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The ink and bytes started to spill June 3 and 4, 1996 -- Neil Finn was dissolving Crowded House. I think you can still dredge up the Tongue In The Mail announcement from the list archive. And remnants of the original html still exist on etext as well. Quite a testament in an age of disposable bandwidth.

Thankfully the cardboard tombstone that was the June press performances for Recurring Dream would give way to the more majestic sendoff of Farewell To The World.

So where were you when you heard?
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I only came to know about it a year or two later when I read about it in a Rolling Stone magazine. I was shocked that...
1 they were still together. I have known them to be an 80s band, I actually thought they would not last the alternative/grunge era.

2 that the band that came up with DDIO had disbanded.

IRONICALLY, that's when I got interested in Crowded House.
I was 16 and I had probably only just recently purchased Together Alone. I discovered CH in the summer of 1995 after hearing DDIO during The Stand, a Stephen King miniseries. While I knew that I liked the band I was not yet obsessed didn't even think about whether or not the band was still together. I think I first heard of their breakup when a friend saw a "news" report on their farewell to the world show on the American TV talk show "Talk Soup." I don't remember caring at that point either. Now-a-days it'd be like hearing about the death of a close relative.
I was 23, I was at work and my mum rang me to tell me. I dont' remember functioning for the rest of the shift (which thankfully wasn't long). Everyone who knew me, knew what they meant to me and I got quite a few phone calls the day the news broke. I had loved them since the release of Mean To Me.

The night the FWTTW concert was televised, I took the phone off the hook. I taped it, my mum taped it and I cried the whole way through!!
I was 20 at the time (seems like a long time ago) and had recently discovered the Internet and its hidden charms...
I remember listening to what I can only guess had to be among the first live recording to be posted online, of a Crowded House concert in Italy (the song I heard at the time was Instinct).
I hadnt even heard of Hessies departure from the band years before, so I only knew of the band breakup some months after the FTTW concert.
I got Recurring Dream for my birthday later that year (December 96') and from the picture of Neil, Nick and Mark on the back of the CD box I knew something had happened and I could almost feel that Crowded House was no more.
I have been a fan since 1987 and their breakup onlu intensified my interest in the BEST BAND EVER...
I’m sorry to say, but it is true although the break up of Crowded House was sad and disapointing, people need to move on to other things. The news I heard on Dec 29 1989 was more devastating, that the entire building that was to be the venue that Crowded House and Split Enz were to play at that evening had collapsed into a 20 meter hole in the ground during the Newcastle earthquake. I saw everybody leave on a bus from Mudgee at 3am to go to Sydney.
Mrs HP my comments maybe a little off topic, but anyway I adored CH and went to as many shows as I could, I was upset at the break-up of the band but when you realise the dedication the band members go to through get from between venues like travelling by road for 6 hours and all the efforts of others do to get a tour happening you tend to appreciate things more.
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I was 19, in Asda supermarket and read it in Q magazine. I was out of the scene a little bit after Together Alone (for some reason) and didnt know it was even on the cards..

Walking with a tear in my eye back to the counter to pay for my magazine I saw a whole wall of FTTW Vhs (remember those kids?) tapes - "eeek they even have the breakup on video!!"

I was back on the scene.....
Oh, you were all so young!! Wink
I was 32 with a 5 year old who had taken over my entire world at that point, but I do remember hearing about it and being quite sad.

I remember watching FTTW on telly during the day (was it shown during the day or had I taped it?) The memory is fading!

I think this moment with Crowdies fans will always remain a sad time.
hehe... It's kind of strange to think that i can remember things from when I was 5, but anyway... I don't remember hearing about the break-up, but I do remember the FWTTW concert being televised, because we watched it (and taped it)and I fell in love with DDIO. I must have subconsiously known most the songs already though, as my brother was a pretty big fan.
Originally posted by Kira:
I’m sorry to say, but it is true although the break up of Crowded House was sad and disapointing, people need to move on to other things.

I think we have moved on, we're just discussing where we were and the feelings we had when we heard the news. I guess because, like many others, CH had been such a huge part of my teenage years and my life, I just subconciously (how do you spell that?) expected them to be around forever. I got the shock of my life!

I remember the Newcastle earthquake quite clearly. We saw that show at the Surfers Paradise Spit so it was particularly devastating.
Well, I was 26 and I was not totally surprised. I knew they were not happy campers, and that the band wasn't the same without Paul. Also, I had survived the tragic news of Split Enz breaking up in '84. That was the end of the world to me at the time! I thought there would never be music again! I then saw CH come from that, so I knew after CH there would always be the music past and more to come. I went to the Corner Hotel farewell shows and travelled to Sydney for the final. Wow ten years ago!!
I fully understand how it feels to lose your favourite band during your teenage years. (It was Split Enz For me) It is devastating to find out your favourite band is breaking up, when they have been so much part of your live. CH were very much part of my live from 18 or so. I sorry I stated things in practical terms rather than sentimental ones. But 10-12 years in one profession for anyone what ever that maybe is a long time. But I miss Crowded House all the same.
As for "people moving on" , I ment the band members.

“You stole my red star...Neil they stole my red star..”PH
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