-The Strokes tomorrow night
-Godspeed You Black Emperor! on Sunday night
-Flickerstick (come on, you remember VH1 Bands on the Run! "I hate Dominic..." bwahahaha....) next Wednesday
-Gomez in...um...April sometime, I lose track round about here Big Grin
-The Cooper Temple Clause...twice next month *giggles hyperly*
-Hundred Reasons in May

aaaaaand Glastonbury.

Think that's it!

Big Grin
I just thought I'd make the trivial, petty observation that 'gig' literally means 'job', so in terms of music it's always going to be one you're playing. so i guess we should be saying 'concert.'
Now that I've come to that earthshattering conclusion... Razzer

Going to see Radiohead next time they come around here. Hopefully I'll be able to restrain myself from getting bootlegs of all the other shows on the tour, so I won't know the entire set list before I see it myself. Big Grin
You don't mean those tours with T'Pau, Paul Young et al do you, Anselm? Wow, I really thought about it but decided it would shatter my memories to see them all failing to live up to past glories and murdering some great tunes. That said, I'm going to see the reformed (sounds awful doesn't it: as in reformed chicken! he, he) All About Eve in early April. Used to love 'em then they went all experimental and forgot to put the delicious vocals of Julianne Regan in the mix...

All I'll say is it'll be interesting.
No Paul H - it'll be great!

All ABout Eve did a gig at the Union Chapel in December, and now they're doing an electric tour. Believe me, Julianne is back and as good as ever!

I was supposed to see them at the Stables, but I have a wedding to go to instead, Frowner (or Smiler whichever way you look at it!)
AND I've just turned down Del Amitri on 2nd May in Oxford cos my other half is in Amsterdam and I'm on babysitting duties! Eeker (Seen support act Cousteau before, they are very good)

Paul and Bob I hope you enjoy yourselves and please think of me not being there!! Frowner
I just found out that the band Queen (!!!) is going to play a one-off reunion concert in Amsterdam this afternoon, because today's a national holiday called Queensday (Birthday of the queen's mother).

(Actually it's 50% of Queen with a few guestmusicians, but still...)
Originally posted by Master G:
[qb](Actually it's 50% of Queen with a few guestmusicians, but still...)[/qb]
So not really Queen....perhaps a Princess but not the Queen.
Who is filling for Freddy.....I always thought Jeff Buckley would have been capable of great Queen covers.
You're right beatworld, it's not actually Queen but it's the closest you can get. It's Roger Taylor (drums, vocals), Brian May (guitar, vocals), the 'fifth' member Spike Edney (keyboards, the Mark Hart of Queen) and a stand-in bass player instead of John Deacon.

I don't think Jeff Buckley will be filling in though...
I'm going to see a hero of mine, the brilliant JOE JACKSON Eeker Big Grin He's playing an exclusive pre-tour warm-up show at a tiny 300-capacity music pub in his old hometown of Portsmouth, England (my adopted hometown, as I've lived here for the last four years).

Can't wait...my first opportunity to see him live, PLUS he's reformed his band who played on all his early hits like Is She Really Going Out With Him?, Steppin' Out, It's Different For Girls etc. Lots of singalongs guaranteed.

And the venue's twenty minutes walk from my house, no need for late night train journeys home from London (as most big artists play there). Couldn't have worked out better Smiler
Oh yeah, He's great.
I don't know much about him but I really love that son
Is she really going out with him.....
I'm such a geek though, I haden't heard it for years and years and in my mind it became an Elvis Costello song for some reason....
Anyway Anselm Have fun!!!!!
Originally posted by lillibet:
[qb]That's so cool Amselm - have a great night!! Big Grin

I love Joe Jackson too - let me know if he does 'Real Men'[/qb]
Hey lillibet...'Real Men' is my favourite JJ song too! I will post a review of the show in All I Ask. I'd love to hear him sing 'Be My Number Two', another classic.

If you're in the UK....come along if you like, sure to be a great night! Wink
Yes!! Just ordered my tickets tonight, forgot to include them in my list, shame on me. Fabulous band in a fabulous venue (incredible acoustics and nice tiered seating), world premiere of new album - what more could you ask for?

Deb, are you considering making the trip to chilly London in October? I owe you a nice meal and a chauffeur trip! Wink
Heh! Thanks and I'd take you up on it if not ask if I can sleep in your bathtub. The problem is that under the best of circumstances, the plane ticket is $379 USD, possibly higher with taxes. That is a break from the going fares of $600. But the problem is that I'm taking a week vacation in Sept half with my best pal and half alone, and then another one probably in November with my husband. I just can't imagine that I'm going to have say $600, which is what the trip might cost me once I figure in the flight, concert ticket, getting around, and eating for a few days.

