Gigs that you're going to, that is...of course anyone who's playing is more than welcome to say so Wink

As for me...
-Yes (in three hours Big Grin )
-King Adora (in a week)
-The NME tour (in January)
-The Strokes (in March)

and no doubt there'll be more added shortly. I'm a gig junkie.
Original Post
I'm also such a concert junkie! Unfortunately there hasn't been much in the past year but that'll hopefully soon change Big Grin

Next shows I'll definitely see (as far as it's planned now):

January Midge Ure
May Supertramp

Not much yet, but there's propably more interesting shows soon to come!

I'm hoping next year will be better than this one (3 cancelled gigs including Echo & the bunnymen Eeker Wink )
I'm going to Incubus in january, havent seen them in 16 months and their new record is great, so big expectations!

Marmotgirl, please tell us if Yes was good, I hear they're touring with a string-section?
Travis in March.
Don't know what made me buy the tickets !! Only have one oftheir albums. It's just that after seeing Neil in Sheffield in April and then the Band os Strangers gig...I figured I should see more live shows (Only trouble is they probably won't live up tho their predecessor !!)
Anyone heard of (or know any music by) Stereolab or The High Llamas?

My brother has invited me along with him to see these bands on consecutive nights in London in a few weeks time.

As I've never heard of them, can any of you enlighten me with what I should expect?! Smiler
Bit of a gig pig myself Wink I've just seen Mental As Anything on Thursday with Richard Clapton, off to see Garbage on Tuesday, David Byrne (Talking Heads) on Wednesday, Paul Kelly 1st Feb, then Jenny Morris with Diesel, Shanley & Coda over two nights at Taronga Park Zoo. That's for now, there'll be more soon I'm sure Wink

See ya 'round
lillibet, I had a ticket to go to see Judie Tzuke at the Brighton Dome in April 1982 but I got sent away with my work so couldn't make it. I noticed she was touring again - please let me know if she is still as good as ever.

I have tickets to see Travis next month but they have been commandeered by my son who would rather eat broken glass than be seen with me there so it looks like I shall be staying at home while he goes with his mate.
Finally (showing off now! attention!):

Feb 21st Wilco in Hamburg
(Feb 22th Cranberries in D�sseldorf but hmm.. not sure, I was offered but..hmm...)
Feb 25th Newcomercontest in Bonn
Feb 26th Nickelback in Cologne
Feb 27th Strokes in Cologne
Feb 28th Suzanne Vega in Cologne

NIIIIIIIIIICE, makes me sooooooooo happy! I'll propably jump jump jump for about a whole week, being happy and excited!

anselm, have you seen stereolab yet? my roomie is a huge fan but i can't stand them. they're hard for me to describe, i'll just say lots of keyboards! Smiler

i (FINALLY!) went to a concert last week so my neighbor would have company, but i'm not saying who it is, too embarrassing, country, ech!

otherwise, somewhere, sometime soon i'll be seeing NEIL FINN! yeah! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Hi Awamutu, yeah I saw Stereolab a few weeks ago at the Royal Festival Hall in London. It was incredible - I'm not much of a fan at all, I only went along cause someone invited me, but I have to say it was one of the most thrilling, enjoyable and deafening experiences of my life Smiler I've been listening to their CD 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup' non-stop ever since.....
Don't know if you'd call it a gig, but some of the students at the uni that I work for are creating a music and dance project based on Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon album, and I'm not that keen on the album, but my father-in-law is a fan, so I'm going along... Roll Eyes
Originally posted by Silke:
[qb]Feb 21st Wilco in Hamburg
(Feb 22th Cranberries in D�sseldorf but hmm.. not sure, I was offered but..hmm...)
Buy Wilco's new record is all I can say! I was close to tears, it's just awesome! Jeff Tewwdy is a sad man it seemed but his songs kind of spoke to me, it was spooky... I won't tell which line but I was like "wow, he looks into you!"
It wasn't the whole band by the way - only Tweedy in front of some journalists (I was only there because I knew somebody- don't think I was sooo... - whatever)
Cranberries were super, Dolores is such a tiny, lovely woman - great!
I had such a good time, I can only tell you how happy I am! Ever had breakfast in a 4 star hotel???? Big Grin WOWOWOWOW!!! GREAT!

Let's see what next week brings Smiler
For Chris and anyone else that's interested - Judie Tzuke was absolutely fab on Saturday night!

She did 2 sets, and her voice is as good as ever, although it did have a tendency to get a bit lost in the mix when the band (who were great)were playing full on.

She had a great drummer (Paul Beavis) and her daughter joined her on BV's at the end.

The new album (Queen Secret Keeper) sounds good, must put that on my list. My only disappointment was that she didn't do her cover of "Jesus was a Crossmaker". She said that fans e-mail her with requests for the live shows - I wish I'd known that before!

She's still got quite a few dates left on this tour - if she's coming near you I highly recommend her!
Hey, I saw Adrian Belew with the Bears last week. Awesome. The quintessential guitar king.

