Anyone ever heard of this before....?

Don't know if this post is in the right place or not (I seem to have some trouble determining where to put posts), but....I found this on ebay by accident earlier. Anyone ever heard of such a promo item before. I'm not sure who it's supposed to look like?? Confused link
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Yes, I've heard about it, and it is rare! They talk about it in, "Stranger Than Fiction" which I am reading right now.

The guys hated these things! Let me see... yes, here it is, page 119.

"We had our first taste of the Chrysalis promotional thrust when we were presented with a gimmick that they were sending to all media. It was a clay model of Noel's head with a hole on the scalp for planting grass seeds. You were then supposed to water it and watch Noel's freaky hairdo materialise. This gauche marketing ploy was presented to us at a Chrysalis restaurant dinner to which they had invited some major radio honchos. The blond, large breasted thing escorted in by one particular ham picked up Noel's clay head and exclaimed: 'Am I supposed to suck it?' We squirmed in our seats and in our pants."
Was thinking the same Jaffa, however is this the real deal or a knock-off?

Geez, it's ugly. Dunno how my wife (or the cats) would react to this showing up on our doorstep.

Does anyone have any pictures or first-hand knowledge to confirm this tchotchke is real?
It doesn't even look like Noel!! I wouldn't want to have it even if they gave it to me. Probably my cats would have a little accident with it (Always a good excuse!!). Wink

I'm glad this won't be a part of the tour merchandise!

Erm... it won't be, will it??? Confused
Originally posted by Jaffaman:
Mike Chunn confirms this is the real thing.

Ha! You talked to him? Bet he plans on bidding! Wink I could tell he was enamored of it in, "Stranger Than Fiction." Big Grin

If you talk to him again, tell him we love the book!! I paid a pretty penny for my copy and am glad I did.
Originally posted by Jaffaman:
I'm actually a little surprised that no one's bid on this yet. It's one of the rarest Split Enz items that'll you ever see.

Oooohh, someone made a bid! Only 2 1/2 days left to get your foot in the door people or you're going to lose it! Wink

Honestly, I know how rare it is, but it would just sit in my basement. If I actually put it out in the house one of my 4 cats would break it. Or use it as a window seat and toilet lol!

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