, so he's still semi-dormant. According to one of his blogs "time has passed him by" but his new record is sounding good. Having a young family obviously involves lots of Wiggle time. He may be the new fifth member by now for all we know. He was amazing, he did amazing things.
I saw Hawksley Workman on Monday night. You've probably never heard of him. Great performer! Great concert! I don't think you can totally get his music until you see him perform live. I went without actually knowing his songs, but I remembered that when I happened to catch his act once a couple years ago, I took mental note of his name because I was impressed. So glad I went to this concert. It was fab!
I saw Spoon at the Vic last night. Great show, though I was hoping for a longer set. Total show was about 1.5 hours including 1 encore.

There were 2 openers, the one that I caught was The Walkmen, I liked their set enough to go pick up a CD at the merch stand.

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