This weekend I am going to see comedian/actor David Cross (also known as Donny from "Just Shoot Me"--chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pieeeee).
As for MY gigs coming up, I just got cast in a bizarre play called "Cloud 9" by a feminist writer named Caryl Churchill. It's all gender-identity-twisting and sexual innuendo. Woo-hoo! "Mmmmm....provocative!" But seriously, the only way I agreed to do it was on the stipulation that if Neil comes around, my director goes on in my place. I swear to God, she said "OK!"!!!!!! Big Grin Wink Cool
Anyhoo, it goes up in May. Smiler
for Nickelback - was fun, not really great but fun!

Thumbs down three times for Strokes! Being handsome and able to play your own few songs down without playing a wrong tone is nothing you can call a good show... One should at least say something between the songs, at least more than, "The next song is new!" (oh thanksRazzer) All in all, they were boring, they weren't bad but also not woth the money. Rather buy the CD... The audience was worth going, though! So many handosme men, whew!

Originally posted by Silke:
[qb]One should at least say something between the songs, at least more than, "The next song is new!" (oh thanksRazzer) All in all, they were boring, they weren't bad but also not woth the money. [/qb]
Advice - don't ever go to a Muse gig Big Grin

I can take or leave the chatter. I'm there for the music, straight up. On the two occasions i've seen the Strokies previously they have, quite honestly, RAWKED with an awk and everything. Those were both festival slots though...but i'm optimistic about the indoor gig. Twill be great.

Possibly not as good, however, as...The Cooper Temple Clause playing the QMU on the 20th of April gawargharghahfhadfjahjvbsvhsvbsbvsh *faints*

Big Grin
In the mail today I got tix for: Neil in SJC and Dave Matthews at Staples LA.

Also got tix for Champions on Ice (I think it will be cool). I got some special deal I guess for being a regular ticketmaster on-line buyer and also being willing to share all my personal info with the marketers. So I've got lower-bowl seats and all my co-workers are in the nosebleeds because they waited for the public on-sale.
Sunday, March 10th on Waiheke Island (half an hour ferry ride from Auckland NZ) - am seeing When The Cats Away, a girl covers band featuring none other than Eddie Rayner and Noel Crombie as special guests! They will be performing a few of Eddie's songs off his new album, and Noel will of course have his famous spoons in his pocket, no doubt!

Eat your hearts out!!! Big Grin
I'm too embarassed to say who my friend has asked me to go and see with her. She's got 2 tickets and has no one to go with. She's a really good friend too - just an unfortunate taste in music at times (she does like ch and nf so it's not bad all the time) Roll Eyes
Will confess - I am going to see THINK FLOYD in June!

I've never seen a tribute band before, any tips? I mean do you imagine it's the real group in front of you, or do you try and pick holes in them? If they sound like the original are they a success, or do they have their own certain ineffable charm?
Originally posted by sylcar:
[qb]I'm too embarassed to say who my friend has asked me to go and see with her. She's got 2 tickets and has no one to go with. She's a really good friend too - just an unfortunate taste in music at times (she does like ch and nf so it's not bad all the time) Roll Eyes [/qb]
I feel your pain, i really, really do! Big Grin

Nah, i love you really Laura..bwahahaha Razzer
My band, GRAVITATE, are aiming for a debut gig in July/August... we've been writing quite a bit of stuff and practising hard, so I dunno, anything could happen. We do a cover of Four Seasons In One Day, that's a song I've really been pushing for... Also There Is a Light (the reason why I was asking for tabs so long ago)...we also do a few U2 covers, Powderfinger covers... we probably have about a dozen or so songs of our own, but we're learning all these covers so we don't play the same songs all the time.
As for gigs I'm going to... there's no one worth seeing. They all bypass Perth. I may go and see John Butler Trio in April... I'm still hanging out for U2 to come. It's been 4 years since the last came... it's time for another Tour Down Under boys!
Talking bout U2, I found this really early U2 song on the net last night - Speed Of Life. Very interesting - not very good (compared to such stuff as ATYCLB and TJT etc.) - but very interesting indeed. Bono, who I believe has one of the best voices ever in Rock'n'roll, could NOT sing! Well he could... but rather badly!
yeah u2 is easy and fun as hell to cover. you guys got a website or anything?

never heard 'speed of life'. ever heard 'the fool', 'street mission', or the early demos from 'boy'?? talk about not being able to sing. i guess that was just punk or whatever. Razzer
I remember Bono once saying that he thought he sounded like a girl in []bU2[/b]'s earlier stuff. Whatever that means, I don't know...

Bono (of this forum) - Your band sounds really interesting & I'd also like to see a website (that's if you've got one). & it's good that you do some covers of deceint songs instead of Blink 182 & /\/irvana (not that them 2 are bad bands, it's just that heaps of bands cover them). What kind of music do you guys mostly play & are you influenced by older music, or the current "music"? Also, who writes the songs (of the songs you don't cover)?

On the gig note, I might be going to the Ben Folds concert when he comes to Melbourne, although I'll have to come up with some $ Frowner .

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