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World Party (I almost don't believe it) @ the Hillside Festival, Guelph, ON, July 26, 2013!

LOL.  They're coming back around here too, once again at City Winery.  I enjoyed that show so much last year that I'm going back!  (Sept 5 for me here)
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LOL @ "celtic rock style" comment. The reason is given the cover versions of rock songs that Celtic Thunder have in their catalogue ie - covers of Van Morrison (Brown Eyed Girl & Moondance), U2 (Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For), Jeff Buckley (Hallejulah), The Proclaimers (500miles), etc I can say that the comment "celtic rock style" does actually suit them... sometimes... not always. I'd shudder at the thought of any of them deciding to do a cover of Enz or Crowdie though.

Sorry to hijack the topic for a mo. I knew that I'd posted this somewhere on the board. Can someone please remind me to keep my big trap shut the next time I mention "shuddering about (insert Artist or Band name) doing a cover of Crowdie or Enz" in the future? A few days after posting the above quote, a certain video of a certain member of CT doing a Distant Sun cover appeared on Youtube.


Ok, back to everyone else's upcoming concerts and shows.

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That's awesome, Brownie.  His show in DC was given a great review in the Washington Post.

And awesome it was!  Holy cow, he played for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Just him, alone on stage, although his voice was so powerful it could've been a full band!

Fantastic..  He played everything I could have wished for, and then some. 

*little bump* 


I've had tickets to this since Aug 2013 but I wonder if its safe now to admit this but I've got a little case of history repeating...


June 9th 2014 - CELTIC THUNDER 


The reason its history repeating is because like last year, the show is at the AEC in the Theatre again... and I've got tickets for the exact same row in the audience as I had last time. How's that for luck?  Had Row E last time and got it again.


This time, I'm dragging my Mum to the show. Swore after the last one that she wasn't getting out of it. Now she's stuck with it!

Ok. Lets hope this post is "third time lucky".


It would seem that my Celtic Thunder show in June has NOT been cancelled and by all accounts, the remaining members of the group are still going to come out here for their Australian tour to pay homage to their late singer George Donaldson. Fingers crossed that is what happens.


I know for a fact from George's own personal twitter feed that he was really looking forward to returning to Australia for the Mythology tour and was in the process of preparing for the trip at the time of his death. He was reasonably young too as he was only 46 - That doesn't seem to be a lucky number for musicians.

Riding a wave of wonderful shows - February was Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, and Richard Thompson; March was Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour, April beheld Alejandro Escovedo, and of course Neil & Co. May brings the Detroit Cobras, June will be GUIDED BY VOICES!!! (sorry, little bit overexcited for that.) It's been a long time since we've had such a rich selection come through (or in Neil's case, that we've been able to travel to.) I hope it just keeps going and going...


And it IS just going and going, with - drum roll please - front row tickets to see Bryan Ferry in Milwaukee in September. Bliss! And perfect timing to take my mind off the inevitable sagging of the spirit after a Finn concert (the point where you realize it's going to be a couple years before you see him again.)

Matthew Sweet in July.  He was great last year, I know he will be just as great this year.  


Buckwheat Zydeco also in July....Stanley Dural!!...I've had a Buckwheat Zydeco poster hanging on my wall for 20 years...I haven't seen him live in ages....


Jerry Seinfeld in August.  Not a music concert, but probably the most expensive  legitimate ticket I've ever bought.  But hey, it's only 10 minutes from my house.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  (Jerry Seinfeld, OMG!!!  LOL)

Never ceases to amaze me in this topic how many people actually report back after the show unless its reviews of Neil or Tim or Crowded House, etc.


This time, I'm dragging my Mum to the show. Swore after the last one that she wasn't getting out of it. Now she's stuck with it!

And she really loved every second of it. The Thunder certainly roared in Adelaide last night! Even the band members reported that the fans nearly took the roof off the AEC Theatre. Even my throat is sore today from all the screaming and cheering.


George Donaldson's presence was definitely sorely missed and you don't have to look too far beneath the surface of the five Irishmen left to see that they are still grieving the sudden loss of their band mate. Even Emmet Cahill who left Celtic Thunder back in January to pursue solo interests returned for this tour to pay homage to "Big G" as George was known among the band.


On the whole, it was a real fitting tribute to the fallen Celtic Thunder singer. He, He! It was absolutely hilarious when at first, Keith Harkin confused Adelaide with of all places, MELBOURNE?! WTF!  Then shortly after Colm Keegan made the remark that Keith will never live that mistake down, Keith rushed Colm at full speed by barreling onto the stage and coming after Colm. Needless to say, when Keith did make that almost-fatal error, the stunned reaction from the audience was enough to make him realise what he'd said: "Wait a minute! What about... ADELAIDE?".


I'm still on cloud nine after all that then meeting surviving 2 members of the group after the show.



*Its just HIT me & screams* OMG! I met Ryan Kelly & Neil Byrne! My #1 & #2 respectively from CT.




Ok. It would be nice if all ticket sales could be like this: How'd people like to only have 5 days duration between buying tickets and the gig itself?


Seeing as how I still had enough $$$ leftover after Celtic Thunder last Monday night, I've bitten the bullet and am going to see CT's Neil & Ryan's side-project collaboration Live next Monday night. Not bad considering that only since CT concert that online sales for the side-project has shot through the roof. The good thing about next Monday night is the gig is only just up the hill for me instead of travelling cross-town like I normally have to do. And $50 + booking fee is fairly reasonable considering that CT was triple that per ticket! 


It would be nice if every time Neil Finn decides to play in Australia the tickets could only be $50!

Hey MargaretF, Sloan is playing at my local lakefront park in one hour!  I hope to take a few photographs.


Also, tomorrow, some great Canadian bands from the 70s; The Stampeders, Chilliwack and Trooper, also here in Burlington.  I'm certainly glad to have the weekend off.


(Will send set list and mini review if I can).

I paid the extra £2 to get a Tiny Ruins gig last night. Well worth it I bought their new album too. 


Next concert coming up is Martin Joseph. Though, I'm tempted to see a PF tribute act "Dark Side of the Wall" to see what this tribute act thing is all about. 

Originally Posted by OneIssue:

I paid the extra £2 to get a Tiny Ruins gig last night. Well worth it I bought their new album too. 


Next concert coming up is Martin Joseph. Though, I'm tempted to see a PF tribute act "Dark Side of the Wall" to see what this tribute act thing is all about. 

I'm going to see Tiny Ruins in Glasgow on Wednesday, how long a set did she do?

Hoping for a longish set, driving 90 miles to see them!

On a total lark, and because it was only 10 minutes from home, I went to see Asia the other night.  The last time I saw Asia (and even thought about them, really) was over 30 years ago.  But I did love that first Asia album all those years ago.


They were surprisingly good!  Steve Howe is no longer with them, but John Wetton still has the same awesomely powerful voice as he did 30 years ago.  I was amazed that he still sounds exactly the same.  And Carl Palmer was as fantastic as ever....I can't believe he can still play the drums like that at 64 years old.  He did the very long drum solo and everything.  He was incredible and received several standing ovations.


Very glad I went!  

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