If I could do it cheaper, I'd really weigh it and get out the accounting books to see if it's possible. But at that price for one show, it's hard to make that sound like a good idea. I would have to create a lot of unforseen money falling on my head in the next month to feel like I could spend that!!!

Anybody have any ideas on cheap flights to London from New Yawk?

I just rang American Airlines to find that I have JUST enough miles to go for FREE. That's right, I can go for $49.20 of taxes and NOT dip into my American Express miles that I was saving for use with my husband.


My main question now is: I don't remember what sections are good at Royal Festival Hall. When I was there in 1995, I was with the band. I was the sound engineer, and sat at the board. Smiler Anybody at the Jazz Passengers with Debbie Harry and Elvis Costello show? I did the sound.

So is U1 stalls good? B6 in the terrace? I have NO clue. Anybody have an extra ticket and I'll sit with you?

In LOVE with the wonders of the universe.

Just got back from Wilco. They are amazing!!!!!! We also went to see Sarah Harmer at a free outdoor concert Sunday night. Also awesome!!!!! Two kick-ass concerts in two days....what more could a guy want?

Hmmmmmm. Maybe Neil will come to Winnipeg. Not likely. Even better...maybe PJ would come.
Stereolab is great...whoever was asking. Expect musical brilliance on par with Radiohead.

This is a double-plug, if that's even possible...MY BIG EVENT (the one I'm in charge of, that I've been planning ALL YEAR...) is on Sunday, October 20...

www.nccjpgh.org (click "Walk As One" under "Events" at the column on the left...)

We're expecting at least 1,000 people.

...and the featured entertainment SO FAR includes local hip-hop band Strict Flow (who's been opening for Snoop Dogg...check [URL=http://www.strictflow.com)...]www.strictflow.com)...[/URL]

...and also, a group after my own heart because they remind me so much of Crowded House, it's scary...The Supers, from Toronto. (http://www.thesupers.com) They are fans of, and influenced by, Neil Finn, and have worked with Moxy Fruvis, Ron Sexsmith, and the Barenaked Ladies. Their first CD, "SPKLANNNNG!" is the best sing-along-in-the-car CD I've owned since Woodface, no lie. I was THRILLED that they agreed to play at my event, which benefits anti-racism and diversity efforts in Pittsburgh. Anyone in reasonable distance is certainly invited, and welcome!

I'm really excited because the Walk As One program has existed in the US since 1998, but my job was to build it from scratch, here in Pittsburgh. We've already raised over $37,000 of our $200,000 goal, two months ahead. It will be very gratifying for me, to stand back that day and know that *I* did it. And it'll look OK on my resume, too. Wink OK, end of speech, lol.
Here's a link to what I've seen so far, since Neil was here. LARGO SHOWS (Start from the top of the page.)

We also recently saw Aimee Mann at the Anaheim HOB. John Doe opened for her. I really like her music, but realized I'm not a fan of her live performance. Just a little too sedate for me. She seemed board and uninterested. I hear it's just her, but I'd rather see someone who is more passionate about their music and passionate in the way they perform. We took Jessica with us, who wasn't impressed. We also met and sat with Sean (Serenity Now), "HI Sean!". I still think Aimee's quite talented, there's no taking that away from her. I'm just probably going to pass on seeing her live in concert again.

We're going to Largo again on 9/6 to see Jon Brion and whoever his surprise guest is. We're actaully going to take all three kids (21, 16, 12) because we'll be celebrating our 25th Wedding anniversary with them there. Then, of course Paul and I will have a romantic celebration another night or going away somewhere, since our actual anniversary is Sept. 10th. MAN! I don't know how we've lasted so long, we're BOTH CRAZY! I'd have to say it's one of those little Big Grin miracles Big Grin that happen every now and then. Wink

We're also scheduled to see Goldenboy on 9/12 at Largo, with Dave Garza, with whom I'm not familiar. That will be just Paul and I. Looking forward to seeing Shon and the gang again.

We'll also be seeing Jon Brion again on 9/20 at Largo. We've got to do something till Neil comes back and at least Jon is a musiccal genius as well! (Are we spoiled?) Big Grin

If anyone is interested, Lisa Germano is playing there again on 9/25, but I'll warn you, the girl who opens for her and who she backs up musically is "different"; not our cup of tea. But maybe we're just picky, who knows. We'll be there anyway. Lisa is worth it.

So, that's the "Goldman schedule" for now. Big Grin

Kim Wink

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